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Day 9 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick by Silver RavenWolf


This is an Odin Rattle made by one of my coven brothers.  Isn’t this the most amazing piece of art?

Greetings and Top of the Day to ya!  This is Day 9 of “Quarantine”.  Are you remembering to do your rattle bath every day?  How about that new (or revised) morning routine?  Didn’t get there yet?  That’s okay.  The nice thing about a blog is that you can go back and look at previous entries.

Today’s Challenge!  Drum roll.  DA-DA-DA-DA….Break Day!

Yes — Break stuff.

And, you thought I was going to tell you to take a rest, didn’t you!  Well, you can, lol, after you break something.

fevericeWhen my grandson has a fever, I do two things no matter what.  I place his name under a glass of ice.  Then I go outside, grab a stick, and break it!  “O servant of the forest, I conjure thee that as I break this stick, so (name of person’s) fever shall be immediately broken!”  Then I wait 15 minutes and I call my daughter.  If his fever is still going strong, I change out the water and replace it with another cube of ice, go back outside, and break another stick.  I never kill anything living.  Old cast-off sticks are just fine.  I wait another 15 minutes and call again.  If still a fever, I change the ice, break the stick.  If his fever has broken, I change the ice for good measure; but, I don’t break another stick.  Sometimes, you’ll break the fever; but, then it spikes again.  I just repeat the process.  It always works.

Back to your challenge!  Today, we’re going to choose something old and not worth anything, and we’re going to break it outside.  Go outdoors, take a deep breath, think about all that is frightening or bothering you, and then say, “I cleanse myself and my family of all negativity!”.  Break the object with gusto!  Clean up the pieces, throw them in the trash, take another deep breath and walk back inside.  Ta-da!  Today’s challenge done!

Tomorrow we are going to create a windowsill altar, just like they did in rural Pennsylvania when Braucherei was in its heyday — so, if you want to get a head start –choose a window with good light and wash the glass.  Throw the curtains in the laundry, too, while you’re at it.


Give or throw one thing away — One Gold Star
Break an old, worthless object outside — 25 Gold Stars
Take the rest of the day off!

Big Hugs!
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within!






Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

7 thoughts on “Day 9 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick by Silver RavenWolf

  1. Wow Silver! You nailed this one today! My husband’s nerves are jumping and he be absolutely insufferable when he gets this way. He is not an abusive man – he goes out of his way to help people including me, but when he’s anxious he cops a “holier-than-thou” attitude that, if it wasn’t so insulting in the moment would make me laugh until my sides ached! Today we did this:

    Husband – Q – How many packages come in the box?

    Sharon – A – I don’t know, let me go and check the box to see.*

    *Note: It is assumed here that husband knows that the amount of packages that come in the box are printed on the outside of the box? I ass-u-med that he knows this?

    Husband – No! I don’t want you to look in the box!

    Sharon – What? I need to check the box to see how many packages come in the box.

    Husband – We don’t communicate, because you don’t watch your grammar!

    There is no statement above that is grammatically incorrect that I can see. Only a misconception on his part that I was going to look inside the box, which I never intended to do and never stated as a possibility.

    OMG – I need to go break something – quick!!!

      1. I wrapped an old jar in brown paper, laid it on my hearth and gave it a good smash with one of my exercise weights! This felt very satisfying indeed. Later, I did some baking for which I had to break 3 eggs. Does breaking eggs count? Anyway, the vibes smoothed out almost immediately and by the afternoon my husband was complimenting me and gifted me with 5 Acerola cherries from one of our bushes!

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