shaman1Shaman Spirit by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2019

Spoken intent.

The space vibrates, dances, revels – djembe, ashiko, conga, and frame drums encase us in their magick circle of sound.  The rattles cackle, their throaty lyrics snaking in and around each person.

Weaving the web.

No one may sit in this tribe of sound without an instrument.  One person madly brandishes a metal salt shaker filled with dried beans.  Another flourishes his favorite toka seed rattle, the pods clacking with sharp zeal.

Some chant.
Some sing.
Some whisper.

Eyes close.  Heads shake.  Bodies sway.

Some yell.
Some call.
Some get lost in the beat.

Herald the five to one count.

The energy surges.

Weaving the web.



The battered singing bowl is struck once to seal the work – its joyful expression as clear as the day of its creation.

A collective sigh rises from the group.

Participants drink in the sweet silence – that isn’t silent at all, overflowing with the specter of the crescendo as it continues to move within and around all.

The glittering web of intent quivers, capturing what is needed to create the whole.

And The Spirit of their work walks upon it.

Afterword, each person talks about what they felt, saw, or heard. Many times visions are shared.  Excitement surges as someone whispers with incredulous awe, “I saw that, too!”  And adds, perhaps, another detail to the first recollection.  Others nod.  No one is worried if they didn’t “see” another’s vision.  It is understood that all is relevant.

All is accepted.

Interpretations are honored.

No validation is required.

I saw your dragons.

You saw the dancing women.

He saw the fire.

Indeed, the world tree was in the center.


There is the singing, you know, as the drums lick the air with their vibrations.  No, not people here singing – spirits somewhere else.

Far off.

In another realm.

A different place.

That unites with this one.

More cowbell.

Note:  This is not a work of fiction — it is a verbal rendition of a Black Forest Hearthstone drumming circle.
May all who ask find answers
Peace with the Gods
Peace With Nature
Peace Within
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Shaman Spirit – Silver RavenWolf

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2019

open2When you want something, do you see it coming toward you?  Or, do you see yourself walking toward it?  Do you embrace what you desire?  Or, do you eagerly see it ahead of you?  Finally, when you genuinely want something, do you close the way immediately with thoughts and worries about how it can’t manifest, OR do you think good thoughts, then right away follow that desire with a “tail-ender” – a negative feeling that destroys your initial intention?

I believe that our lives are a construct of our choices, feelings, and thoughts.  Too often worry, fear, doubt, and past negative experiences hold us back.  Rather than moving forward, we dig ourselves into a stagnant, frightening hole, where all we see around us is the dirt of inertia and failure.

To change the negative, my first action is often to look up and envision a “clear” space.  This could be a picture of the ocean with blue sky, a bright, sunlit opening in a forest, or simply a cloudless heaven.  The visualization is up to you – whatever makes you feel open and free.  This act of looking up with an emotionally uplifting thought helps to establish an open mindset.  The established open mindset blocks negative thoughts and fears. The next step is to agree with yourself that anything is possible.  With these two simple thoughts of freedom and unlimited possibility, you have launched yourself onto the pathway of success!  The third and final trick is to defeat the mindfart.

Yes, you read that right.


The mindfart will kick you off that road to manifestation in two seconds flat. It is a negative, stinky thought that you allow that takes form tearing your desires from your grasp in a single heartbeat.

Mindfart — The poo-tinky-fear-based-nasty-little-visualization that slithers in and says, “But what if…

I can’t
I lose
I’m not good enough
I never get anything
I don’t deserve it
I’m too sick to make it
They will hurt me

And a shit-ton of excuses I haven’t thought of.

The mindfart is a tail-ender that destroys good fortune, good health, and intelligent thinking.  The third step to positive manifestation is to throw the mindfart in the toilet and come up with a positive “tail-ender” that encourages success.  This could be a positive statement that resonates with you, humming a bit of a favorite tune, visualizing something beautiful, or a smile and laughter!

Hey, if the new tail-ender is a visualization of you throwing your arms up in the air while firmly holding on to two, twisting hissing snakes, shaking your booty, and screaming, “I win!”

Well, you have at that, honey!

Here at the hearthstone of WhisperMagick I am continually developing ideas, workings, procedures, and products to enhance your everyday life.  For Open the Way (Road Opener some call it) I’ve designed an inexpensive kit for you to use.  Our colorful Road Opener Kit includes fragrant herbs with open the way correspondences, a rough quartz crystal (cleansed in salt water and stored with natural items), vibrant runic Open the Way 2.5 inch pinback button of my own design, cotton conjure bag, and four fragrant Road Opener tea candles (my new, personal formula blend of soy wax and organic coconut oil) crystal tuned.

crystaltunedcandleYou don’t have to use my kit to enjoy the personal freedom of my 3-step Open the Way process!

  1. Pick an open, uplifting visualization and look up while envisioning.
  2. Agree with yourself that anything is possible.
  3. Follow your intent with a great “tail-ender” statement or action.

You got this!


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Open the Way – Secrets of Manifestation – #Silver RavenWolf