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Silver RavenWolf’s Crow Crossroad’s Spell Candle Company on Etsy Great Release Program Catch Up



It has been almost a month since we finished the Great Release Program!  The two weeks after the program, my daughter’s and I continued to clean, dump, give away, move, reposition, realign, and change!  It was refreshing but, man!  It was a lot of work!  My studio, the home of my Spell Candle Company, was the worst of the house offenders — taking a full week to reorganize and streamline so that I could create without going crazy!    Actually being able to shut the closet door was an accomplishment of worldly import.

We added several new candles to the line, revamped all the wax melt formulas and labels, and began offering magickal pinback buttons that you can wear just because, or use on conjuring and gris-gris bags.

Silver RavenWolf
Learning to take clear photos of a 1.5 inch pinback button in the deep winter here in the woods has been an interesting challenge!

I also did two different sets of “walk-through” on Instagram, showing how I make the candles and wax melts.  Learning to dictate (argh) on the phone was…interesting.  The voice ap doesn’t exactly understand my evidently garbled diction!

One of the benefits for me this year with the Great Release Program was allowing myself to boost the color and freedom in my digital art.  I tend to be too serious, too perfection oriented…too…sigh…colorless (sometimes).  Being forced (by myself of course) to create art every day for the program was a challenge.  Yet, when I went back to working on the Spell Candle Company material, something wonderful happened!  My work turned into more lively, more eye-popping with color than ever before.

Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolfNow that it has been almost a month, how has participating in the Great Release Program assisted you?

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