Release Week — Day 6 — Wednesday #silverravenwolf

Wednesday – 18 January 2017
3rd Quarter Moon in Libra
Mercury Day

Today’s Goal – Remove clutter from all floors and clean Under all Furniture
Don’t Forget Your Main Goal


Looks like the puppy left a tennis ball under the bed!

There is a Feng Shui (the art of placement) goal that I religiously keep – never, ever let anything under the bed.  Never.  Not even for a moment.  No stuff.  No dust bunnies.  No storage containers.  Nada.  Nothing.  This keeps the chi moving in the bedroom and lessens difficulties in restful sleep and negates almost all nightmares of the ordinary sort.  This year, the challenge is to ensure that all floors in the home are cleared, cleaned, and swept paying particular attention to your bedroom!  If you are having trouble sleeping, here are some quick magickal ideas I’ve shared over the years:

Sweet Sleep Magickal Ideas

Make a dream pillow with lavender, orris root, violet, lemon verbena and rosemary.  Keep it near the head of the bed or hang it on the bedpost if you have one.

Keep a large piece of amethyst under the bed.

Move the bed, ensuring that the head of the bed isn’t by the opening of the door.

Try using hypnosis programs or sleep inducing music before you drift off to sleep.

Go into the bathroom right before you go to sleep and rub your hands and the back of your neck with sea salt.  This is to remove any negativity sent toward you.  As your rinse off your neck and hands, imagine all your worries and fears going down the drain with the water.  Take three deep breaths and relax.  Thank the salt and the water.  Turn off the water.

Braucherei Practice:  Turn your shirt inside out every night and pinch in a closet door or dresser drawer all night.  This is to remove residual negativity and send evil back to the originator.

Magickal Powder for Communication — Goldetacocatmagickpowdersn Tongue

Golden Tongue – For a boost in creativity and to get someone to listen to, positively review, and enjoy your work without false blocks from yourself, circumstances, or others.

Toss together Chamomile, Marigold, Spearmint, Abre Camino, Spearmint, Dandelion Root, and Mistletoe.  Pour one ounce of Vodka or Grain Alcohol over the herbs.  Completely soak them.  Drain off excess.  Strew herbs on several layers of towel.  Allow herbs to completely dry.  Powder herbs with mortar and pestle.  Gold glitter and words of power written on gold paper and then burned to ash can also be added to the powder.   You may wish to make this powder in a Mercury hour on a Mercury day (today).  Works extremely well in a yellow candle (a beeswax wrap candle with the herb rolled in it works very well.)

Good Luck with today’s work!

Silver and Taco Cat


Do several one-minute or three-minute dashes.
Remove clutter and clean under all furniture – remove all clutter from the floor!
Do one task that helps you accomplish your main goal for the week.
Try your hand at making the Golden Tongue Magickal Powder

Throw or give one thing away.
Don’t forget to talk to your Need Dolly
Empower and burn one white candle.

Release Week – Day 5 – Tuesday #silverravenwolf

Tuesday 17 January 2017
3rd Quarter Moon in Libra
Mars Day

Today’s Goal – One or more Closets
Don’t Forget Your Main Goal

Closet Day is the perfect day to bag up old clothes for charity.  We often donate to Purple Heart Veterans Service Foundation.

A Mars Day is all about movement and motivation!  If the moon is waxing, then the day is best spent building and moving forward.  If the moon is waning, like it is today, then we want to use that energy to remove blocks and open the way for opportunity.  From releasing negative thought patterns to shoveling out the closet and removing ALL the clutter – this is a day to move, move, move in the right direction!  Burn a RED candle today and ask the element of fire to help you in whatever task is at hand.  May the element of fire give you the passion you need to get the job done!

tacocatmotivationherbsMotivation Magickal Powder

Magickal powders and herbal blends are marvelous vehicles to help your magick along!  Just sprinkle a bit of powder on a candle, in a conjuring bag, or on the doorstep and your ability to affect change revs up a notch!  Taco Cat has an easy super special Success/Motivation powder formula to share with you today!

Chipped Ginger
Whole Allspice
Chipped Cinnamon (optional if you are allergic to it)
Shredded dried hot peppers
1 ounce of Vodka or Grain Alcohol

Allow the herbs to dry thoroughly before grinding.
Allow the herbs to dry thoroughly before grinding.

Place all herbal ingredients in a bowl and clear with bells or prayer.  Pour the alcohol over the ingredients and mix thoroughly — be sure all the herbs are well coated with the alcohol.  Allow the herbs to sit in the alcohol for at least fifteen minutes, then place herbs on a paper towel and dry thoroughly.  When the herbals are completely dry, grind into a powder in the planetary hour of Mars.  Command the herbs to work together in any instance where you call for fast action, motivation, or success.  Seal the working.  Use the herbs immediately, or bottle and store.  This recipe is for magick — not for ingestion.  The powder works extremely well in fire magicks!  Use with Red or Gold candles for extra oomph!


After grinding with mortar and pestle, try using your pestle and grinding the powder again using a fine mesh screen.  This is helpful if you wish the powder to go undetected by others in a working.

Goal Plate — This is a fun magickal idea that is designed for short-term goals.  Let’s say there is something you truly want to get done; but, a compendium of things may be dragging you down, or maybe you, yourself, are creating mental obstacles.  All you need to do this working is:

A plate of your choice — dinner size (but, if you want smaller, that’s okay, too)
An orange — leave on the plate for 24 hours — replace if you desire but remember to only leave food out for 24 hours each time (cover food with netting if you live in an area where bugs are a problem).
A small bowl of dried ground coffee — this can remain on the plate until your goal is complete
A glass of water — replace every day until goal is met
Your goal written on a piece of paper
Items that represent your goal — toys, herbs, stones…whatever…as long as when you look at the item on that plate you associate it with finishing your goal
Candy (an offering for the Gods)

Feed the goal plate every day by changing and charging the water each day until you have completed your goal.  Do not leave food on the plate for more than 24 hours.  Replace food as well if you use it.
Feed the goal plate every day by changing and charging the water each day until you have completed your goal. Do not leave food on the plate for more than 24 hours. Replace food as well if you use it.  This plate has coffee, water, an orange, gumdrop candy, a key for opening all locks and a horse to speed the conclusion of the goal.

Tape your goal on the underside of the plate.  Now, if you live alone and no one will be looking at your plate, you can put your goal on the right side of the plate; however, if anyone else lives in the home or if you have many visitors, tape the goal to the underside of the plate — to be silent is important in this working.

Place all the items listed above in the center of the plate.  Breathe your goal into the fresh water by whispering three times into the water so that your breath infuses the liquid.  Then, blend the energies of the items, commanding them to help you accomplish your goal.  Do this three times.  Finish by stating how happy you will be when you have met your goal, thanking the Universe, and sealing the work with an equal-armed cross drawn in the air over the plate.  Replace the water every day until your goal is met.  Blend the energies every day with the new water and food (if you choose to replace the food as well), commanding the unit of energy you have created to bring about your desire.  Don’t forget to repeat the seal.

Do I Have To Do All You Suggest?

No.  Can’t get much done?  That’s okay — just remember to throw or give one thing away per day– that’s all you need for the successful completion of this program.

May this day bring you the greatest rewards!

Silver and Taco Cat


Do several one-minute or three-minute dashes.
Clean out and organize one or more closet.
Do one task that helps you accomplish your main goal for the week.
Throw or give one thing away.
Remind your Need Dolly what your family requires.
Empower and burn one white candle.
Empower and burn one red candle for motivation!

Please note that we are using the Almanac Quarter Division for the monthly Astro info — not the 8 Phase moon model.  This may confuse someone who isn’t familiar with both types of moon information.  I use Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide for source material.