Day 12 – Mini Release Program – March by Silver RavenWolf

This lovely painted rock was created by a coven sister from New York.  I place it at the top of my Yoga mat to remind me of the amazing expanse of the cosmos.

Greetings and a fine day to you!

Today’s Challenge!  Evil Be Gone — we are in Day 12 of quarantine and we may be feeling a little grumpy.  In the home, it has been my experience that negative energy sticks in pockets of glop where you least expect them.   Sure, if there has been an argument at the dinner table you can feel the animosity there and need to cleanse it; but, what about those private fears, irritations, or angry thoughts that we don’t let out verbally.  They are the same powerful feelings that pulse all around us.  For example, it is day 12 of confinement and every day you’ve been a good person and taken out the trash.  No one else thinks of it.  Just you.  Your resentment begins to grow as you lug the smelly bag of garbage out of the house; but, you say nothing because you don’t want to make a difficult situation more miserable.  Your frustration grows as you realize you spilled some of the garbage juice on your sneakers.  Now, you were angry in the kitchen, angry as you walked through the hall, angry as you threw out the trash, and angry at the front door when you walked back inside and then realized you have crud on your shoes.  Or, what if, Goddess forbid, you are sick during this pandemic — oh, geeze, super extra stress, right? Here, you’re just angry.  Not at anyone in particular.  Or maybe yourself, for being sick in the first place.

To me, constant energy work in the home, pandemic or not, is vital for a happy, harmonious life.  Yes, it takes effort; but, it is absolutely worth it!  The energy of our homes breathes.  It swirls, dips, glides, caresses, or punches the occupants depending upon the emotional state of the residing humans.  It is much like taking care of a pet.  You wouldn’t feed your dog once in its life, right?  You’d have a so dead dog.  Your house has its own personality, its own needs, its own desires that are based on the emotional energy you have put into it.

Thinking of your house in this way, write down what you believe it needs.  Give it a name.  What sort of personality is it?

For today’s challenge, you will need an old pan and a wooden spoon.  If you have children, encourage them to decorate the spoon with markers, watercolors, or acrylics.  Open the front and back doors, then proceed through the house, from attic to basement and back to the rear door (or window) banging the pot with the spoon and chanting the Braucherei charm below:


As you go through the house, imagine you are chasing those negative globs of energy right out the door!  Be loud, be happy, be joyous, be strong, stomp your feet! — have a good time with it!  When you are finished, bless the front and back doors with a sprinkle of salt and the flame of a white candle.

Place the candle in the center of the home and allow it to burn completely.  Watch the flame.  If it burns strong, you have gotten rid of all (or most) of the negative energy.  If there is no or little wax left when the candle has finished burning, all is well.  If the flame sputters, the spirit of the house has a message for you.  If the flame is weak, the process should be done again.  If the candle blows out no more work is needed this day.  Dispose of the cold candle in the trash.

Choose an offering to give to the Spirit of the House — a food item that comes to your mind — bread, fruit, booze, etc.  The offering should never be negative in nature, nor should it previously belong to someone living in the house.  Likewise, you cannot take an offering back once it is made, which is why perishables are suggested so that a mistake never occurs.  Allow the offering to set in the center of the house for 24-hours.  If you can’t do this — place your offering on the cold stove as this is considered a powerful spot in your living area.  Cover your food gift clear glass bowl if you fear pets or people will try to take the food.  If the food offering rots — there is a problem in the home — the house is not happy.  Try doing divination with your favorite tool.  If the food “dries out” the offering has been accepted.  Either way, throw the food in the trash — it is of no further use.

Summary – Possible 90 Stars

Today’s Challenge – Evil Be Gone — earn 25 stars
Do five 3-minute dashes — earn 15 stars
Describe the personality of your house/apartment — earn 25 stars
Leave an Offering for the Spirit of the House — earn 25 stars

Big hugs

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.



Day 11 – Mini Release Program – March by Silver RavenWolf


Good Day to you!  And a bright and shining day it is!

Today’s Challenge:  Clutter Day!

You’ve been stuck in your living area for how long?  Yeah.  And the more people you have under roof, the messier it gets, especially if you live with a house-litter-bug.  This is a person who constantly leaves trash in their wake — empty juice bottles, banana peels, plastic wrappers off of Goddess-knows-what, right?  You should be employed by waste management.  The problem with all this junk is that it draws negative energy to it just like a fly trap.  This gross energy collects…and then grows.   Eeeek!

Today’s challenge functions in two parts:  I call it — The Great Clutter Run!  With garbage bag in hand, for half an hour zoom around your living area, getting rid of trash, picking up junk, and putting things in their proper place — for every object you collect, you earn a gold star!  Then, for half an hour — do something you love — take a walk, read a book, sew, build something, work in the garden, play a video game…whatever.

At this point, you can consider the challenge completed and go on with your day — OR, you can continue with another round of decluttering followed by an equal amount of time doing something you love.  To make this challenge even more fun — dress the part.  It is okay to do “let’s pretend I’m in a race!”  Change your clothes so you look sporty, put on your sneakers, sweatbands, bandana!  How about tunes in your ears?  What is your theme song for today’s challenge?  Rocky?  Make a starting line and a finish line!  Get the family involved.  On your mark!  Get set!  Go! Go! Go!

Goddess With Attitude!  Petition the Mother Spell

GoddesswithATtitudeToday’s magickal working concentrates on the power of The Mother.  To me, there is nothing more potent than a mother who has gone on the warpath when her children are in trouble.  And, when she’s set her mind to do something about it, her hands fly to her hips, she throws back her shoulders, narrows her eyes, and focuses her tremendous vital force on the task (or enemy) at hand.

In this drawing, the Mother’s strength lies in her compassionate and powerful heart chakra — a thinking engine of divine energy.  This extraordinary heart energy creates the four elements that merge with the divine spirit to birth whatever is needed.

For this working, print the Goddess picture, then cut out the figure. On the back of the drawing, write your petition of what you need right now.  Sign your name.  Dress your name with your saliva.  Turn the picture over and place an empowered candle on top of the picture.  Your candle can be any color.  You can choose something that matches your intent or use white.  Burn the candle completely.  Put the drawing in an unobserved place until your desire has manifested.

At the beginning of this quarantine period, I used this drawing to ask The Mother to remove panic, illness, and fear from my family.  I wrote their names all around her body in an unending chain.  After I burned my candle, I placed the drawing behind a group family photo and will leave it there throughout the pandemic.

Collecting Stars — In this program we earn stars.  When we collect 100 stars I urge you to do something super special for yourself.  With my first 100 stars I ordered a video game!

Summary — How Many Stars Can You Earn Today?

Throw or Give One Thing Away
The Great Clutter Run!  Do it once, earn 25 stars.  Do it twice, earn 50 stars.  Do it three times?  150 stars for you!  And if you dress up?  200 stars!
Cast a Petition the Mother Spell — earn 25 stars.
Do 1 three-minute dash right before you go to bed tonight.

Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within