Exercise in Release by Silver RavenWolf


Exercise in Release! by Silver RavenWolf

We all do it.  Hold on to past issues and present worries so tightly that they suffocate us.  Like a smothering, itchy blanket that we know we should have chucked in the trash long ago, our negative thoughts and feelings linger like a bad fart (is there a good one?) and weigh us down.    Even when we know the crises is over.  Even when the bad people have gone away.  Even when we realistically understand we should move on…

We cuddle the fart.

Revisit it.

Hold it close.

Breathe deep and fill ourselves with the noxious gas of memory.

Release Exercise:  I developed a simple exercise in release that uses a pen, paper, and fire.  Sit quietly, take several deep breaths, and concentrate on drawing in stages.  You don’t have to be an artist.  The idea is to translate the issue to the paper and as most issues are messy?  Art skill is not needed.  Honesty, however, is absolutely required.

The first pass, without lifting the pen, is to think about the facts as you know them.  No assumptions.  No “I think.”  No “maybe…”  Only the facts.  Also, 2nd hand information is iffy.  Just because Sarah told you something doesn’t make it so.   Go only with what you know for sure.  It is super okay if you don’t know everything.  That’s actually part of the process.  Let Spirit fill in the blanks.  It is okay.


Once you have the “facts” layer completed it is time to draw the “emotional” layer.  This is how you feel about the entire situation – ALL your feelings.  Take your time.  Draw over the drawing.  You can stick with black and white, or you can get super creative and add color.

Finally, the third layer is what you “think” – the entire situation that has been squatting and farting in your mind “in total.”  Again, you can add color, or not.  Just let it all hang out!

When you are finished, sit back and take several deep breaths, then go to the sink and rinse off your hands under running water.  I also rub salt on the back of my neck.  All three of these techniques (release breathing, washing, and salt application) stem from my Braucherei practice.

release2nddrawingYou have now transferred the pattern of the thing from your mind to the paper.  This works two ways – you can see this design as a “birth”, or you can see this design as something you vomited out of yourself and it is high time you did that!

While you were drawing, other issues may have jumped into your mind.  These are associated energy patterns that are hooked into the current problem or issue.  Give them their own drawing as well, even if you don’t think they are related.  If they popped into your mind?  There is some sort of link.  Don’t shut those thoughts away.  Deal with it.  These thoughts may be attached to your self-esteem, worries, or fears from a different experience that have slithered into this one.  Take the time to let the negativity flow out.  Don’t dam it up.  Let go.  Release.

In the basic practice, burn the paper outdoors.  As you watch the flames break down and dissolve the drawing, you may wish to repeat:  “I blend with the Spirit of the Universe.  I release my feelings of anxiety, hatred, insecurity, and emotional pain from my mind, memory, heart, body, and soul.  I am One with Spirit, accepting the change, release, and healing I desire.  I am joy!”

Scatter the cold ashes to the wind.

To make the experience more sensory pleasurable, I have developed a Release Herbal Formula that consists of:

Lavender (Mercury)
Rose (Venus)
Vervain (Venus)
Holy Basil (Mars)
Chamomile (Sun)
Yarrow Flowers (Venus)
Lemon Balm (Mercury)
Dandelion Root (Jupiter)

You can put this blend in an herbal sachet, a dream pillow to remove dreams associated with the problem, stuff into poppets to release the situation and more.  If you are into doing your own research as it applies to your personal health care, you can design a tea from the listed herbs, choosing only those that do not interfere with pregnancy or current medications.  For example, Blue Vervain should not be used by pregnant women, as there is an indication that the herb can interfere with blood pressure medications.  (https://www.healthyhildegard.com/vervain/).

Sipping a tea with some of the listed herbs (those that are safe for you) can heighten the experience of release.  Look for over the counter organic herbal tea blends at the store that don’t contain “additional flavors” if you don’t want to make a blend of your own.


For those of you who enjoy working with kits – I have a Release candle/herb offering in my WhisperMagick store, perfect for a single working or for a four-day spell/meditation.  The kit contains four specially blend soy tea candles, herbal blend, a rough quartz crystal, cotton conjure bag, and pinback button symbolizing freedom and peace that can be placed on the sachet or worn on clothing or purse/bag.  If you are into magickal oils, I have a Release oil perfect for anointing petitions and enchanted drawings.  Visit my store http://www.whispermagick.com for my selection of handcrafted products.

Note:  In this article, I have used the element of fire as the release mechanism for the drawing.  You can choose to use water (draw your design with washable markers, salt, or sugar), or earth — draw your design with herbals and scatter in the woods or fields, or air — draw your design with the smoke from an incense stick outdoors (so the smoke doesn’t hang on the premises).  Of the listed choices, I have found fire to be the most effective.

Thank you for visiting my blog!  Feel free to try this working and post your results.


Day 31 – Great Release Program – Monday – 31 December 2018 – Silver RavenWolf

Day31GreatReleaseDecember 31 – Day 31 – Great Release Program
by Silver RavenWolf

Sun in Capricorn
Moon in Scorpio 4th Quarter
Mars moves into Aries

The Sun is at the midpoint of its journey through Capricorn – and I find it interesting that most people do not look at the path of the Sun in the signs of the zodiac as an unfolding journey like they do with the moon, or even the other planets.  Most think about the Sun in the public astrology concept; but, did you know that in ancient astrology it was your rising sign that was considered most important — not the sun sign?  Today, most people dote on where the Sun was positioned when you were born; yet, shove it aside in one’s daily routine.  I see the vibrations of the planets as energy bands – pulsating bits of light, sound and the unseen — each as equally important as the other.

When you walk through fog, moisture kisses the skin and enters the lungs.

When you walk through fire, flames touch your being – your flesh and your spirit alike.

When you walk through air, seen and unseen bits of life and death enter your body through your breath.

When you walk through dirt, you meld with that dust.

What happens, then, as you walk through each astrological energy band?

What happens, if you think about a sign or a planet and then tap out an energy pattern, one that rises within you because it resonates with the waves of being that comprise the sign or planet?  Immersed in the sea of their being, tapping to synchronize the idea to the power — using the vibration of the drum, bells, or a simple stick upon the earth.

A stick that reaches to the heavens, and draws down to the earth?

And, what if this stick had a crystal attached to it?

Or bits of copper.

What then?

But what if you have no stick.  No copper.  No crystal.  What if all that you have?  Is your own true self…

And the whisper of your flesh as palm rubs against palm.

What then?

Do you link the pattern of the sound to the pattern of the thought?

Do you continue the repetition until the thought dissolves?

And if you do — what then?

Only you know.

Your Challenge Today:  Now that you have read the above – would you like to add anything to your New Year’s Eve or New Moon Ritual on the 5th of January?  Don’t forget that the 5th is also a Solar Eclipse.  The challenge today:  Perform your New Year’s Eve Ritual

Your Second Challenge:  Flower of Being Meditation – I developed this meditation while working in my garden.  You see, I believe that nature shows us the way.  All the things we think are secrets?  Are truly here for us to know, in plain sight – if we open our eyes and accept the connection.  Every day, Nature shows us the way.  But, we are often too busy.  When we are occupied with the affairs of Gods and Men, we miss what is uniquely important for us to see.  I believe Nature, in Her being, holds all the answers.  If we link mentally and spiritually to Nature, and truly believe this is possible, then we understand our path – because we connect with all things.  Nature is the doorway to the Universe and all that lies within it.

And the breath is the dance between the worlds.

When we shift, silly things fade away.  Purpose is revealed.

It isn’t just mystical.  It isn’t just “real world”.

It is the all.

Which just…is.

The Flower of Being Meditation is a way to walk between the worlds, and mentally bring back what we need in this time and place.  Because we sow the seed in the astral.

And we breathe it into form.

Far more important is the wisdom of the manifestation rather than the manifestation in itself.

The Flower of Being Meditation — There are two primary rules to this meditation.  You must believe that anything is possible and you must be very clear on your intent.  Set those in your mind first before continuing.  The desire cannot be anything negative – if it is, it will consume you.

To begin, think carefully about what you think you need right now.  It can be anything.  That need is a seed.  What does it look like, that need?  Is it round, dark, purple?  Does it have pink spots on it?  It is what you make it, that seed.  And it can look any way you like.  If you feel your mind vacillates too much, write down your intent and repeat it three times.  You will burn this paper after the meditation.  Until then, place it close to your heart.

Sit comfortably.  Inhale and exhale with deep, relaxed breaths.  Your breath carries power.  Respect it.  Enjoy it.  Savor it.

Put your hands in the Ten Points of Power position, with thumbs lightly touching chest, fingers touching fingers, but open spaces between the fingers.  Imagine that the seed rests in the empty space between the palms.  As you breathe, the seed is given life force.

You naturally carry the five elements within you – earth, air, fire, water, the sea of potential (ability to make things come to life to manifest on this plane – the power of spirit).  Breathe these elements, one by one, into the seed.  In your mind, watch the seed grow, change colors, vibrate – the image is yours and yours alone.  In your first try, the order is not essential.  Later, if you study alchemy, you may choose that type of line-up.  But, for now, don’t overthink it.  Just breathe.

And then, with one long, sweet breath – blow birth into the seed.  Immediately open both hands, palms up to the heavens in front of you.

In your mind, you may see the seed, and each palm connect in a triangle of light, or you may feel a sense of elation.

In a burst of joy, the seed opens into a magnificent flower – the flower of your intent.

What does that flower look like?  Take the time to examine it.  The colors, the texture, the size, etc.

Smile and let the image go.

Return the hands to the Ten Points of Power and thank the Universe for this gift you have just received.

To solidify your desire, to support it, to seal it (you choose the wording) either write a description of the flower, draw it, or collect pictures and create a mixed media rendition of what you visualized.

This flower in your garden.

This flower that will have its own cycle of life and death.

Of growth and change.

Of life and death.

And rebirth.

When you have received what you desired, burn the paper or drawing, giving thanks to the Universe.  Even if you believe in nothing, then that is something.

Remember – No matter what – give or throw something away today.  Release!  Release!  Release!

Your Photos — We have two last pics for you sent from program participants and both are super lovely!  The first is a dream sachet, and the second photo shows lovely gnomes surrounded by Good Luck Trolls!  Amazing!  Thank you both so much for sharing your ideas and talents!




  1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.
  2. Practice the Rattle Bath/Crystal Cleansing – earn one gold star.
  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar.
  4. Did you remember to invoke your special symbol first thing when you woke up?
  5. Perform the Flower of Being Meditation – Earn 10 stars!
  6. Perform your New Year’s Ceremony – either this evening or tomorrow – Earn 10 Stars.
  7. Practice one 3-Minute Dash.  Earn 1 star.
  8. Practice one Dust-Up! Earn 1 star.
  9. Tonight, remember to practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review. Earn 2 stars!
  10. Do a mental review of your day before you fall asleep – make it quick – don’t let the mind stick.

Conclusion:  It was such a pleasure to work with you this year!  We have gotten so much accomplished!  Although you may not know it, each day, every day, I sat for 3 to 4 hours to create your posts, including the artwork to go with them.  My family always asks me why I don’t write the work ahead of time – why I pressure myself to perform each day.  My response is that I want to touch the energies of the day – as they are right now – to bring you the most relevant techniques.  I use astrology, your comments, and my experiences to create the posts so that they will be as most timely as possible, and yet…I know and understand they are timeless once put into form because each year people have told me that they re-read these posts and use many of the techniques repeatedly. I also know that there are people who will start this program in July, long after we have finished, and it will work as well for them as it did for you.  I genuinely believe in the web – and it is that web that I draw upon as I write.

Every moment is precious.

Every moment is filled with its own power.

Thank you so much for the pictures you added that helped to empower the program.  And I thank the universe that we didn’t have any computer difficulties!

May you receive many blessings this year.  May you be granted wisdom, joy, good fortune, and protection.  And may you always be loved.  Thank you for being with me on this journey — it could not have manifested in its glorious way without you.

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

Silver RavenWolf

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