Day 8 – Mini Release Program – March by Silver RavenWolf

Greetings and Happiness to you all!

Louisa Lolly is prepping the potato bags to plant this year’s crop.  When the daffodils bloom?  Its safe to plant the potatoes!  We’ll actually bury those spuds on the 3rd quarter moon in April.

This morning Louisa Lolly and I started prepping my little shed out back in anticipation of this year’s growing season.  We counted how many starter pots I have, cleaned and sanitized garden tools, and generally straightened up the mess that seems to accumulate by itself over the winter.  Last fall, I stored a lot of the stalks, roots, and dried leaves from harvested plants and herbs to be used in our ritual bonfires.  That collection of dried herbs got into somewhat of a tumble, so I consolidated what was left into a single bag.

We got our potato bags together and measured out the soil mix we will use.  We won’t actually plant until the moon is in the 3rd quarter (best for root crops).  I pulled out my lunar calendar out and marked either the 8th or 9th of April for the burying of the spuds ceremony.   If the weather gives us a break this week, I’ll start digging the garden beds, and I’ve been toying with putting a bed of marigolds mixed with lobelia around the ritual circle.  That would be a lot of digging….lol.

The Power of the Potato!

potatoIn Braucherei and other methods of folk magick, the potato is considered a powerful magickal tool.   One of the most well-known uses is to force a wart, or other medical maladies to diminish and dissipate by cutting the tuber in half and laying the cut portion on the skin, over the problem area.  It was believed that the potato, due to its nature, has the ability to “suck in” the disease and then dismantle the energy pattern of the disease as the potato rots.  Dishrags were used in place of the potato if the practitioner didn’t want to waste food.  I was also taught to use bacon if a potato wasn’t at hand.  The conjuration for the removal of the disease uses a moon-call, wherein you activate the power of the moon to lend her aid.  “Servant of the moon, I conjure thee to take on this disease (name it) from (name the person) and dissolve (name the disease) with your luminous power.”  This call is to be said 9 times on 3 occasions in one day.  The equal-armed cross is made in the air with the thumb over the potato to seal the disease into the vegetable.  The potato is then placed where it will “surely rot”.  One variation is to place the disease-filled spud under the downspout of your property when the moon is waxing (opposite of its favored time).  It was thought that as it rained, the steady pour of the water would help the potato to rot quicker.  As the potato decomposed, so the disease was destroyed.   

In this type of folk magick, the potato functions as a “servant of the moon” because its planting and growth are governed by the moon phases.  It also grows underground, in the dark, and has connections to the water element.  Never underestimate the power of the spud!  Did you know that a potato can charge a cell phone battery because its phosphoric acid reacts between some zinc and copper to generate power?  The potato conducts electricity and can be used for all manner of healing and banishment workings because it holds the “charge/intent/imprint” well.

All potatoes are made up of two primary ingredients — water and starch.   When cooking potatoes, the cells expand, separate, and burst — which is why some practitioners imprint a potato — and then boil the spud to banish the negativity around a person, animal, or situation.  Due to the exploding process that occurs within a boiling potato, the resulting action is “in sympathy” with the concept of destroying the issue!  In essence, to boil a problem away — use a potato.  Choose a high starch potato, like a russet, for the best results.

When allowing potatoes to rot for magickal purposes, they are always taken outside as decaying spuds actually leave off a noxious, poisonous gas.  The potato is, after all, a member of the nightshade family!  Do treat her with respect!

Today’s Challenge!  Learn Something New — and then share it by posting below.  If you are too shy to post here, share with family or friends.  Be excited and exuberant when you talk about what you have learned — the world is making too many haints in response to pandemic news.  (I was taught that haints are nasty thought-forms created by unhappy emotions that fly over hill and dale, looking to attach themselves to unsuspecting folks who refuse to laugh).  Better start giggling!

Today’s Secondary Challenge!  Write your own potato spell!  Share if you like by posting below!

Summary — 126 possible stars

Give or throw one thing away — 1 Star
Today’s Main Challenge — Learn Something New — 25 Star
Perform a Potato Spell!  25 Stars and if you share here — 50 Stars!
Do 5 Three-Minute Dashes – OUTSIDE!  25 Stars

Until Tomorrow!  Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within





16 thoughts on “Day 8 – Mini Release Program – March by Silver RavenWolf”

  1. Maybe haints work on a bigger scale, too. There is so much hate and anger in the world, maybe humanity attracted a big pandemic haint.

  2. An onion works like a potato on viral infections. Slice thick and place on the bottom of both feet, Put socks on. Make the healing ritual and go to bed. The onion draws out the disease. Use a new onion daily. xo

  3. Since my mastopexy 1 month ago, I have a small open area on my left, lower areola that is taking a long time to heal. My body reacts to things in an unusual way sometimes and I think my body might have actually been trying to reject the suture that was there. The suture has been removed, but the area is being very stubborn. I have been using a high-powered medical ointment on the spot, but, as I say, sometimes my body rejects things, especially chemical antibiotic type things. I went online to see if I could find a natural healing ointment gentle enough to work for me. Eureka! I found something on this site:

    It looks very easy – just combine 4 parts Organic Hemp Seed Oil with 1 part beeswax, place over low heat until the wax melts, stir until well combined, pour into a jar, let it cool and then apply it every 3 hours or so. I will try my hand at making this today. I hope it works!

    My 5 minute dashes will have to be inside, because until I heal well I’m not allowed to get all sweaty – it’s going to be 92 degrees here in Florida!

    I will write my New Moon Abundance checks and continue working on my closet – yep, throwing things away!!!

    1. To get the wound to heal — Use two pieces of cloth from clothing you have worn on that area. Sew them together with needle and thread, visualizing the would, and chanting “Bind, knit, heal. Turn the Wheel.” The first three words are clear in meaning, the wheel reference is the magickal wheel of power and also refers to full health in the next 30 days.

      1. Depends on how long it takes you to stitch, lol. You can just keep chanting — or chant three times at the beginning, 3 times when you are halfway done, and 3 times when you are finished.

  4. I’m a little behind in scheduel, but I love keeping your posts and reading them many times. For today’s challenge to learn something new, I
    learned how to prepare high protein vegan meals. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve really enjoyed the content of your mini-release posts, you’ve kept me calm and kept me company and that means a lot 🙂

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