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Samhain 2022 — What Magick to do? by Silver RavenWolf

Although many magickal folks celebrate Halloween (October 31st) as their time to embrace the holiday energies, Samhain (Summer’s End) occurs when the Sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio, which falls about a week after October 31st in our present-day calendar.  This unfoldment of seasonal power is on 7 November 2022, 5:45 AM EST/ 2:45 AM PST.  In these moments, it is believed that the veil between the worlds is the thinnest, allowing an easier transference of energy between the living and the dead.  Some practitioners use this time for activities of honoring and petitioning their beloved ancestors, embracing the powerful vibratory patterns of the heavens to aid in their requests.  You may find the following information helpful when planning this year’s magickal celebrations.  This is my interpretation.  Use what you need to assist you in planning your work this year.

Samhain 2022 occurs in the Hour of Mercury under a second quarter “Slow” Aries Moon right on the edge of a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on the following day (8th).  This Samhain will vibrate with amazing power, particularly since the Sun is involved with Mercury and Venus, creating a ball of energy filled with movement and attraction.  As a result, it may take days or weeks for your work to come to fruition; but with positive aspects (trine to Pluto and sextile to Jupiter) there is definitely an opportunity for success!  With the bucket formation of the planets, your work may revolve around a specific activity, and with Mars being at that handle point and retrograde topics of interest may include the revitalization of an old idea, talent, or path that you abandoned because you didn’t have enough time, etc. – a focus on powerful changes within may reap the most benefits.  To change the world – change yourself. This placement also encourages the care of self that includes the totality of mind, body, and soul — your support and revitalization.

Most of the planets on this day are in fixed signs, giving a “you break it you bought it” type of energy – wisdom in your choices rather than rash actions will get your further.  Water is the strongest element on this day, so embracing liquid movement, color, and types of magick (boiling water, ink scrying, cleansing sacred space, offering liquid libations to the spirits) may be enhanced.

Finally, the window of opportunity occurs in Lunar Mansion #3 – the cusp between Aries and Taurus, giving us the energy of both signs and the promise of success in our workings.  Art, creativity, business, abundance, prosperity, success, determination, finding lost objects, personal alchemy, and acquiring goods and services.  This mansion is entitled “The Swarm” and one is reminded not to indulge in too much of a good thing — and with all acts of magick, meditation, and intent — choose wisely with joy!

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9 thoughts on “Samhain 2022 — What Magick to do? by Silver RavenWolf

  1. Thank you Silver! Halloween is usually so busy that I don’t get to practice much. This is great information. 🎃❤️

  2. Silver, call yourself what you want but you are an Angel in my eyes. I am lifted up a little bit higher just running across any bits of wisdom you send out. Whatever it is, you always know. And I know you know. 😍

  3. Wishing you a most Blessed Samhain. I miss you lots and think of you often. With love and light – your “ghost lady”, BleuStar

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