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Baby Crow Free Pattern Find Your Muse

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2018


Baby Crow can be made easily from felt in a very short time, making this project a super fun activity for children!  I structured a simple, versatile design so that you can create baby crows for quilting applique, primitive cloth (add ¼ inch seam allowance) stuffed animal/ornie, felt, or paper crafts.  The Baby Crow (Marmalade she calls herself) shown in these instructions was created out of felt.

Supplies for Felt Project–
Black Felt
Yellow Felt
White Felt
Black Pipe Cleaner (optional)
Wooden Skewer (found in the grocery store)
Raffia (optional)
Orange Perle Embroidery Thread (optional)
Polyester or Natural Cotton stuffing (you can even use cotton balls)
Embellishments (you choose – optional)

Tools for Felt Project-
Glue Gun
Tweezers or Clamps (optional)

Magickal Formula
Rosemary Herb
Lemongrass Herb
Ginkgo Biloba
Gotu Kola
3 Pumpkin Seeds
3 copper pieces or pennies

babycrowsmallStep One:  Re-size pattern to your liking.  You may like to have a BIG baby crow, or a little one.  You choose!  Cut out pattern from paper.  Place pieces on felt and cut out all parts of the bird.  The pattern tell you how many you will need of each piece.


Step Two:  Glue eyes and beak onto front bird body.  Glue stick (if you will be using one) and pipe cleaner to inside of second piece.  Gluing these items now saves hassle later.


Step Three:  Gather the magickal supplies you will use to include in the body of the bird.  You may wish to add a special crystal, a lock of your hair, or dirt from a prosperous place that supports your creative gifts.  The formula given here is only a suggestion — you may wish to choose a different blend entirely.  For example, your baby bird can represent good fortune, healing… whatever you desire.  I also stitched around the beak with orange thread to give the bird a bit more personality.


The formula shown here was specifically designed for calling in the powers of your muse!


Step Four — I gathered together all my magickal ingredients and placed them in a small muslin pouch.  I also added a paper sigil for awakening the muse within, or you may simply like to write a blessing on a small piece of paper and insert your heartfelt words into the baby crow.

Step Five — Begin gluing the front to the back of the bird, about an inch at a time, adding the poly stuffing in small bits as you go.  The intent is to have enough padding under the face of the bird so that the stick doesn’t show and give the bird a bit of a dimensional feel.  Once the bird has cooled, simply fold the wings and affix with glue to either side.  If you want the wings to stick out a bit, just glue the top portion of the wings to the body, wrapping the wings from back to front.


Step Six:  Finish the bird by adding your own unique embellishments!  If you don’t want to use the stick for display purposes, you can glue or stitch dangling legs made of beads, or black cord with small blocks tied to the bottom for feet.  Use your imagination to make the coolest Baby Crow ever!


Thank you so much for visiting my blog today!  I hope you enjoy making Baby Crow.  Be sure to visit my shop for a great selection on soy candles.  You can also fine me on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter!


Bluebird of Happiness Free Pattern by Silver RavenWolf

bluebirdofhappiness2Bluebird of Happiness – Dreaming Bird Series

By Silver RavenWolf

Happiness, pleasure, delight — these amazing birds of super blue carry the spirit of grace and joy where ever they go!  Prosperity, good health, personal fulfillment and the gift of beauty and appreciation are all a part of the Bluebird’s spiritual pattern.  To see or dream of this bird in any form indicates that all these wonderful energies are on their way to you!  Placing the Bluebird image in your home in the East window at dawn on a waxing moon sets the stage to bring good fortune and happiness your way and encourages those energies to continuously flow into the family unit.  Give your Bluebird of Happiness an offering of birdseed and water on the first day of each month to encourage you to remember to be appreciative of nature’s beauty!

February’s Dreaming Bird embellishment choices draw in the joy and whimsy of creation!


Feel free to add brightly colored feathers, glittery sequins, and shiny beads to your Bluebird of Happiness!


Construction Supplies

For this month’s project I used the following supplies:

Various colors of blue felt
Perle Embroidery Thread
Needles – one for embroidery and one for beading
Glass Beads
Colored Feathers
Sharp Scissors
Freezer Paper – to transfer your pattern easily to the felt – trace the pattern on the non-wax side of the paper.  Cut out the pattern from the freezer paper.  Use a warm iron to lightly affix the wax side of the pattern to the felt.  Cut your shape out of the felt with sharp scissors.
Glue Gun
A small amount of polyester or all cotton stuffing
Bamboo skewer – if you want to add your dreaming bird to a potted plant
Pipe cleaner – wrapped around the bamboo skewer to make the leg


Magickal Items to Stuff Inside the Bird – I chose gemstones and herbs that have a general correspondence to family happiness, wishes, and good fortune for the household.

Blue Lace Agate gemstones – for laughter and happiness
A shiny penny (for good fortune)

Herbal Mix Includes:
Blue Lotus Petals
Orange Peels
Sunflower Seeds
Dandelion Root
Your Good Fortune Petition – I drew mine on a small, circular piece of paper that I stuffed inside the bird.

You can put this herbal mix together yourself or you can purchase the BlueBird of Happiness Herbal offering in my store at  Your herbs are sold with colorful cardstock label, a cotton conjuring bag and 4 BlueBird of Happiness soy candles.


Would you like a different magickal formula?  You might enjoy my new book, The Witching Hour! available at Llewellyn World Wide, Amazon, or your favorite magickal shoppe!


Here is the pattern for BlueBird of Happiness!



Remember to cut two of each bird pattern piece.  If you don’t want the beak separate, just extend your pattern.


I stitched the lines on the tail first to hold the two tail pieces together, then glued the tail as one piece onto the inside of one of the body pieces.  When I put dolls and spirit animals together I always contemplate the easiest way to put all the pieces together — sort of like a 3-D puzzle!

To keep the wings aligned on both sides of the bird I cut the wing out of the body pattern.  This way, I just pin the wing over the hole and remove the pattern.


BlueBird of Happiness will make a great Valentine’s Day gift in itself, or use as an embellishment on a present for a special loved one.

I hope you enjoyed February’s Dreaming Bird!  Next month?  Crow/Raven!

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