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Prayers for the Honored Dead

2010 Samhain

How many names can you post?  How many prayers can you write?  Each year we collect your posts and prayers for the honored dead and light a tea candle for each one during our Ritual of Honor.  After our Samhain ritual, we upload a picture showing all your candles.  Please list your prayers or names of your honored dead with as many comments as you like to this post.  All are welcome.  We honor animals, too!


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

48 thoughts on “Prayers for the Honored Dead

  1. * Steve Sutphin – I miss you terribly, dear friend, and keep you in my heart always.
    * Katherine Hetzberg – My beloved Grandmother, who changed my life in every way. There will never be anyone like you in my heart again.
    * Jules Enig – You treated me more like a father than my own did. I thank you most wholeheartedly for that.
    * Ken – I wish we’d had more time together. Thank you for being my coven-brother, you’re the best!
    * Annie and Jake Sokol – I heard your voice today, singing and joking, laughing and making us laugh too. I’ll never forget.
    * Fay Burka – We didn’t have the kind of relationship we should have, and I’m sorry for that. But I’m thankful for the time we did have, and you’ll always be in my heart.
    * Gary Cowne – You left to soon, and I’ll never really know why. Maybe one day you’ll come tell me…..
    * Jericho – I don’t now why you’re here, I don’t know what happened to you, but I say this prayer that you’re satisfied and content, and that you know you’re welcome in my home (no more scratching, tho!)
    * Emily – I don’t know why you’re here either, but I hope you found your father and that you know you’re welcome in my home too – thank you for your protection and your warmth. Please tell me more.

    Thank you Lady Silver, I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. Please let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like us to bring. BleuStar and Shomrae (Cindy & Dan)

  2. Louis Gutierrez (brother) Hector Lopez (brother) Miguel Lopez (brother)
    Louis Periera (father) Juan Lopez (bio-logical father) Mercedes Ortiz (grandmother) Federico Rivera (grandfather) Pablo Ortiz (uncle)
    John Finnegan (uncle) Rita Calabrese (aunt) Byran Price (friend)
    Miriam Seda (in-law)
    Pets : Lika, Lightning, Paige, Jo-Jo, phoebe, Sookie, Loca, Bombona

  3. Oh! My animals!!

    To: Jed, Meeno, Fable, Skimmer, Lilah, Boomer, Connie, Guste, and all of my fur family that have crossed over – – I love you all!!

  4. Miss my husband John who passed away April 9, 2010 with lung cancer at age 52. I miss him so much, he is my soulmate.

  5. Shirley rhea, Paul Rhea, Rob Chandler, Crystal Matthews, Reuban Dalton, and Ray Etheridge. and cant forget my cat Tanis. Thank you Silver and friends

  6. My Airedale, Bosun, who sadly passed away this year on the morning of the Summer Solstice, he was aged nearly 15 years. I hope that my Mum, Nan & Grandad are now looking after him, Bailey & Cleo.

  7. Joy, I’ve been sad and I’ve been angry. I know you did what you thought you had to do. I release all those feelings of “what if”. Sometimes, I know you’re near. I know you’ve been near these past few days. When you come back again, may the world be kinder to you, and may your best dreams come true. I’ll think of you whenever I see the dandelions. We miss you and your sweet southern voice and your poetry and your wise words.

  8. Howard Paul….. Daddy I miss you so much but I know you are okay.

    Cathy Ball …. you left so quickly at such a young age it left everyone in shock. you are greatly missed.

  9. To all my loved ones who have passed from this plane of existance, I miss you with a gentle ongoing saddness and in those quiet moments of reflection, I know that some of you are still around me. Thank you for making your presence known. You give me hope and joy in knowing I will join you someday. I pray for your happiness and growth in your new lives.

  10. Minnie- Beloved Cat, life was cut short due to heart and liver problems
    Mimi- a stroke ended her life, she touched many
    Jamie- Her life was ended 14 years young due to a brain tumor. I miss you, and I love you so much BFF
    Great Grand Mom- Long life, died of old age, a wonderful woman who could out-do Emeril at cooking
    Great Great Aunt Amelia- Died of old age, and like her sister, she could out do emeril at cooking
    Greta the Beta fish- Jumped to her death out of her bowl. Mommy loves you very much Greta
    My fathers mom- I only knew you the first few months of my life, but you were a beautiful woman and I wish I could have known you. 😦

  11. Dear Silver, here are the names of my loved ones who have passed: Lee Ford Smith,(my dear Father), Clyde Smith (uncle), Paul Smith (uncle), Myrtle O’Haggerty Smith,(my Grandmother), Grandpa Smith, Robert Snowball (Grandfather), Louise Snowball (Grandmother), Sady Snowball (Great Aunt), Buz Snowball (Great Uncle), Margaret Snowball (aunt), Tippy (Grandma’s dog), Po-Po (pet of mine),Misty (cat of mine), Munchkin (kitten of mine), Maximillian (cat of mine), Princess (cat of mine), Petra (cat of mine), kits of Petra cruelly killed by Art, Sady (sister dog), Jock?(Dog), Bilbo Baggins(my sweetest cat), Misty’s kit, My Greatgrandmother, Rose?O’Haggerty, Antoinette Ortega(sister-in-law),All Whom I Love Who Are Gone. Thank you, Silver. Please light a candle for each. Blessed Be!

  12. Charles W. Jackson, my Beloved Grandfather- How I miss you. I know you’ve been watching over me my whole life. Words can never express the love I have for you.
    Rosalee Jackson, my Grandmother- May you finally find peace now that you’ve joined Grandfather in Summerland. I know that he was there to meet you.
    Pets: For Foxy- I wish I had known you longer. For Onyx- You are free to run as much as want to now.
    For Hawk- You weren’t my pet, but I honor you.
    Thank you Lady Silver,

  13. My grandparents: I now know why, understand and forgive.
    My familiar, my cat, Gorby. I miss you every day. See you on the other side.

    Thank you Lady Silver! Blessed Be! )o(

  14. Thank you dear Silver fir this amazing memorial.
    I spend this day thinking of my grandfather and uncle whom we lost 3 weeks apart.
    It is a day to remember my beloved skyes, my ‘kids’ that crossed over to puppy heaven. Lestat and Pandora you are forever in my every heartbeat.

  15. Sister Silver, Jerome Prange… my beloved father who I miss every day, who taught me that strength can be quiet and love doesn’t have to be shouted from the rooftops and that loyalty and honor mean much.

    Nana – We have never “met” but I hear you have watched over me for years … I only wish I’d had the pleasure of getting to know you.

    to “grandpa” While you weren’t my blood… my mind still wanders to times spent with you, the only “grandparent” who I ever really knew.

    Mack… who was my heart for 16 years and now roams the after with his companions Meg and Molly…I’m sorry little one to have lost you way to soon

    Chitlin… I miss you my heart… and I’m sorry I didn’t take that last minute to pet you when you asked… who knew it would be my last chance.

    to all my little furchildren… some were a part of my life for years, some only for a few weeks or hours but regardless, you were all wanted, you were all loved.

    You are all welcome home anytime.

    Thank you Silver and Blessed Be

  16. Grumpy AKA David Studebaker (boyfriend)
    Bob Hackworth (step father)
    Lee Stock (father)
    Glennda Waller (sister)
    Kenny Denson (best friend)
    Paul Smith AKA Kurt Kempinger (father of my son)
    Chuck Stivers (friend)

    And to all the other people who have touched my life and have now gone on…

    You are forever in my mind and heart.

  17. My parents, William and Opal Ray. When I was buying Trick or Treat candy I was remembering how you always had really good treats for the few that would walk back your road in the dark. You always had really good treats all year for anyone that would stop by…really miss the apple and coconut cream pie, I can never make them as good as yours. You are missed by many.

  18. My grandmother, Mary O’Dell – we honor you. My father, Isaac Salmons and my mother Henrietta O’Dell Salmons — I miss you and have unasked questions. Odette Blackwell – I am so glad we had time together last Thanksgiving. Frances Bye Serette – love you….and to all my ancestors, I honor you.

  19. Dad…you live in all of us; thank you for the gifts of always being “good enough,” of holding our heads and our personal standards high, of love and honor and work and laughter.
    Mike…I miss you brother. Hope the sun is warm and the fish are biting.
    Uncle Jim…thank you for being a soul mate to my ancestral sister, for making my father laugh, for love and sparkling eyes and great Irish humor.
    Aunt Louise…you came before me, but I know our hearts were the same. Your love is STILL a light to me.
    Keith Harrell…you touched me as you did so many others. Rest well, my friend…rest well.
    Kelly…you are missed by so many. Love you, brother.
    Jimmy…first love, dear friend, bright spirit…kisses.
    Judy…friend, confident, sister…I know you’re running fast and free.

    Thank you, Silver and friends, for this opportunity.

  20. Loving memories to;
    Beverly..who is greatly missed, the BEST mom and grandma.
    Tony.. a wonderful brother-in-law who fought a loosing battle and left us too soon, you are greatly missed by us all.

  21. Papa, Jim Flesher — My grandfather, you were my closest family friend. I miss you so dearly; you were taken from us far too soon by a condition no one could understand. I wish you were here to see me grow, and go through this transitional phase of my life – I know you’re still here with me.

    John Storey – You were such an inspirational figure in my life, even when the cancer was taking its toll. You were always upbeat, and you kept your adoring partner of fifteen years so satisfied. I will always miss your smile and your laughter.

    Sheryl Haigh – Aunt Sheryl, your artistic and photographic skills have passed to me. I am so thankful to have your talent and creative drive. We miss you, your daughters miss you; but we know you’re pain free and in a better place.

    BV Desert Storm “Norman” – Norm, you were the first horse I loved; the first horse I grew confident with, and the first one I truly bonded with. I miss you every time I go to the barn, and wish I could give you one last hug. Run free, my friend.

    Silver, thank you so much for this opportunity. Blessed be, and have a magickal Samhain.

  22. Ian-my son, who will be forever 14. I have so many unasked and unsaid things ,my dear son.
    Marjorie P. Hatfield-my mother, whom I still miss terribly, thank you for always loving me and wanting the best for me.
    E. F. Bollenberg-my grandfather, who lit up my life.
    Snowball-a kind loving soul, who was such a faithful companion.
    Callie-my first familiar and kindred spirit.
    Julie Ann Colgan-a sweet spirit who has been gone for over 26 years now.
    Michael Gene Fifer-a bright light that was blown out way too soon!
    Miss Betty-Oh, how I miss your smile!
    Thank you so much, Silver, for this opportunity.
    Blessed be!

  23. James Wilburn-dad; even though i never knew you i miss you more and more everyday. i miss feeling you near me.
    George-step-dad- i may never understand why you did some of the things you did and how you hurt us but i forgive you and hope your spirit is at rest and i do love you.
    Dee-granddad- i miss you all the time! you meant the world to me.
    grandma- i miss you and your cooking.
    grandma lois- i didnt know you well but i miss you.
    grandpa howard- i still remember you and i miss you.
    tommy-dad in law- i never knew you but i love your son and grandsons so much.
    miss pearl-grandmother in law- your “chrissy” he loves you and misses you. i feel honored when he says my cooking is almost as good as yours.

  24. Dear silver its been a long time but i miss my grandama ruby gordon she passed over years ago i loved her like a mom i miss my family dogs pepper n roxy my wife misses her stepdad james edward tait n her grandma gerta prazker n we miss michael antoniades who commited suicide 2 years ago he was only 13 we hope he is ok we miss our goldfish skittles n we miss paul antoniades who left to the otherside years ago please light the candles for them n i thank u. Bright blessings n love n light. Ps i love ur book mindlight it works as long as u have the 4 agreements but duh lol.

  25. Dear silver i miss my grandma ruby gordonn who was like a mom to me. My wife and i miss michel antoniades who left us at 13 after a suicide attempt we hope he is doing ok. Paul antoniades who was close to my wife. N our family dogs pepper n roxy n our beta fish skittles blessed be love and light.

  26. Betty, beloved sister and aunt, the pain of being without you is still fresh even after almost 4 years. Wherever you are, may you be blessed and at peace.

    Thank you, Silver.

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