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Day 2 – Great Release Program by Silver RavenWolf – 2 December – #Great Release Program

2 December 2021 – Thursday
4th Qtr Scorpio Moon – Intense Release – Closure
Sun in Sagittarius — Dance of Delight

“We should make it hard! Dive right in! Go for the Gusto! Before they run for the hills and don’t come back!” shouted Blitzy Bird 1 at this morning’s meeting.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” exclaimed Blitzy Bird 2. “Let’s EASE them in,” she said, letting her wing glide like an airplane over the conference table. She dropped a feather. “We don’t want to scare them away. Humans are such jittery creatures. Let’s not spook them.”

“I think we should go for something everyone always overlooks,” said Blitzy Bird 3, picking a piece of breakfast birdseed out of her bill. She sucked her tongue around her beak, just to make sure the offensive bit was gone. “Every year we do a spiritual bath. We need to do something different. Um…like the kitchen silverware drawer.”

“I like the bath!” pouted Blitzy Bird 5. “It always brings such a lovely change. And the bubbles. And the pretty smells…and…”

“Where the heck is Blitzy Bird 4?” growled Blitzy Bird 6. “There’s a sale at Bird’s Are Us and I don’t want to miss it.”

Bird Vote? Unanimous in Blitzy Bird 4’s absence (Harold the Moose drove him to get the coffee). Today’s Challenge: The silverware drawer. Empty it out. Clean it. Remove anything that doesn’t belong…like that pea-green baby sock, the ball of string, and that…thing. What is that thing? Get rid of that, too.

1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.
2. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar – earn one gold star.
3. For the first week, recite your main goal 9 times each day. – earn 1 gold star.
4. Break up this week’s mini-goal into manageable tasks. Do one thing toward this week’s goal — earn two gold stars.
5. Clean out your silverware drawer. – 10 Gold stars
6. Most important! Throw one thing away. (No giveaway this week, we’ll do that next week. This week we toss, toss, toss).

Extra Credit! Light an empowered sea-blue candle and meditate on how you can incorporate an open mindset in your life.  Review various circumstances where you think this may be helpful.  Let negative memories flow away — release them with deep, even breaths.  Earn five gold stars!

Physically Challenged: Can’t lift, tug, lug, drag, etc.? No worries. Cut your fingernails. Put them in a bag of salt. Hold the bag and concentrate on deep breathing and the release of pain/fear/worry. When you are finished, thank Spirit for the sacred breath of your life. Scatter (if you can) the contents of the bag outside, saying: “I release. I am free.” as many times as it takes for you to feel calm and centered. Then, embrace the blessings of the universe. — Earn 10 stars!

Practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review – keep an eye on those messy areas of your living space.  This is where you quickly go through the entire living area and pick up all the clutter, wipe up the spills, and ensure all trash goes where it belongs. Don’t let it take you more than 5 minutes. Buzz means buzz!

Remember — if you can’t do anything from this post other than throw one thing out? You are successful today. All the rest is just glitter on the day.

With joy…

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within.
So be it.
Big Hugs! Silver!


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

12 thoughts on “Day 2 – Great Release Program by Silver RavenWolf – 2 December – #Great Release Program

  1. I love your art and reading about the morning meeting! I smiled all the way through it. Cutlery drawer all taken care of and I’ve made a start on the spare room. The meditation was fantastic. Turns out an open mindset will help with pretty much everything! I’ll definitely be keeping that idea with me. Thanks!

  2. Lovely how you create this program. I lighted up a sea-blue candle in my mind and did the meditation in a quick way.

  3. Every year I do this cleanse, I feel so good. This year, my life has changed a lot and my relationship with children and family has changed. So important to me to do this … this year! I need my stars!!!

  4. I have just read the articles of Day 1 and Day 2, I have been doing the mornig ritual since 2019-2020 and I got used doing it, smiling now and thankful to Your Magickal Relese programmes…so inspiring 🙂 Let`s go!!!! All my Love and Thank You 🙂

  5. I think I may have missed something. I am not familiar with the “rattle bath”, can you explain this to me? I love all your work! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Day 2 the silverware drawer was easy empty drawer so more like fill silverware drawer. Finding out I now have 4 sets of flatware plus my silver. Keep 2 and pack 2 for now and donate some in the future. Spending most of the next few days cooking the meats that thawed but were still cold.

  7. Day 2 unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to my drawer today. But I did throw out some stuff that I haven’t used in awhile. Back to work tomorrow and it’s not good.
    We just lost another great Supervisor and friend to Covid. So its going to be a hard week.
    Much love to you all and blessed be

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