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Tombstone Cut-Outs

Tombstone Cut-Outs for Samhain Honor Ceremonies
by Silver RavenWolf

Tombstone Cut-Outs Designed by Silver RavenWolf

Use these tombstone cut-outs to write on!  Pen your prayers, love, memories, or paste pictures of your loved ones with words of endearment.  You can use them as place cards for your Dumb Supper, or to set a place at the family table on Samhain.  Prop them on your altar, use as bookmarks, or roll them into parchment prayers and hang on a tree outside.  The design is from a real 17th century tombstone located in Barrens Cemetery in South Central Pennsylvania.

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Prayers for the Honored Dead

2010 Samhain

How many names can you post?  How many prayers can you write?  Each year we collect your posts and prayers for the honored dead and light a tea candle for each one during our Ritual of Honor.  After our Samhain ritual, we upload a picture showing all your candles.  Please list your prayers or names of your honored dead with as many comments as you like to this post.  All are welcome.  We honor animals, too!