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Day 3 – Great Release Program – 3 December – Silver RavenWolf

Day Three of 2018 Great Release Program – 3 December – Monday
By Silver RavenWolf

4th Quarter Moon moves into Scorpio
Monday– Moon Planetary Ruler

“Okay, I give up.  Where did you put them?”


“You know very well what I mean.  You won’t stop me you know.  I will have my way.”

“You used ten of them yesterday!”

“It must be done.  Where are they?  I need them!”

You have to find them first.”

“You forget, finding things is my specialty. What’s this?  Do I detect fear in your eyes?”

“Your imagination.”

“What are you holding behind you?”


“Ah-ha!  Hand over my garbage bags now!”


Your Challenge Today – Bedroom Clutter – Sheets — Pajamas

Good Morning!  Good Morning!  Did you remember to visualize your symbol as soon as you woke up?  Super!  If you forgot, try again tomorrow.  It takes getting used to; but, you will reap the benefits of it in the end!  Yesterday I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer, then felt a bit rambunctious and moved on to the dry food cabinet.  It amazes me how stray items linger at the back of the cabinet for months.  It is like they have their own personal cloaking device.

Today, remember, do what you can just follow the primary rule: Throw one thing out.  No giveaways this first week.  Toss.  Toss.  Toss.

This Week:  You might wish to take advantage of these last three days of the waning moon to remove, clean, let-go, release as much as possible before the New Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday, 6 December/Friday – 7 December (depending on your time zone) -the same day (Thursday) Mercury goes direct.  I’ve observed that when the moon is waning, it seems more comfortable to let go of the big stuff, clean, organize to release, let-go, etc.  This may not be true for you – everyone is on their own cycle.  Examine how you feel this month during the different phases/quarters of the moon and try working with that natural flow.  Such a benefit when you dive in and surf with the moon’s energy!

If someone legitimately owes you something, working magick for the payment/return on this coming Thursday morning gives an extra oomph to your spell or ritual.  This is when Mercury “stations” (seems to stand still) before moving direct.  Timing depends upon your time zone – so for East Coast folks the tie is 4:22 PM and for West Coast good souls the time is 1:22 PM.  Have your working ready to draw, push, and empower! 

After Mercury turns direct I’ll be posting the pattern for our Protective House Gnome – a project we’ll add to the release program this year.  He is made out of felt (or paper) and you can either stitch or glue him together.  At the end of this week, we’ll also make a simple joy jar with peppermint candies and other goodies to entice prosperity during the holiday season.

Extra Credit:  If you are feeling super motivated today, why not clean off your altar and prepare it for the holidays?

Nighty-Night Closure:  Today we add a new activity to our daily release routine – the Night-Night closure.  This is where you walk around your living area and pick everything up that is out of place.  Shoes, toys, food wrappers, cups, dishes, socks, towels, mail – all that stuff that seems to collect during the day.  I am always amused energetically what gravitates where.   Yes, I know someone carries it there…but, why?  Why is THAT corner more likely to contain stinky socks, a banana peel, and a soda can, than the other four corners of the room?  What is residing there that I can’t see?  What pattern or net of energy is active?  Is there an invisible spider?  After a few evenings of observation, you will notice patterns that need to be changed.  Begin, not by telling someone not to do that (should it be a family member); but, by spiritually cleansing that area with ritual smoke (or perfume), rattle, bell, empowered water, and light (candle).  Keep cleansing that spot every opportunity you get, and see if the family member begins to avoid it, or if less trash accumulates there.  Why bother?  Practice, practice, practice on your skills even with something as innocuous as a corner.    


  1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.
  2. Practice the Rattle Bath – earn one gold star.
  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar
  4. Do one 3-Minute Dash – earn one gold star.
  5. Do one 5-Minute Dust Buster – earn one gold star.
  6. Read your Main Goal 9 times aloud.
  7. Do one thing toward this week’s goal (that you wrote down yesterday)
  8. Did you remember to invoke your special symbol first thing when you woke up? If you forgot, try again tomorrow, no worries. 
  9. De-Clutter your bedroom, change the sheets, go through old sheets and toss what you feel is no longer useful, go through your summer and winter pajamas (if you wear them, lol – if not – lucky you on this part of the challenge).
  10. Clear off your altar and prepare for the holiday season – 3 gold stars – don’t have a special place? Time to create one!  Choose where you wish to place your items of honor and personal power.  Clear the area.  Bless it.  After the New Moon – build what you desire on a table, tray, etc.
  11. Tonight, remember to practice your Nightly Review.
  12. Practice the Nighty-Night Closure Routine. Observe which areas of the house are continually messy.

Silver RavenWolf – Day 31 -Thursday – 31 December 2015 – Great Release Challenge – Cinnamon Prosperity Wish Bags


2015 Great Release Program
Day 30- December 30 2015
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw or give something away!


3rd Quarter Moon Void in Virgo (Closure)
Moon Moves into Libra New Years Eve for Pacific Coast
but remains void for East Coast

Mercury Hour for Virgo Energy
Jupiter Hour for the Ruler of the Day

This Week’s Theme:  Peace Within – Closure

The Foundation —  Begin your day with the Braucherei Morning cleansing and empowerment exercise (please view first post of the program ).

Continue to use the Five Rays of Joy exercise given on On Day 12 .

If you like, continue to use the Peace Prayer in your daily activities (located in Day 2 of the program) and and Peace in the Moment visualization.  When you have finished with this week’s theme exercise, move on to today’s fun activities!

Silver’s Notes:  Whoot!  You Made It!

You did it!  Every day for 31 days you managed to throw or give something away!  During the program we cleaned, straightened up, fixed, cleared and accomplished — and all that while we focused heavily on your magick and the inner self.  I am so proud of you!

This last week I managed to finish the craft room closet (which I thought I wouldn’t be able to get to), cleaned out the kitchen cabinets, fixed a broken table, completed three household craft projects, do grandma duty (my version of babysitting), clear out the refrigerator a second time, finish the laundry, take a sick person to the hospital, and rearrange my bedroom clothing shelves.  Whew!  What were you able to accomplish?

New Years Eve is one of my favorite times for magick because a large portion of the world expends a great deal of energy in revelry — energy that you can catch the wave and use, if you focus.  I also like New Years Eve/Day because the time period isn’t a religious holiday — it is simply “joy of the people”.  Don’t forget that Jupiter goes retrograde on the 7th — which often affects good fortune coming into the home if you haven’t prepared for it.  Each year I make a conjure bag to keep our stability and finances strong during that retro period.  I also learned a long time ago that you:

  1.  Keep the largest denomination bill you can afford rolled and wrapped with red thread hidden in a box throughout the Jupiter retrograde period.  When the retro is over, spend it on the home OR give it to charity.
  2. ALWAYS have some money in the bank — even if it is only a few bucks.

During a retro period, a planet’s energies are turned within — that means that you will expand within yourself — it may be your spirituality, educating yourself, learning to be more charitable, etc.  When the planet swings direct, you will feed that energy out into the world.

On this last day I’ve given you two idea that you can use to prepare for the Jupiter retro period — the Cinnamon Conjure Bag or the Gnome Prosperity Poppet.

Mercury is retrograde from 5 January through 25 January 2016.

Jupiter is retrograde from 7 January through 9 May 2016.

This year, the Moon is Void in Virgo most of the day and evening, so you may want to do your New Years magick early in the day (before 11:50 AM EST/ 8:50 AM PST) OR after 1:41 AM New Year’s Day for Eastern Standard Time.  Pacific folks can work their magick at 10:41 PM on New Years Eve, when the moon moves into Libra.

This is a third quarter moon, so banishing work will do extremely well.  A simple spell would be to write all that is bothering you on slips of paper and burn them as that wave of energy flows your way.

Traditionally, New Years Day is seen as “new beginnings” regardless of the moon phase.  In our Pennsylvania Dutch German family we always have pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day to bring good luck throughout the coming year.  We also do the Braucherei Takin-off for every member of the family to remove all negativity on New Years Eve.

It has been a marvelous pleasure to spend the last 31 days with you!  I am proud of all of you for sticking with it, and plowing into change with a light heart and plenty of smiles.  You are the best!  May the wonderful energies you have created in this last month stay with you the whole year through!  The brightest of blessings to you in 2016!

Your Magickal Challenge Today — is to do the New Years Ritual that you have been planning — you can do it today OR tomorrow – given that the Moon is Void most of the day.

Magickal Ideas for the New Year

This past week I made Cinnamon Good Fortune Wish Conjure Bags to give to my friends to empower on the 9th of January, when the New Moon is in Capricorn.  However, they could also be used for Jupiter Conjure Bags, which you would want to empower before the 7th of January, to protect the wealth in the home.

Regardless, I will bless them at dawn on New Years Day while that sauerkraut and pork simmers in the oven.





The three orange buttons serve three purposes:

While I sewed them on, I chanted a good fortune charm.
The color (orange) is for opportunity.
You can touch the three buttons to help count the chants when empowering the bag or using the bag as a focus in a seven-day good fortune spell.

The rag embellishments are to catch those good fortune energies.

I will burn my bag at Midsummer, and then construct a new one for the second half of the year.

Prosperity Gnome Poppet

On Day 13 we talked about House Spirits and Helper Gnomes.  I found a free felt pattern that you can turn into a gnome design with little effort at Crafter Without a Cat blog.  I decided to create several house-helper gnomes to help usher in the New Year.  This one is for prosperity; however, you can also make one for Wisdom, Family Happiness, Healing, etc.


I stuffed all the items shown into the body of the poppet, added a petition paper to tune the gnome’s energy to my intent, then placed a small amount of batting on top to hold in the contents.


To easily attach the felt bottom, I put the gnome upside down in a small glass and used a whip stitch for closure.


Here are two of my completed gnomes — one is for good fortune and the other for business success.


To empower your gnome — you can use this easy technique:

Hold the gnome in your hands and state your intent.  Then:
1.  Give him or her a name, repeating it 9 times.  With each repetition of the name, blow on the poppet face, envision the glow of life entering the poppet.
2.  Give him or her a specific purpose.
3.  Indicate how you will activate him or her when he or she is needed.
4.  Seal the magick by drawing an equal-armed cross in the air over the gnome.

Keep your gnome in a safe place.  The destruction of your gnome by your cat picking his teeth with it may lead to unfortunate circumstances (like a sick cat).

If, for any reason, you no longer want to use your gnome — de-activate the poppet magickally, and then physically.

Physical Challenge

What is the one last physical thing that you would like to do today to finish out the program with a feeling of super success?  Have at it!

Today’s Summary

Practice the Peace in the Moment Exercise.

Repeat the Peace Prayer, Star Throw Blessing, and Peace in the Moment exercises if you like.

Practice your personal Five Rays of Joy wake-up program.

Choose a magickal craft that is a significator of your efforts in this program — something that you will look at throughout the year and remember how much effort and the wonderful success you achieved with the Great Release Challenge!

Perform a New Years Ritual that is tailored specifically for your needs.

Do one physical thing to close out the program.

    Throw out or give one thing away (most important task)

Don’t forget to add the coins to your Joy Jar! Tomorrow, give the coins to charity.

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within

Sleep Well and see you next year!

Happy New Year!