Release Week — Day 8 — Friday #silverravenwolf

Friday – 20 January 2017
4th Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Venus Day

Taco Cat sits under the Fairy Tree where he learns more about the healing power of Whisper Magick — that’s what he does on his days off!


The main thrust of all of my Release Programs is to get you to learn to “shift” the energy.

That’s it.

That’s the core.

When you are sad, unhappy, over-worked, stressed, feeling so down that you think you can never get up again?  Just one little switch.  Just one change.  Just one step.

That’s all it takes to move forward in a way that will help you.

One breath.

One thought.

One change.

Release one thing.

Just one — to shift that energy!

Today (Friday) is devoted entirely to our Need Dolly.  Every day we told our dolly what we need in our lives.  The dolly has seen how we live and watched our family members.  This day, we command our dolly to walk through all realms, both seen and unseen and provide an open pathway for our success!  I usually cast a circle, and burn my Need Dolly, telling him or her specifically what I want without being overly complicated.  Then, I seal the working when the doll is completely burned.  You may not wish to use fire – perhaps you would like to use water – a stream or river – if your dolly is completely natural, it won’t harm any animals by releasing it this way.  Others may wish to bury their dolly, burying the pain, trouble, and debt deep within the earth and asking that their lives be cleansed of difficulty.  To bury the doll, take it apart, sprinkle it with sea salt and lavender, and lay the pieces to rest.  In the end — how you release your doll is entirely up to you.  You have the power.

I choose to do a small ritual, outdoors, where I will add dried lavender, white sage, and lemon verbena from the family herb garden.  I will cast a circle, call the quarters, ask for the blessing of divinity, and then command the doll.  I will also ask that all negativity in and around the household and family be banished, and that sweet joy, harmony, and laughter fill the space.  At that point, I will burn the doll and the herbs — uttering a short chant of my choice that supports this working until the flame dies to nothing.  Then, I will thank deity, close the quarters, take up the circle and scatter the cold ashes in the winter wind.

After you release your doll?

Rest and party!  It is a 4th quarter moon after all!  A time of passion, joy, and relaxation!  You deserve it!

Thank you so much for joining us this year.  If you liked this short program, please let me know in the comments section.  Perhaps we could schedule another close to MidSummer?  If there is enough interest, Taco Cat and I will put our heads together to whip up another fun week of release!

Best Wishes
Until we meet again!
Silver and Taco Cat

Release Week — Day 7 –Thursday #silverravenwolf

Thursday – 19 January 2017
4th Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Day begins with Libra Moon – Voids – Moves into Scorpio
Hits 4th Quarter 2nd half of the day
Jupiter Day

Today’s Goal – Sacred Nature Day — Pet Day!
Don’t Forget Your Main Goal

tacocatpetdayCongratulations!  You’ve made it to the 7th day!  Whoot!  You are so very awesome!  Today is Sacred Nature and Pet Day.  Your tasks should revolve around anything that you feel is sacred nature – taking care of house plants, enjoying a walk in the woods, clearing a path to a fire circle – whatever, as long as it somehow involves nature.  For those of you who have pets – this is the day to spoil them!  Perhaps a trip to the groomers or the pet store!  Cleaning out the puppy basket of old, yucky toys and replacing them with new ones?  Washing or replacing the bedding (as appropriate for the kind of pet you have)?  Entirely up to you!  Enjoy!

Don’t forget to donate clothes in good condition — be serious with yourself on this one.  I can tell you at age 60 I understand the machination in the brain over holding on to a particular bit of clothing because you think you might fit into it again.

And holding on to it.

And holding on to it.

And holding on to it.

Honey?  Give the darned thing away and love yourself for who you are now.


Today is the last day you will light your white candle and work on your main goal.  Take the time at the end of the day to do a closure ritual – thanking Spirit for the joy we have felt while working with each other and within ourselves.  Leave an offering of gratitude if you can by giving something to nature, a friend, or a person in need.

Tomorrow?  Is devoted to our Need Dolly!  Have fun today!

Silver and Taco Cat


Do several one-minute or three-minute dashes.
Today is Sacred Nature Day – Pet Day!
Do one task that helps you accomplish your main goal for the week.
Throw or give one thing away.
Let go of items that no longer serve you.

Empower and burn one white candle.
Do a Closing Ritual – thanking Spirit (or whatever you believe in) for your Good Fortune.