This year, Venus and Jupiter retro at about the same time — this packet is designed with both planetary influences in mind.

Venus/Jupiter Retrograde Protection Money Packet

by Silver RavenWolf

copyright 2013/2017/2018/2019

This year — 2020 –  both Venus and Jupiter begin their retrograde motion over the same period beginning 13/14 May.  You may have already felt the tightening on your purse strings or the drag of expected changes that aren’t manifesting as quickly as normal.  Even if you’ve been holding your head above water during the pandemic, you might be feeling a little shaky as these energies move into play.

Venus turns retro on 13 May at 2:45 AM EDT and does not turn direct until 25 June at 2:48 AM.  Jupiter turns retro on 14 May at 10:32 AM/7:32 AM PDT and does not turn direct until 12 September at 8:41 PM EDT/5:41 PM PDT.  Venus is in Gemini for her entire retrograde cycle, which will affect communication, equipment, and the “flow” of money or fortune — much like a Merc retro.  Jupiter will stay in Capricorn for its entire cycle — focused on the platform of your fortune, the stability of your home or business, the rules by which you handle good fortune and finances.  Jupiter retrograde is all about building your inner temple, and strengthening the mental structure of your career and business — how you “see” yourself and your association with what you do for a living.  It is during this time that people often choose to change direction with those things, or at least plant seeds that they will cultivate in their own minds within the next year.

You may have already felt the tightening on your purse strings, and the drag of expected changes that aren’t manifesting as quickly as normal when it comes to career, even if you’ve been holding your head above water during the pandemic.  If you have natal planets in Gemini or Capricorn, you may feel the vibrations stronger than some others.  It all depends on the position of the planets when you were born.

When a planet retrogrades, its energy focuses within.  This is a natural part of the planetary cycle that assimilates the information we learned while the planet was “direct” and summarizes and manipulates while it is retrograde.  Sort of like the best meal you ever had — and then you go home and sleep it off; but, you are not really sleeping — you are just processing the food into energy.  On the outside, you appear lethargic, and parts of you are slow to respond; yet, on the inside, you are super busy.  For the next few weeks, you are going to be “digesting” the activities of the last several months.

Do not panic.  This is actually a good thing.  Venus and Jupiter are both Good Fortune Planets — Venus is seen as the “Lesser Fortune” and Jupiter as the “Greater Fortune”.  Venus and Mercury have a roll in directing your money and lend a hand in processing opportunity.  The Venus and Jupiter cycle includes working with the “gain” so that it can be used for fuel in your future successes.  Venus retrograde focuses on how you acquire things (your attraction power), what strategies you use, the seductions (self-behaviors) you incorporate for love and friendship, and changes in education.  Luckily, Venus is only retro for about 44 days — a little over a month — enough to cause havoc if you don’t recognize the pattern; but, short enough that you can make adjustments that will flow forward almost immediately after Venus turns direct and bring good fortune in the long-term.  Jupiter, however, will be retrograde for the next four months — giving you time to consider new directions and creative projects.

Regardless of Jupiter’s direction, this planet always carries the title of “the Great Benefic”.  The difference with the retrograde is that the good fortune energies come from within — your talents, your inspiration, your spiritual connections, etc.  A Jupiter retrograde is wonderful for the soul, allowing us to heighten our personal vibrations, striving ever forward for healing, wholeness, and harmony.

Opportunities that unfold during a Jupiter retrograde are usually the result of our thoughts, actions, and words in the past — now graciously blooming to touch our lives in amazing ways.  Jupiter retrograde also gives a window of opportunity to restore the self as well as relationships with others.

Years ago I learned the following:  Always have money in the bank before the Jupiter retro hits.  This has NEVER failed me.  The year I didn’t have anything in the bank because I’d been hit with an unexpected expense, all hell broke loose in my financial life.  From that year on — I always make sure my “cushion” is in place and I always make a Jupiter Retro spell bundle/packet to protect my finances and ensure the positive money flow during the retro period.  Sometimes I carry the bundle with me and other times I keep it in my Happy Money Jar (the topic of another article).  When the retrograde is over, I dismantle the bundle and give the money to charity, thanking the spirits for my good fortune over the retro period.

This year, since both Venus and Jupiter retro at the same time, I crafted a formula to vibrate with both planetary energies.  AND, because Mercury is going to retro while Jupiter is still “in the dark”, I added a Mercury correspondence as well.  Before you read the formula, please understand that you don’t have to have all the ingredients listed.  Since I have a magickal shoppe, I have lots of herbs in my storage room and I realize you might not have a very wide selection.  That’s okay.  I tried to keep as many ingredients as possible focused on what you might have in your kitchen, or what you might gather from outside (for example dandelion roots or leaves may be in your area).  The main point is to build the bundle and remember to feed it honey or sugar every week during the retrograde period.  Normally, I feed mine white lightning; however, since the pandemic is still going full blast around here and the booze state stores in my area are closed, so honey it will be.

Here is my formula for this year:

In the Jupiter herb category, I used:  Clove, Star Anise, Dandelion Root, Sarsparilla, Sassafras, and Linden.

In the Venus herb category, I used:  Oats, Rose Petals, Buckwheat, Corn kernels, and sugar.

Mercury:  Peppermint Tea

If you have a business, you might also want to add peppermint candies, Jezebel Root, Pumpkin Seed (not salted), and/or marigold petals.

Other Ingredients:  Two pieces of fabric, One Penny, One Dime, One Crystal, One paper money bill — the largest you have in the house, red thread, paper and pen for drawing your sigil or spell words.  I also used my Marigold Fluid Condenser to ramp up the power (you can find instructions for the formula in my Witching Hour book).

I used a Fox motif on the front to enhance intelligence, wisdom, and  “crafty” energy  — and spider webs on the back for collection and protection.

To put my bundle together quickly I used a serger sewing machine.  You don’t have to sew your project — you can glue it.  Heck, you could even staple it if you wanted to!  I actually used three 5×5 inch pieces of fabric.  I folded one square in half to make an outside pocket because I decided to send one to a friend and he will want to add his own sigil and dollar amount.  He can just slip these things into the pocket.  If you don’t want to make a pocket you will only need two pieces of fabric.  I sew up three sides of the material before my actual spellwork.

Once you have gathered all items together, cleanse and bless them with incense, words, and breath.  I orient the items to all four directions as well.  State your intent which is the purpose of the packet clearly.  Remember all energy is intelligent.  You can give your packet a name if you like, like George, or Sue, or Lillith, or BringMe.  Whatever.

Prepare any sigil you desire — remember it should be for protection and prosperity.  On my sigil shown, I crossed out each letter.  In the history of Braucherei (see Patrick Donmoyer’s material) you write what is needed or wanted, and then strike out each letter.  As you put a line through each letter, it leaves the world of the physical and goes to the world of spirit.  I sealed my sigil with Marigold Liquid Fluid Condenser and my spit.


Roll the paper money and the sigil together, making all folds toward yourself.  Then wrap with red thread that you have run first through your mouth.  This links the sigil, the thread, and you.  Tie tight.  Add this money packet to the bundle.

Finished Prosperity Bundles — the yarn and rag decorations are to capture prosperity.

Seal the bundle by sewing, gluing, or even using paper clips (although that may not be too stable).  Sit quietly and hold the bundle in your hands.  Run energy through your work by rubbing the cloth softly, whispering your favorite good fortune chant.  Be sure to breathe on the bundle as you are rubbing it.  When you lose focus, open your eyes, smile, and put your bundle in a safe place.  Feed your bundle by sprinkling it with sugar or honey (sugar is less messy).  To ensure food comes into the home — at the beginning of the week, put the bundle on a slice of bread and place a glass of water beside it so that you will never hunger and never thirst.  Remove after 24 hours.  Be sure to feed your bundle once a week.

Your challenge!  Make a Venus/Jupiter Retro Spell Bundle

Big Hugs

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within!






Day 54 – Here Comes Jupiter and Venus Retrograde — Let’s Make Magick!

“We make our own reality out of what we believe” — Lee Gandee

Hail and Welcome!

You know, I had the most amazing evening!  Our Braucherei Guild had the pleasure of speaking with Jack G. Montgomery for over two hours!  I learned so much and he is such an amazing person!  For those who don’t know Mr. Montgomery, he is an author, a  Professor, a musician and so much more!  A student of the famous Lee Gandee — Jack surely knows what he is talking about when it comes to folk magick!  He has a new book coming out soon (I’ll let you know the details when I receive them) and if you haven’t had a chance to read his American Shamans — Journeys with Traditional Healers — don’t miss out.  You will love this book!

The wonderful thing about Braucherei and Granny Magicks is that these systems don’t depend on specific tools.  Spirit Walking around the house, the yard, the job — are encouraged if you feel the need to use an object to help you focus.  If you can find a logical link between what is at hand and what you desire to accomplish — then that item will be perfect for your working.

legaljarThe picture here is an example.  This is a court case working where we wanted “the powers that be” to love the individual in question and to make sure that all aspects of the case go her way.  We started with an empty Mason jar that had a lid.  I always use clean, sterilized jars to begin any jar magick.  I like using jars because they can contain all the elements of the spell and, at the same time, will not be eaten by the dog or my husband.

This spell includes items to “sweeten” the system — brown sugar, maple syrup — objects for luck — the 16 bean mix from the grocery store that is easily empowered as lucky beans — and items to open the way and keep the motor running — Abre Camino (road opener herb), Legal Victory Magickal Powder which contains marigold, Casa Sagrada, Buckthorn, Vanilla Bean, Galangal, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds (not salted), and two sigils Ken (Kennaz) and Rad (Radio) runes drawn on paper.  I also included a Himmelsbrief to protect her, and the Jupiter sigil, as Jupiter rules courts, the system, and hearings.  I cut out the Jupiter sigil and pasted it on the lid of the jar.  The Himmelsbrief is wrapped around a picture of the person who you want to protect, folded toward you, and tied with red thread.

When I do jar magick I empower EVERYTHING as it goes into the jar, and then I command everything in the jar to blend together to accomplish my goal. By empower, I mean I run energy with intent into every item I will be using.  The jar, itself, is a circle.  Once everything is in the jar, I cast a magick circle (I ALWAYS cast a magick circle — always, always, always — this is my form of protective magick).  And if I’m really feeling like things are out of whack, I’ll do the LBR (Lesser Banishing Ritual).  Whatever works for you.  Once everything is in the jar you shake it up a good one.  Shake.  Shake.  Shake, just like the song.  This is to get everything going.  Like turning the key in the ignition of your car or truck.  Vroom!

While the jar is still open, I do the main magick — the whisper magick over the jar, making sure my breath goes in the jar.  Normally, I hold the jar between both of my hands when I do this and make sure I can feel that energy zinging into the jar.

Then — you add the Breath of the Divine.

Now, here is how I see it — and if I explain this badly, I apologize.  God/The Divine is pure Potential.  The Divine is Love.  The Divine is Compassion.  The Divine is Perfection. One one of the reasons, I think, that Christian Pow-Wow’s get so hot and bothered over who Braucherei historically belongs to is that they have mistaken the power of the universe for the name of a God.  Meaning — the totality of Divine energy is so much bigger, and stronger, and more powerful than any God-Goddess-name.  Names are used to invoke the energy — they are like a telephone number.  I can call a crisis hotline for help or I can call the fire department, or I can call a porn line.  I’m still using the phone, I’m still asking someone for help (okay, you are so chuckling on that last one), and I’m still expecting some kind of fulfillment.  The difference is in WHERE I’m directing my OPEN LINE for help.  Yet, when you practice the breathing, some folks don’t realize that you are connecting to the REAL divine energy, instead, they think the name (the telephone number) IS the god.

Okay, confusing.  Think about it.  If you disagree, you have at that — it is a big world.  No worries.

So, now we’ve run the energy, right?  And we’re going to progress by plugging into the Divine.  We are going to sync our energy with the potential of the universe.  And that’s what I want you to practice this week.  I’d like you to “think” about “God/dess” as pure energy.  No face.  No name.  Then, I’d like you to expand your mind outside of your body…

And embrace Divine (as an energy).

And then for ten counts — Breathe in the Divine — not a face, not a name — the energy.

When you breathe out — focus the Divine breath toward someone that needs it.

Back to that spell.

Cast the circle.
State your purpose.
Command the contents of the jar to work together for your purpose (yes, you did it earlier, do it again).
Run energy into the jar, while chanting.
Shake the jar (a good 9 times).
Breath the Divine into the jar (3 times).
Cap the jar.
Seal it.
Shake it 9 times.

For this spell, I put an empowered a Crown of Success candle and put it on the top of the jar — you can do as you like.  Here is the Jupiter sigil in case you need it.  Jupiter Crossroads Sigil – can be used for Luck, Expansion, Court and Legal Issues, Long Distance Travel, Compassion, Growth, Higher Education, Getting Into a College, and increasing your finances (use with Venus for that).


Seal the working with three equal-armed crosses drawn in the air.  Shake the jar every day until what you need comes to pass.  If it seems stuck, blow the God Energy onto the sigil 3 times, then shake the jar.

This type of sweet jar can be used for anything you desire.  It is called “sweet” because all the ingredients are sugary or smell light or sweet.  A Bitter Jar, is a banishing jar, and would contain cleansing herbs like lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, etc.  When you complete a bitter jar, you always burn a “sweet” candle or place out “sweet” water to replace the void you have created with good energy.

Let me know how this works for you.

As a side note:  I’m not saying don’t ever believe in your “name” God/dess — what I am saying is:  For this exercise, go up the food chain.

I cast the above spell back in 2013 — 7 years ago and the woman was successful — although it turned out differently than we all expected.  Sometimes I think Spirit just wants to keep us on our toes.  You cast the magick toward a base-line of what you want, and then like the top piece of velcro, it sometimes sits askew, ya know?  Out of it all she got a lucrative new job, a pension she didn’t expect, AND the opponent (and I am saying this nicely) lost his job and his reputation.

Just sayin’
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within!



Day 46 – Quarantine Magick! Breathing Divine Energy and Making a Sweet Spell Jar for Good Fortune and Success