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Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse – The Phoenix Manifestation! by Silver RavenWolf #lunareclipse #SilverRavenWolf

Moon in Scorpio – Water (also volcanos in the sea)

Sun in Taurus – Earth

Associated Colors – Scorpio Moon – Burgundy, Deep Blues
                                 Taurus Sun – Golden Brown, Gold

Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse: Can we pack any more descriptive words into this one? Like the title, this Lunar Eclipse brings a plethora of radiant energies – expressive and impressive! So get ready for a delightful influx of positive change as the Super Flower Blood Moon lunar eclipse unfolds on 15/16 May (depending on your time zone). In Magick-Speak — A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the Full Moon and the Sun. The moon receives the vibrations of both heavenly bodies. It funnels the energy into a surge of power that the practitioner uses to create, amplify, or modify a desire. People are often frightened of eclipses because they carry an energy boost of change. This one is no exception! Being touted as The Phoenix Eclipse – the amplification of endings and beginnings – providing opportunities to let old things go and literally surge forward toward your ultimate desires.

The upcoming Lunar Eclipse will begin at 10:27 EDT/7:27 PM PDT Sunday evening. The shadow will slide across the moon as the hour passes, filling the lunar surface with darkness. During the eclipse, the moon receives sunlight refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere. As a result, it will wash a gradient of color over her face from gray to pink to orange-red, giving us the Blood Moon analogy. 

For East Coasters, the moon will be entirely in Earth’s shadow from 11:29 PM on the 15th to 12:53 AM on the 16th. West Coast folks? 8:29 PM to 9:53 PM on the 15th.

The planet Jupiter, known as the Great Benefic because of all the goodies associated with this robust heavenly body, will be at 0 degrees Aries, bringing a surge of creativity and action. Changes are imminent any time a planet sits at 0 (zero degrees)! Jupiter will remain in Aries until October 28, retrograde, and then re-enter Aries from December 20, 2022, to May 16, 2023. Known for new beginnings and good fortune, Jupiter’s movement into Aries over the upcoming Lunar Eclipse pumps more energy into that powerful mojo of closure and birth. If you have stalled in a dream or goal? The brakes just came off!

So What Does a Moon in Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Mean?  A Scorpio Moon is a money moon and a Moon of the Dead. This particular moon on a typical day can bring intense change, guidance from your ancestors, and unearth lost and hidden information. With the Eclipse energy? Scorpio just gobbled steroids! I have always found that Scorpio moon vibrations enhance ancestral research, especially if you try to solve a mystery! Some practitioners like to clean off their ancestral altar and add offerings over an eclipse of this moon, sending blessings to those who have passed and asking particular favors, especially if there is great need. 

Other Meanings?  Depends on the decisions and actions you take (or neglect) in the next six months and the path you have currently set for yourself. Think of a lunar eclipse as the act of pushing a button. If you are rash, cruel, or just refuse to deal (the black button)– you may not like the upcoming energy flow. On the other hand, if you are compassionate, clear-headed, and research-oriented (Scorpio LOVES research and secrets) – the gold button — you may find the journey exciting and very rewarding. The theme of transformation we experienced in 2021 continues to flow forward, urging us to let go of fears, old issues, and emotional brain fog preventing us from positive action. This eclipse carries the vibes of significant change, exciting revelations, and positive leaps forward. Because it is also known as the moon of our ancestors, you may be hearing or feeling them trying to contact you.  

Positive points associated with this eclipse — First, the eclipse begins in the planetary hour of the Sun – a fortunate omen. Second, the moon’s last aspect before she leaves Scorpio is a positive one – a sextile (opportunities) with Pluto (The Phoenix)– the change you desire will find open pathways to reach its conclusion. 

Another boost is a stellium between Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter. Think of this grouping as a glowing ball of positive, creative light that’s bound and determined to make things happen if you are true to yourself and innovative in thought! Finally, although often seen as a stressor, there is a T-Square harmonic with the moon opposing the Sun/Mercury/Stellium and Saturn as the balance in-between. 

This can turn out as a good thing. 

Saturn is the planet of limitations and rewards. Here, the energy will help keep you from going too far in a zealous situation or act as a fishing hook to drag that information you need up from whatever depths! Saturn is your friend! There is an edge to this eclipse – it falls in Lunar Mansion 19, called The Sting of the Scorpion. Suitable for women’s healing, agriculture, finding lost objects, hunting, and aggressive behavior for gain. (Yes, you can be bold and not be evil – a go-for-it-attitude where you can do this!).

The worst you can do? Refuse to deal with difficult situations, put the nix on change, or run from your responsibilities, and as a result, you may find the position you are facing going from bad to truly awful. Seek help. It is okay to do that. Be creative in looking for solutions. Keep your mind open to positive possibilities rather than clutter it with fear. Fear is a murky swamp where you cannot see. Don’t feed the swamp monster. Spiritual cleansings, deep breathing, meditations of peace and joy – any of these practices are great during any eclipse window. 

The eclipse isn’t “just” on Saturday. I’m sure you’ve felt the lead-up this week. Even though Mercury has stationed and snuggled into the retrograde cycle, life keeps chugging along. Okay, so maybe slower, but it is still going! Have you seen opportunities for change in your life? Have you felt the quickening of energy? Have you had a super idea? Do you feel the urge to be creative or make a change that will facilitate your creativity? Does the theme of the Phoenix appeal to you? Then, don’t be afraid – be exhilarated! After all, She Changes Everything She Touches, right?

As Tony Robbins tells us and magickal folk have been trying to explain since the dawn of time— energy flows where your focus goes.  So! Where will you be putting your focus during this eclipse? Come on!  You can do this!

We’re all rising from the ashes – let’s make the most of it!

Here is one of the things I did during the Eclipse…

Over this Eclipse, I created our Phoenix Magickal Oils. The experience was amazing!
This was my ritual plate set-up that I put together before the eclipse. Some of our Healing Circle Members were able to make Eclipse Oils for themselves as well as conjure bags to use that night along with the oil

Peace with the Gods

 Peace with Nature

 Peace Within.

Many Blessings


P.S. Hope you enjoyed reading this Witchy-Bit. If you disagree with any of the astrological information, feel free to give us you “take” on the upcoming Eclipse.

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Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

9 thoughts on “Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse – The Phoenix Manifestation! by Silver RavenWolf #lunareclipse #SilverRavenWolf

  1. Thank you! Silver, I’ve got something on that has a deadline right inside the Mercury retrograde. Literally the 10th is the deadline. It is the most important thing I have ever put my heart into going after. It’s a position. I’ve worked my whole life to be ready for it. With all that is going on, can I get away with the energy boom of the Merc direct on the 3rd? The shadow is freakin’ me out lasting until the 28th. I am most concerned with how to time my volley into the crucial zone. I got a plan. But the process for this is right smack dab inside the retrograde fuckening. Your post has given me a sense of optimism and hope, Goddess-send that you are. I look to you for the planetary situation report like people watch the news. If you had to lodge an application in the next three weeks, what would be your choice of power day? Jupiter is my boo, and Jupiter retrograde is my power moment. Not sure if that helps, because I have no talent for this area of your expertise. Thank you for existing, by the way. 🤩

    1. Go with your gut. You know that cool feeling, when you just know it is time to step forward? Trust yourself and your instincts. And, don’t worry about the shadow. For me, it is just a slight sluggish time — no biggie — for others, they don’t even notice it. Astrology is wonderful, I love it and it solves (sometimes) mysteries of human behavior. But, in the end, it is you with the power. Set your intent, and full speed ahead.

  2. My mother has been sending me bits of the information you post and I must say that on average, your post are well above. Thanks for your insight and inspiration. And thanks for well informed Moms.

  3. Dearest Silver,

    Hope one day you write a book on Astrology. Love the way you teach it showing us how to apply the astrological energy into our lives and magick (love your idea of testing formulas on Mercury Retrograde season – if they work during this time, they will work even better in Mercury direct. Brilliant!).

    Thank you very much.

    From a big fan in Brazil.


  4. You hit the nail on the head! Aaron had a strange and cryptic message come through from our gypsy side (in a dream, 2 days before the 16th). It sent him skittering through web page after web page to decipher it. Nothing like a Sherlockean/Sherlockian (which one?) mystery right before one’s 20th birthday. It has begun! Lmao!

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