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Day 7 – Tuesday – 2021 Great Release Program – Silver RavenWolf – #greatreleaseprogram

1st Qtr Aquarius Moon – I embrace imagination! I am inventive!
Sagittarius Sun — I Achieve!

Today’s Challenge! BREAK DAY! On break day you can do nothing…or…you can do your favorite things…or… you can earn 10 stars and be Inventive….or….you can do your favorite things and be inventive at the same time!!! Be sure to post your super inventiveness — yup, brag, brag, brag — today is the day to do it!

About this time in the program you may find yourself inundated — more stuff came into your environment than you’ve gotten rid of and you might be a bit panicky. That’s okay. Sometimes you bring the objects or energies in, and other times it is someone else in the household who delightfully graces the space with tons of stuff. Like your partner decided life was a little boring and so they brought in a room full of hobby equipment. And now it is crawling on its own across your bedroom floor, into the hall, and lapping on the edges of the kitchen. No worries. This is actually normal. Many times, circumstances appear to get worse instead of better; but, really this is a signal from the universe that things are moving and you have to keep up your end of the bargain (continued development toward your goals). The world around you senses the change, dissolving blocks, and clearing the way. Change is good. You can do this.


Practice the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.
2. Tomorrow – the second week begins. Finalize your choice on the next mini-goal. You have one week to complete that goal.
3. Are you still good with your main goal? Do you need to adjust anything?
4. Practice the Rattle Bath – 10 Gold stars — Doesn’t take long and you’ll feel great!
5. Today’s Challenge: Break Day! If you are inventive today — you earn 10 gold stars!
6. Do One Three-Minute Dash! — 3 Stars
7. Don’t forget your nightly buzz-through! – 4 Gold Stars
8. Most important! Throw or give one thing away.

Just as a reminder, if you have already done the challenges listed earlier in the month, or last week, that’s fine. Be inventive. Choose something else!

Remember, you receive an extra 10 PURPLE stars if you post below. Purple stars are equal to your BEST most favorite thing EVER. Just sayin’…ya may wanna post, right?

Until Tomorrow!
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within!

So be it!
Big Hugs


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

22 thoughts on “Day 7 – Tuesday – 2021 Great Release Program – Silver RavenWolf – #greatreleaseprogram

  1. I have been having trouble with the color of your print on the daily releases. I have checked my equipment and it isn’t coming from here. Could you please check at your end so the print will be sent in black and not light grey? I can hardly read it. Love that you are doing this again this year. I enjoy this program very much. Blessings

  2. Being inventive… I’m working at home now. Maybe I’ll actually organize my work day! Sometimes working at home there are too many distractions. I can concentrate on setting up a better routine! Clean the clutter from my brain!!!

  3. So Inventiveness abounded today! We are having a level RED storm here in Ireland, so of course the greenhouse window blew off (but didn’t break! YEAH!) so that set into motion the repair of the two windows (the other one was already broken/the frame had twisted off around it). Between me and my two sons we managed to reattached, and lock down the windows for winter. We didn’t even know we could do this! So happy! Happy Inventiveness Day!! Thank you ALWAYS Silver for your work on this program ❤ …

  4. Thank you I needed that pep talk this morning. I’m working on 3 very large boxes of clothes and the sorting has taken over the living room. Our move is only a couple of weeks away and I feel like I’ve got nothing done. But really 90% of everything is packed in our storage unit and my shed at a friend’s place. I’m giving him the shed once I get my stuff out. His daughter-in-law inherited a bunch of stuff from her mom and they are in need of a place to store it. I’ll be working on stuff today maybe even find that living room again!

      1. Yes we did! Got everything from one storage unit to another. Everything is either with us in Virginia or in our storage unit in Florida.
        So much stuff I need for Virginia is still in Florida😔. Making do with what I have… as for today I’m working on some spells from your Solitary Witch. Banishing negativity, and some protection. Then there’s general housekeeping (always needing to be done). Thank you for all you do for us.

  5. I worked from home. Did the Laundry. My Husband Vakuum cleaned and swished the floor. I am so thankful he did. Then he fixed the tap. I made cabage-meat rolls.

  6. I made homemade bath bombs for the first time. Hopefully they will “fizz” when popped into bath. I used a muffin tin as a mold and the bottom of a little plastic scoop was just the right size to press the mix down evenly. Lavender and Jasmin scent and empowered with concept of “relax with zero stress”.

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