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Day 32 – Happy New Year! GRP! Silver RavenWolf – Graduation!

Capricorn 4th Qtr Moon and Capricorn Sun! — New Moon tomorrow at 1:33 PM/EST 10:33 AM PST — I begin the New Year with stable energies, filled with wisdom, solid choices, and an enterprising spirit!

I had two main goals for the Great Release Program of 2021 — Clean Out the Bedroom Closet and make time to learn how to create my own Gif from my artwork. I failed miserably at the first goal. I succeeded with the second! Every time I would head toward that closet — something interfered. Whether it was helping family members, my daily work, scheduling conflicts, or I was just too darned tired — stuff began to crawl outta that closet.

For real.

Yule stuff. Clothing stuff. Covid-panic-stuff.

And more stuff.

Light stuff. Heavy stuff. Bright stuff. Old stuff.


At least it didn’t smell. Well. I don’t think so.

The point of the program, however, is not to beat yourself up over what you didn’t get done; but, to celebrate all that you managed to accomplish, particularly at the end of a difficult year! Each cleansing activity you completed? Cleared the way, bits at a time, for your personal goals to blossom. Small steps lead to big accomplishments!

The purpose of the program is also to help you take a hard look at the underlying reasons that you may (or may not) deal with different tasks that affect your environment (which in turn, embraces you). For me? As to the offending closet. It is a time value thing. Meaning, I only store stuff in there so the bulging contents don’t affect my daily movement, isn’t (at least I don’t think so) a health hazard, and no one sees it. Well, they do now because objects are meandering out of it. Point being — I don’t want to spend the time to clear it. Yet, I know it has to be done.

So. I guess I will go do it. Right now.


Wait. I have to make the New Year’s Meal.

And then do laundry.

Pack orders.

Clean the rat cage.

Let me just pull out my calendar! Hmmm, Mercury is retro four times in 2022! Oh geeze. Maybe I’ll do it during the first one — January 14 to February 3. Yeah. On it. Then.

In the meantime, I’ll sing to it. Or hum. Whistle?

Happy New Year!
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within!

Big Hugs!


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

20 thoughts on “Day 32 – Happy New Year! GRP! Silver RavenWolf – Graduation!

  1. I do relate! I love the Gif! I didn’t get to my guest room closet either. The guests who were supposed to visit ended up not being able to come this year, soooo, everything else called me. I’ll get there – when the time is right (hopefully not 2 days before they plan on arriving in the future)!
    Have a happy and prosperous New Year and thanks again for all of your help and support!

  2. Greetings all! I had to do major cleaning, sorting, re-homing and discarding during this time frame. Every closet, bureau, desk, magical supply, everything. It was really nice to have an encouraging post to back me up while doing it! In the process there has been plenty of heart-mind-soul cleaning as well. Not always comfortable. But now there’s room, both in and out, for new projects and plans. This is very good!

  3. This is life 🙂 ever flowing …if all the work has been done the life would be done…there is always lots to do ❤ Happy New Year 🙂 my year number became 3 oh, yes! 1 is my happy number …the true strength is in the smile no matter what !

  4. 🙂 I wanted to share one more thing ❤ My drawing of Blitzy Bird with the Sun and my Goal is shining, the yellow colour reflects the Light and it is so magickal 🙂 Flying with Blitzy Birds is a wonderful feeling ….May all Your Dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I relate to every single word! I have been releasing things, particularly in overcrowded bins, boxes, and drawers – some things to friends, some things into a box to donate to the local SPCA thrift shop, and some things into the garbage.

    My epiphany during this releasing phase, aside from my “just stuff it into the closet because I’m too busy to deal with it right now” moments, is that my hoarding and stashing is due to underlying fears:

    1) If I let go of something, I may need it and won’t have it, and worse yet, I may not have the means to replace it. (Fear of poverty base.)

    2) If I let go of something sentimental, I am letting go of the memory attached to it, and without that reminder, I might forget the memory entirely. (Fear of… aging brain? Memory loss? Or of never feeling that way or seeing that person again? Dread? I have a harder time articulating this one, but I understand it in my own head.)

    Bottom line… I have to confront those fears when I’m holding an item I don’t need or want, and am feeling an emotional pull to cling to it. I need to feel the cling and release it anyway.

    Thank you for this series of exercises, Silver! Happy New Year!

  6. I’am happy you also didn’t do everything you wanted to do. My goal was to clean and paint my kitchen. didn’t do it. I know the feeling there are so many other, more important, things. For me: my animals. In december it was my 10 year old rabbit. He was not so good, getting better, but now he is going to die. I always try to guide my animals to the next world. Sometimes I see that they are in that world and feel only very much love. I’am gracefull I can do this.

  7. 100% in your corner. Lol! 2 boxes of stuff that I’m half refusing to clean out. Craft stuff everywhere from Yule fun night. Dresser top is a total wreck. Fibro got in the way…thanks weather! *grumble grumble grumble* Need one of those bags that Mary Poppins carries. Just shove it all in there! 😂

  8. Happy New Year! So it was a short program for me as I joined late. I did manage to do some cleaning. A small goal was met. Question regarding mercury retrograde, is it a good time for release? I do want to complete the exercise this year! Hugs!

  9. Happy New Year Silver! Thank you again so much for this Great Release Program! I did get busy with work so I did bare minimum a few days but new that going in Dec is a busy month with work, so I’m am excited to start all over again from the beginning! p.s. there are parts of my house that have never been so clean because of this program! thank you! 🙂

  10. My original goal was to get daughter moved to Virginia so she could start her job (dream job) I wasn’t going to move till March. But stuff happened and by new years she and I were in Virginia. So original goal was achieved. But I also wanted to sort through all the boxes from my 10×10 shed. Sadly I only got through maybe 6. It’s all in one unit in Florida. I did empty said unit so my friend could have it ( it’s on his property) so there is that. I head down to Florida for the holiday weekend to attend a convention (we have VIP tickets). We’ll bring a carload of important stuff (computer, clothes, small appliances). We’ve made plans to do another truckload memorial day weekend. Still won’t have everything in one place yet but it is progress! Thanks again for the program, hope to do it again next time.

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