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Day 3 – Great Release Program – 3 December –Silver RavenWolf – #greatreleaseprogram

Sagittarius 4th Quarter Moon — I Celebrate!
Sagittarius Sun — Laughter Brings Pleasure in Life
Of Note:
Solar Eclipse 11:33 PM PST for West Coast – Solar Eclipse for East Coast is Saturday Morning 2:33 AM EST

Today’s Challenge! —

  1. A Rattle Bath – The Constellation of You
  2. A Spiritual Bath, Complete with your favorite aromas!
  3. The Three Minute Dash!

You’ll find instructions for all three challenges in the body of this blog. Ready! Set! Go!

Instructions for the Rattle Bath (first published in 2018 for this program). While practicing Yoga, I learned a Nidra that I incorporated into a rattle practice. Basically, you pass the rattle over various points of the body to clear away negativity and heighten healing, spiritual vibrations. The technique can use the standard seven chakras, as well as minor energy points – or, once you have practiced for a bit, you can add or take away whatever you feel is needed.

I have created a card for you to put on your altar that may be helpful as you incorporate the rattle bath into your daily routine. If you find intoning the sounds bothersome or irritating – you don’t need to do it. Just stick with the rattle, and you will be fine. Let’s do a walk-through with sound and rattle points.

Use this chart as a guideline. You can also recite the written charm before or after the rattle bath.


Begin by standing or sitting still, and taking five (5) deep, even breaths. Just relax in the moment. Let go of any fear or worries. Connect with the wave of love, joy, peace or all three!

Begin by slowly shaking the rattle over your Crown Chakra and intoning the sound “Om” in your Throat. If you can, visualize purple light (if this is too much, no worries). Incorporate one deep inhale, rest for a one-count, and exhale at each chakra point. Next, shake the rattle at your Third Eye (in between your eyebrows), visualize indigo light, and repeat the sound “Om. “ Remember one deep inhale, rest, and exhale. Shake the rattle at your Throat, imagine blue/turquoise and intone with the “Ham” sound. Inhale, rest, exhale. Move the rattle to the Heart Chakra. Visualize green light and repeat the sound “Yam” while shaking the rattle. Don’t forget the deep inhale, rest, and exhale before moving to the next segment.

We are now going to “light” up several energy points. As you shake the rattle over each point, visualize white light literally popping and sparkling over the area. Right shoulder, right elbow, right wrist, right palm, right fingers (one, two, three, four, five – one at a time). Continue back to palm, right wrist, right elbow, right shoulder, and heart chakra. Repeat the sound “Yam.” Inhale, rest, and exhale deeply.

Let’s move to the left. Shake the rattle over each point, again visualizing the light popping over each point mentioned. Left shoulder, left elbow, left wrist, left palm, left fingers (one, two, three, four, five – one at a time). Continue back to palm, left wrist, left elbow, left shoulder, and heart chakra. Repeat the sound “Yam.” Inhale, rest, and exhale deeply

Move the rattle to the Solar Plexus Chakra, intoning the sound “Ram” and visualizing yellow light. Remember the deep inhale, rest, exhale breath. Next, shake the rattle over the Sacral chakra, intoning the sound, “Vam.” Visualize an orange glow. Inhale, rest, and exhale deeply. Move the rattle to the Root Chakra, chanting the sound “Lam” and visualizing a red light.

Again, we are going to “light” up several energy points. As you shake the rattle over each point, visualize while light popping and sparkling over the area. Move the rattle to the right hip, the right knee, the right ankle, the center of the right foot, the right toes (one, two, three, four, five – one at a time). Continue back to the middle of the foot, right ankle, right knee, right hip, and over the Root Chakra, intoning the sound“Lam,” inhaling, rest, and exhale deeply.

Move the rattle to the left hip, left knee, left ankle, left center foot, left toes (one, two, three, four, five – one at a time), back to the left-center foot, left ankle, left knee, left, hip, and pelvis (root chakra). Intone the sound “Lam”, inhaling, rest and exhale deeply.

Now it is time to “closeup” the cleansing work you have done. Work upwards with the rattle, centering on each chakra, remembering to breathe deeply at each energy point – Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. Hit the rattle on the ground or table 3 times to finish. This is the sealing “sound.”

In all honesty, this practice takes a lot longer to read than it does to do! The rattle bath is perfect for any time or for any purpose, even when you are feeling just a bit sluggish. I’ve incorporated this practice into the release program as a daily segment that can follow your Morning Ritual (see the introduction post).

We’ve had remarkable results using the rattle bath here at the RavenWolf hearthstone.  Students and seminar attendees love the practice and have written to me later to tell me how wonderfully it has worked for them.  To heighten the experience you can add a spiritual aligning intro and/or a closure in the form of a chant or verbal charm.

We will be using the rattle bath every day as part of our opening sequence, or whenever you feel you need it.

Personal Spiritual Cleansing — Incorporates some “me time” in the bath or shower. Set two white candles outside the tub or shower stall that are lit; but, not near anything that will go up in flames! Make sure they are about four feet apart so that you can walk through them. I usually bless my candles before use. Add music, aromatic herbs, or perfumes to your plans — totally up to you. I make a bath hair and body tonic of rosemary and mint from my garden. I boil the herbs in a pot of water with lid and allow the mixture to cool before I remove the lid. Then, I strain the liquid and dispose of the herbs. The tonic removes negativity as well as heals the skin and scalp. We found it keeps down acne in some skin types, and gives your hair a healthy shine.

The purpose of this cleansing is to totally relax. Step through the lit candles as you enter the bath or shower, accepting the healing light of spirit. Embrace what gives you pleasure in life — say the things you like to eat aloud, what music you enjoy, what activities you love, what aromas that bring you bliss. Focusing on the delightful energies of life helps to dislodge the negative. Give the crap up. Let go. Rinse off. Use the tonic if you like, perhaps some salt water as well. Rinse again. Repeat a positive statement of your choice as you step out of the bath, through the candles, and into the rest of your life.

My Favorite!

The 3-Minute Dash is one of my absolute favorite segments of this program! I developed the idea many years ago when I was sitting in my husband’s manroomplace — and shuddering…at the dust…the piles of stuff…the collected bags of trash — the scum crawling across his television… He always put his trash in a bag — he just forgot to take it out. As I sat there thinking I could never, ever clean this place up, I thought…”hmm…what can I do in three minutes?”

And the Dash was born!

The 3-Minute Dash is fun. Everyone in the household can get into it — after all, it is just 3 lousy minutes, right? And you can turn it into a race and offer rewards for who gathers the most junk or competes (well) the most tasks. Like chocolate. A special movie. ALONE time. Whatever!

So! Today! Set your timer and see how much clutter you can pick up in 3 minutes!!!

As an Addendum — I am proud to announce that my husband cleaned up his mancaveroomplace during Covid — including washing the walls. Even the darkest cloud can have a bit of sparkly.

1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.
2. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar – earn one gold star.
3. For the first week, recite your main goal 9 times each day. – earn 1 gold star.
4. Break up this week’s mini-goal into manageable tasks. Do one thing toward this week’s goal — earn two gold stars.
5. Practice the Rattle Bath – 10 Gold stars
6. Do a Spiritual Cleansing — 10 Gold stars
7. Do one 3-Minute Dash — 5 Gold Stars
8. Most important! Throw one thing away. (No giveaway this week, we’ll do that next week. This week we toss, toss, toss).

The Solar Eclipse — Special — I’m offering a Solar Eclipse Bonfire Magickal Oil in my WhisperMagick store. I’ll be out in ritual circle blessing the oils during the eclipse — don’t worry, we’ll snap pics! Here is the listing and information you may find useful on this upcoming eclipse:  A New Chapter Awaits!  Personal Transformation – Personal Success. Limited Quantity – Will be created for you using the power of an outdoor bonfire during the solar eclipse on 4 December 2021.  Oil will be shipped between 6 and 10 December.  

Some feel that the solar eclipse energy flow carries the opportunity to launch a new chapter in your life, to help you move closer to your personal destiny.  Rise to the occasion with the words you whisper and the actions you take to embrace the future you desire.

Use for workings of self-transformation and goal-oriented success.  If you’ve been concentrating on positive personal change, the energy of this eclipse could be the delightful, yummy frosting on the recent choices you have made — depending upon your focus.  Perhaps you have been studying something new, dusted off an old talent, been preparing the way for a new career, home, or lifestyle — this eclipse puts the energy where YOU place it.

December’s Solar Eclipse is about personal passion and how we distribute that energy within our bodies and in the outer world.  Eloquence can permeate our work if we open the gate to acknowledging our talents.  This eclipse favors building, the care of animals, learning, and taking command of your personal household.  It is about change and the use of intelligent energy for the right purpose that benefits self and others – not self over others.

This Eclipse includes the fixed star Rastaban – one of the Dragon’s Eyes in the constellation Draco, and considered the third brightest star in that grouping.  The perception of detail and understanding obscure circumstances, finding lost objects, learning the intentions of others, hunting something prized, enhancement of artistic ability, blesssing one with a penetrating mind, and parting the veil of misconception all fall under the energy wave of this star (according to ancient lore).

To Watch Out For:  Don’t fool yourself.  Honesty with the self is necessary to reap the rewards of this eclipse.  Be sure to re-evaluate and adjust as you move forward.  A good cook always tastes the dish in progress.

If you are interested in pre-ordering this oil — visit

Until tomorrow!
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within!

Big Hugs

From Author, Silver RavenWolf


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

12 thoughts on “Day 3 – Great Release Program – 3 December –Silver RavenWolf – #greatreleaseprogram

  1. Dear Silver Thank You 🙂 ❤ I have lots to share with You and all that Are now into this programme. I also have some things to release and I am happy to work with You again ! Shining Smile 🙂 my drawer is cleaned now and I have more than 20 stars already WOW!!!

  2. Hi Silver I have incorporated the rattle bath everyday in addition to the morning ritual after i take a shower or bath. it’s like an extra zing to make me feel spiritually cleaner too. thx so much! 🙂

  3. Thank you for this program to get into the Best Power, mood, Best conditions in life. One of my goals is to get well organised and to have my house and rooms tidy. There are still a lot of clutter or stuff places. But I work on this. Daily. Currently I am selling my books, which I won’t read again. So I ask every day for divine help: “the right books I already have, just send me the Best buyers for it. Thank you!” The Money I earn from it, I collect to buy a New car.
    Let’s have so much fun with you Silver and this great community.

  4. I loved the ritual bath! Great time for review, shadow work and planning for a new future. One thing I discovered though; don’t put too much spearmint oil in your bath! Oh my! 😉

  5. Day 3 and it’s snowing! Daughter is zooming her 1st day. Can’t use your cleansing tonic I’m allergic to pine but I’ll find an alternative. My candles (and most of my Majik stuff) made it to the new place but the lighters are with the grill stuff and are in storage. Adding to the shopping list. This week’s goal is to clean and organize. Making progress (laundry done and half the dishes done). The place is getting there.

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