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Great Release Challenge 2012 — Day Twenty — Thursday!


Great Release Challenge – Day Twenty — Thursday
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

Winter Solstice is Friday, 21 December, when the Sun enters Capricorn at 6:12 AM EST or 3:12 AM PST.  The 2nd Quarter Moon will be in Aries.

Today’s Challenge concentrates on your bedroom.  As living arrangements widely differ (roommates, children, partnerships, marriage) your bedroom may be an area where you spend a great deal of your time, or very little.  You may even be renting a room from a household where your entire at-home time is spent in that room.  Regardless of your living arrangement, your bedroom is most likely the place where you sleep for the night (or for your sleep cycle if you work third shift).  Your sleeping area should be a place that makes you feel safe, secure, and comfortable.  Some folks don’t spend much time in the bedroom, which makes the room an easy catch-all for junk and clutter.  Perhaps your entire living area is clean and clear of stuff; but, because you only sleep in the bedroom, or because guests usually do not wander in there, you may have turned it into a catch-all area without even realizing it.  “Quick!  Someone’s at the door!  I’ll throw this stuff in the bedroom so they can’t see it!”  And then, of course, the stuff becomes rooted, somehow, mysteriously, to the floor, or the corner, or on top of everything else in the closet.

First, let’s remove any clutter, junk, dirt, or stuff-you-meant-to-move; but, haven’t yet.  Then, let’s be sure we’ve vacuumed and dusted, particularly under the bed.  Time to change the sheets, wash the comforters-bedspread-whatever, so that your sleeping area will smell sweet and clean, free of body odor and stinky underwear.  Open a window, if you can, for at least fifteen minutes.  If your pet sleeps with your and has his or her own bed (or spot), be sure to clean and clear this area, too.

Next, take a good look at the bedroom and analyze how you feel.  Does everything in that room lend itself to peace and tranquility or happiness within your intimate partnership?  If something feels uncomfortable (a piece of furniture, a statue, or the arrangement of furniture itself), move it or get rid of it, and take mental note again.  Now how does it feel?

Is the décor too girly, too masculine?  Perhaps you could change the décor to reflect a more balanced image.

Clearing and Creating Sacred Space in the Bedroom

Next, let’s gather a white candle, a bowl of blessed water, a bowl of salt and some incense so that we can clear the room.  You will also need a statue or drawn design of what you wish in your life as far as partnership and intimate relationships.  We are going to use this item to “set” the energy of the room.  Finally, choose a scent that most reflects your inner self, packaged as a perfume, an air freshener, incense, etc.


Walk around the room with each of the four elements, one at a time – incense for air, the lit candle for fire, the blessed water for the element of water, and the salt for earth.  Some practitioners choose to walk counter clockwise first with all the elements (to banish) and then clockwise with all the elements (to invoke).  Do what feels natural to you.  If you walk counterclockwise first, be sure to open a window to draw out the negative energy.

During this process, you can intone any chant you like.  You can use our Evil Be Gone Braucherei Chant, or something else.  Lady Celia in our coven created a song for peace and tranquility, first formulated to calm her grandchildren, and then she shared it at circle with us.  We use it all the time, including in circle at our Yule gathering.  The words are:  “Peace above and peace below us, peace before and peace behind, peace within and peace without – all is at peace.”  Everyone feels so tranquil after intoning these words.

Once you have cleared the area of negativity, set your statue, petition, or other object where you can see it.  Hold your hands over the object or drawing, close your eyes, and use your Sea of Potential exercise to imbue the item with positive thoughts.  Finally, spray the room with your favorite fragrance.

Notice the orbs around this piece of furniture. Perhaps it is a magickal cabinet! What do you think?

This cleaning, clearing, and empowering your bedroom should be done at least once a month, more if the room has been a place of arguments, disrupted sleep, or personal, emotional trauma, or if you have had a nightmare the night before.

For those of you who have had nightmares, you can try the following:

  1. Garlic under the bed (to ward off astral nasties).
  2. Dried Larkspur herb and Frankincense in a conjuring bag to ward off ghosties and haints (evil thought forms).
  3. Lavender and Rosemary herbal pillows (to encourage restful sleep).
  4. A Dream Catcher to capture ill will from others.

Our next task in the bedroom is to determine what you see when you first wake up in the morning.  When you open your eyes, where are you looking?  Do you roll over and squint at the alarm clock?  Then set a positive word or picture right beside that clock.  Do you look at the ceiling?  Why not try pasting a positive word or statement on the ceiling?  Do you look at the wall?  Place something beautiful there – a painting, or even a goal or affirmation board.  What you see first can affect you throughout the day, so make that vision worth looking at!

Your last task for this room is a mental/spiritual one.  In one statement, write an affirmation that you will be willing to say to yourself at least three times as soon as you open your eyes, and before you get out of bed.  You will continue to say this statement throughout the remainder of the program.


(1)   Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.

(2)   Do Today’s Challenge associated with cleaning, clearing and arranging your bedroom.

(3)   If you can, add your Speed Cleaning Activity

(4)   Get ready for tomorrow!

Tomorrow:  Is Winter Solstice – You Choose What to Release this day.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

18 thoughts on “Great Release Challenge 2012 — Day Twenty — Thursday!

  1. What a beautiful bedroom! After looking at those pictures I feel really motivated to start on mine. However the last few days there seems to be all kinds of demands on my time so I just do the Morning Ritual every day, the Sea of Potential exercise and release one or two things. Since starting the program this year I also seem to have developed a habit of spotting clutter and dealing with it right away. That is definitely magick at work. Before I started the Release Challenge I just ignored the clutter until it built up into a mini mountain! What I have not managed to do so far I will definitely take up in January.
    My husband and I don’t have a car at the moment and I was so happy when a friend called and asked if we would like to go to the Beltany Stone Circle (I live in Ireland) for our Solstice Ritual. Even with just releasing a few things and sticking with the program is clearing so much negativity out of my life. Thank you Silver for sharing so much on this blog. Your books have kept me going through some really difficult times. You spread so much positivity when so many people need it. Thank you !!!

    1. One day when i am all grown up……. I am going to visit Ireland (sigh) . Joking, but id really like to walk there.

    1. Thank you so much Silver. Will be thinking of you as well. Would be great to have you all there in person! One never knows what great possibilities lie ahead!

  2. Hi Silver I light this candle n hold the sacred flame from the south and in the lord and ladys name I let my desire of ridding negativity come true n focus on the positive as intent is higher I now take the water from the west and bless this room with love from above as windows r open from the east I call air n release any doom from the north. I take the salt and banish pain now this room is peacful and sound love n light is all around and this room is blessed from above with love.BB and BB to u Silver Ur friend Paul in Az

    1. Paul, I really like the words of you’re working, and am going to use it! Thank you. 🙂 BB ~Anna

      1. Anna im very glad that u liked it and your very welcome to.use it. Have a Blessed Yule n Bright Blessings and Love n Light to you.

  3. This morning when i woke up i realized iv been saying the sea of potential in that moment between sleep and not yet awake. Got up quickly made the bed (its kept clean, the linens get washed every Monday, and hanged in the Sun. The room stays clean, everything’s got a place, i don’t like clutter. My Altar are in there so i keep it neat and clean, i cant talk to Mother if the space is dirty.
    We keep our room a war free zone, never ever go to bed angry, talk things true, or leave it for the next day.

    Today Ive used a pink candle for love, Ylang-ylang for peace. Ive put our wedding rings there wile the candle burns. The candle are surrounded by 4 stones .
    Tiger-eye, Amethyst, Citrine and clear Quarts.

    For night mares, i have a stone with a hole in, hanged on a 9 knotted rope in the middle of the home. Its empowered for protection, from all kinds of nasties.

    Bless you all.

  4. At twilight here, I opened the window, gathered what I’d be using, and starting in the East, I used an adaptation of Paul’s lovely words(above), as I cleansed and blessed my bedroom(the main room that I use), traveling around the directions, for each element. Said an adapted version of his end piece(“Now this room is peaceful and sound….”), also in each direction, blessing and sealing each quarter, as I went. Set my relationship room intention, and burned my current favorite incense. Like Bianco, I, too have found that I’ve been doing the Sea of Potential upon waking- at least for the past couple of days. Still sitting with what my morning affirmation will be. 🙂 Blessings, Anna

  5. Been thinking of the morning affirmation for myself, and this just popped into my head.

    I greet this day with my song of love.
    I know this day will bring us joy.
    I know this day will bring peace to all.
    I know this day will be safe true out.
    I know this day was a gift to me, to work and play, and praise the God’s .

    It has a nice rhythm to it, I am so proud of myself :D.
    I wrote it down quickly, the moment i started saying it aloud, it just made sense.
    I woke up facing the window….. mostly.

    Have a good day all of you out there.


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