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Water Wick & Oil — How To Make Your Own Braucherei Spirit Candle from Blessed Water and Cooking Oil

water candle

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive -- You Can Make a Powerful Water Candle in Five Minutes!

Water, Wick & Oil — How To Make a Braucherei Spirit Candle From Blessed Water & Cooking Oil

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2012

Can’t afford expensive candles or just want to go the primitive route?  Here’s an inventive candle idea that requires only water, wick, and good old fashioned cooking oil!

Water, Wick, an interesting container, and cooking oil -- who'da thought this could make a cool candle?


Cooking Oil
Container for your Spirit Candle
Waxed wick to match the diameter of your container — this is very important.  If the wick is too small for the width of the container, your wick will drown in about an hour.
One Wick Tab (or you can use a dab of hot glue from your glue gun)

Optional:  Fresh herbs, gemstones, and other objects can be placed in the water before adding the oil.

You can use a convenient wick tab or a dab of glue from a hot glue gun.

Step One:  Affix the wick tab to the wick, or if using a glue gun, go directly to step two.

Center the wick in the bottom of the container.

Step Two:  Affix wick to inside bottom center of container.  If you are using fresh herbs or gemstones, add them now.  A picture of this type of Spirit Candle is shown below.

Spirit Gems with Black Onyx Gemstones

Step Two and a Half:  No kidding.  If you wish to banish something from your life, add a little salt to the water.  If you wish to attract particular energies, add a pinch of white sugar.  For example, if you need prosperity or good fortune in your life, add a little white sugar to the water and stir gently before pouring into the container.

Step Three:  Fill container with water leaving about 1 inch space at the top of container.  You need this space to add the oil and prevent container from overflowing should you wish to carry your Spirit Light somewhere.

Step Four:  Think of your favorite prayer, chant, or blessing charm and intone it over the water while holding the container.  Your words can be a simple blessing, or an incantation for a particular spell.    When you are finished with your blessing or charm, blow over the surface of the water three times.  This is to instill the holy breath of Spirit and attune you more closely to the spiritual energies of the universe.

Pour approximately 1/4 inch of oil on top of water.

Step Five:  Pour  1/4 inch of cooking oil on top of the water.  Don’t worry, it will rise to the surface in a few seconds.  This 1/4 inch of oil will give you an approximate thirteen hour burn.

Step Six:  Cut wick to 1/2inch above the surface of the cooking oil.  The longer the wick, the bigger the flame so be careful that you don’t leave the wick too long.  Conversely, if the wick is cut too short, your flame will drown.

Your Spirit Candle is now ready for use.  Just light the wick!  We used a Spirit Candle like the one pictured below in our healing circle.  The power went out all over the valley; but, we had plenty of light to continue our working thanks to our Spirit Candle!

You can also use your Spirit Candle in dedication to a particular deity.  In this picture, a request was made for the protection of the Goddess Bast.

Employing the elements of empowered water and fire, your Spirit Candle can be used for all types of magicks, spells, rituals, or meditations.  Like the more Heathen approach?  Add ice to your Spirit Candle and place container over your favorite bindrune.  Just be sure you leave enough room in the container to accommodate the melting ice.

Whether for pleasure, necessity, or magick, a Spirit Candle is particularly powerful because you made it yourself!

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40 thoughts on “Water Wick & Oil — How To Make Your Own Braucherei Spirit Candle from Blessed Water and Cooking Oil

  1. Morgan on said:

    This is awesome Silver!!! What a creative and fun way to celebrate the elements of fire and water!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. nikki on said:

    Can you add essential oil to the water also?

  3. Awesome idea and can I just say that statue is gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for showing us these “how-to” tips I’m really enjoying this! I’ll be searching for my glue gun (ah, didn’t get to everything during the release program). I love the idea of adding gemstones to the blessed water. Simple and time saving…that’s what I love about Braucherei!

  5. Aluramia on said:

    Great idea, I’ll have to go and get some more wicks (I just tossed them out in my month long cleanse!) grins…

    But my big question is…

    WHERE did you get that statue of Bast??? I LOVE IT!

  6. Love the Bast statue, wherever did you get it? Or did you make it? The article is wondrous, going to buy the wick tabs today! Thanks. Sherry/Nevada

  7. I LOVE this! I see all kinds of things I could add- stones, buttons, charms, herbs, ooh! The list is endless!

  8. I love this, can’t wait for my herbs to pop out of the ground to add to this, thank you for all of the positive information you post. Btw, I was trying to find a way to contact you on the different sites and couldn’t. If you have a moment I need a little direction on which of several choices to use in your book.

  9. Marlene on said:

    I love this idea. It adds the self essence since you make it yourself. I also love the statue. I like the simple ideas because they seem to me, to be clearer and less cluttered with ritual. Not that ritual is not important and has it’s place. What works for one may not work for all. That is part of why we are here. Love and light

  10. Kit on said:

    This looks like a great project to do and I love the simplicity of it. I’ve found that the simpler something is the better it works. Has anyone else experienced this? I’ll have to get to the crafts store soon to get the items. If I get to make one I’ll post a picture of it on your wall if that’s okay? I posted pictures of my Odds And Ends box from the Release Program on there. I love how inspiring you are with all these projects and ideas and I am SO glad you decided to continue posting past the Release Program this time around as I think you help us all to continue to be creative and vibrant people. Blessed Be!

  11. Thank you for sharing this! You are quickly becoming one of my favorite places to read on the internet. This is something I will most definately be trying.

  12. Love this idea thanks Silver! Also LOVE the statue! Ive never seen once of Bast like that, so beautiful. Thank you for all your wonderful posts SIlver!

    Many Blessings

  13. Gypsy Rose on said:


    this is amazing, it automatically takes my mind back to a small cottage in the woods. Simple and infused with the persons very essence, the breath of life. Such a pure project that can be altered to fit any situation. Thank you

  14. Ahhhh . . . love the Spirit candle and love you, Mamma. Love the statue too. I have only seen Bast as the traditional Egyptian cat motif.

  15. Linda c. on said:

    always loved your brown sugar candles. Might try it with this as
    well. thankyou as always.

  16. kelly crabbe on said:

    Love this idea!! Keep em comin. Thanks silver. Blessed be.

  17. Valerie on said:

    Dear Silver
    This is wonderful and the statue of Bast is the most beautiful representation of her that I have ever seen. However cant get any wicks near where I live. Will have to search online. I could really do with some extra positive energy in my life right now. Thank you so much for all the great posts. They really keep me going!!!
    Much love and blessings.


  18. Kieraworld on said:

    Thanks for posting this. I got a lot out of creating this candle! This candle was very easy to create and it was a very powerful experience. I made my candle personal by adding a few stones, evergreen branches and coloring. I got so much out of it that I blogged about my experience. Looking forward to other simple projects.

  19. Pingback: The making of a Braucherei Spirit Candle | Kieraworld

  20. Gerri on said:

    can I get wicks online or is there a local option? Thank you for the infused energy I feel oomes with something made by our own hands while chanting, I believe…..halllgirl

    • Sure, there are all sorts of suppliers online. Michael’s and AC Moore sell a limited supply of wicks (at least the ones around here have some, but not a large selection) if you have one near you.

  21. I was just thinking about the oil candles I knew as a kid, with the floating plastic disc — I’ve been wanting to make one from an old vase, with silk flowers and the glass stones. This is so much simpler. I have several wicks from candles I’d melted for other projects…they’re certainly waxed already, so I wonder if they’d work? I’ll certainly try it now! Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Water Wick & Oil — How To Make Your Own Braucherei Spirit Candle from Blessed Water and Cooking Oil Author Silver RavenWolf's Blog I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are amazing! Thanks! your article about Water Wick & Oil — How To Make Your Own Braucherei Spirit Candle from Blessed Water and Cooking Oil Author Silver RavenWolf's Blog Best Regards Andy Justin

  23. I too LOVE the Bast statue! I have 2 of Her..both as a cat. One is only about 3 1/2 inches tall!! My question for you though is about the images under Her and the bowl!! Where did that come from?


    • I think the mat came from an old card reading set — but, I’m not sure. I found it in the basement when I was doing this year’s release challenge. I only found the mat.

  24. Kit on said:

    Hey everybody! I know a lot of us here just loved that statue of Bastet and I wanted to let everyone know that the same statue is now available through a Spiritual (I used that word because they sell things for all different paths, not just Wicca) online mail order company called AzureGreen. I just got their new catalog and it’s in there for $42.95. The website is Blessed Be everyone!

  25. Stacie Sexton on said:

    I love this and will be making one or more of them. I was wondering if food coloring may be added for a different look and/or a more empowered spell/chant.

  26. Babs on said:

    Oh what a fantastic idea! This will definitely go to my “must do this!” list.

    I have one tiny question (as I read your blog for the first time)…. what does “Braucherei” mean?

    Thanks very much and Blessed Be :)

  27. How cool! Thank you Lady Silver. I can’t wait to try it either. You’re awesome!

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