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Awaken the Power Within You! by Silver RavenWolf

Ingredients for Universal Fluid Condenser – Instructions can be found in Silver’s Witching Hour book – Photo by Silver RavenWolf

What are you waiting for? Covid to be over forever? A Universal Winning Ticket? Someone to say they are sorry?

Yeah. Right. And bats perch on your windowsill at high noon.

Granted, sometimes you have to wait a bit for the right circumstances — like the violets to bloom so you can include them in your Universal Fluid Condenser — but, that’s a planning pause, and not a never-never-nothing-ever-it-won’t-happen clause permanently inserted into your life by the great expectations of inertia.

The violets will bloom. Maybe today, or tomorrow, or next week (because Mother Nature is like that); but, in the meantime, you can gather whatever supplies you need to make that condenser so that when those sweet flowers appear, you can gather what you need and move forward.

Yup. The violets will emerge from under the Grey Lady’s skirts. They will. Somewhere. Country. City. Today. Tomorrow. Next Monday. Mother Nature will choose.

Spring Violets – So Useful in Magick! Correspondences include Protection, Love, Healing, Peace of Mind, Luck, Wishes – Ruling Planet Venus; Element of Water

She chooses birth.

Do you?

Or, have you been lying stagnant, steeped in fear, inertia, or endless “I’ll do it tomorrow’s…”? Are there cobwebs in your brain clotted with the bloody fingernail tracks of fear that have sealed your internal “go” switch over the pandemic, gluing your mind to the off position? Cementing your body to the sofa?

Have you been snuggled into the passive state of dormant? Hand to forehead (at least mine is)– oh the pounds, the ounces, the chocolate, the buttery popcorn, the pasta…

or the inertia of anger? Phone calls not answered, e-mails ignored, your internet capabilities throttled — wowza! Resulting in stewing, fuming, and teeth grinding? None of which are helpful. All of which deplete your energy.

Time to shake that shit off!

Peppermint! Planetary Ruler -Mercury Element of Fire. Useful for Plant Spirit Communication, Restful Slumber, Money Magicks, Clearing the Mind, Cleansings, and Protection.

Kickstart Your Magickal Motor!

In January I decided I’d had enough of this scared-to-live nonsense and came up with several ideas to keep those brain cells chugging along toward success. As a result of these practices, I worked on enhancing my internet magickal shoppe ( Delightful ideas began to flow, and since January I’ve designed several new products. The development and research of each category kept me busy physically and mentally. This month’s (April) product line is themed Wizard of Dreams and includes tea candles, pillar candles, a magickal oil, votives, and herbal sachets.

visit to see the complete Dream Wizard line You may also like my Spiced Honey Attraction Line, which has turned into a super best seller!

But, that’s not all!

Putting the ideas I’ve listed below into practice I managed to keep my head above emotional waters and stay in a good place, learned new writing techniques, figured out how to make a magickal powerpoint presentation on honoring ghost soliders, took up watercolor painting, solved several software issues on my own, stitched several quilts, designed a new spirit doll (Wizard, lol) continued experimenting on mixing my own teas for personal health, stepped-up healing energy work, and so much more!

I hope you enjoy these ideas to help get you moving in the right magickal direction if you’ve been experiencing a recent slump:

  1. List 5 things you want to learn in the next 30 days — or, one big thing! Then, today, take one step toward that goal(s). Tomorrow, take another step, and keep doing one action per day until you gather the momentum you need.

2. Write down one problem you want to solve. Today, take one step toward solving that problem whether it be defining it so you can understand it, do research, make a purchase, join a group that carries the info you need, or sign up for a class. Tomorrow, take another step, and keep doing one action per day until you gather the momentum you need.

3. Take a Spirit Walk and collect items to refresh your altar or sacred space and welcome the rebirth of yourself. When on my walk, I like to leave an offering of wild animal food in gratitude for the physical items I collect as well as the visionary experience. I am always mindful of what birds/animals/insects I see. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, welcome what you observe that is awakening in the world around you. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, what is preparing to sleep under the Gray Lady’s skirts? Today I stumbled right into a wild goose, symbol of fearlessness, loyalty, and courage. I don’t know who was more surprised — the bird or me! I know the dog thought he was going to enjoy a fine snack. Not.

4. Write down something new that you have learned or experienced (that is positive in nature) in the past 30 days, how it helped you, and how you can further use this information/skill/knowledge.

5. Retrieving Lost Energy What task, idea, process do you need to complete that you “let go” of? Did you purchase an item, and then never got round to using it? Did you write down a recipe and then didn’t find the time to make it? These things are still spiritually attached to you — think of little waving tendrils seeking closure and just grasping at the air around you. This week complete one of those “lost” things. Finishing open projects brings your expended energy full-circle, closing the cycle, and gifting you with the positive vibration of success.

6. Try Something New! A food, a movie, music, or book from a genre that isn’t your norm, a tool that you’ve never picked up before, a place you have never been…and at the same time, turn off the news, put away the phone, get off the internet for at least one whole day, more if you can stand it. Breaking old patterns, refreshing your energy without interference, and relishing the new eliminates stress and brings delightful empowerment.

Today I harvested fresh peppermint and those pictured violet flowers, donned my trusty mask, plunked my husband in the car, and motored to the state store to pick up the Everclear to make this year’s Universal Fluid Condenser. The stars are good this weekend and I want to catch that powerful vibration of success!

Which of these ideas appeals to you? All? Only one or two? Leave a comment below if you are planning to incorporate some of these activities, or if you have a great motivational idea that you would like to share. Big hugs!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within

Visit Silver’s store at Silver is also on FB, Instagram, and Twitter. Directions on how to make your own Universal Fluid Condenser can be found in Silver’s Witching Hour book available in her store, or through your favorite book seller. Don’t want to make your own? Check out her store listing.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

26 thoughts on “Awaken the Power Within You! by Silver RavenWolf

  1. I loved the article, and you gave us some great things to do and reminders. We can get so busy in our daily tasks, of doing life, that we forget to stop and smell the violets. Blessings, Jamie Arias

  2. This is the kick in the pants that I needed. The point about the tendrils of forgotten projects really resonated. Thank you Silver!

  3. Thank you for this blog. Covid has not changed my live very much. I can do my work, buy food for me and my animals and that is about all I need. I have a big garden, so I can go outside in nature.But there are some things I want to do for a long time. Cleaning my workspace, and making quilts or dolls.I will start today. Have a good time.

  4. I decided to pull up my socks a few weeks ago. Gradually, (it hasn’t been easy) I have forced myself to work on all those things that have been delayed or forgotten about, and it is getting easier. Good to leave all those negative thoughts behind!

  5. Definitely needed! Ive gotten really lazy since the pandemic started! Time to turn it around 🙂

  6. Great useful article! I’ve been busy, but there is an unseen covering on most of my joy. I am joyful, but not like before COVID. I guess this is my new normal.Thank you!

  7. am always so appreciative of your positive approach and energy to go forth and live! Of the suggestions for getting energy flowing, I was particularly attracted to the “lost energy” idea. I have a running list of “loose ends” in the back of my head… same idea, different words. You are right, these things take up mental bandwidth. I’ve been picking away at these things, and each time I finish one, it relieves stress. I’m going to try all your suggestions, but locating the “lost energy” things are a priority.
    Lovely blog! Thank you!

  8. Great article! Yes, those tendrils of things not done. And the paralysis that fear creates. Between pandemic and cancer treatment I’ve sunk back into agoraphobia and general anxiety, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Mostly was just thrilled to see a post from you. Time to get up and moving again. Thanks.

  9. I love reading your posts. The forgotten tasks take up so much mental space, I keep kicking myself for not completing things but feel too bleh to do them. But you are right…one step and one thing at a time. Blessings!

  10. I am so excited to read from You dear Silver and to visit Your blog again this year. I was walking in the park about a month ago and the wild violets were blooming…I picked some blossoms and leaves….wild violets leaves keep from all evil, remembered Your fluid condenser then when I got home, chopped the blossoms and the leves and added alcohol and left to stay for 4 weeks, now I have a wild violet fluid condenser for Protection and motivation ❤ Blessed Be and Thank you I Love You 🙂

  11. I love this article! Earlier I was reporting and planting a piece of peppermint I had sprouted in a glass of water. I also had collected some seeds to start as seedlings to plant next Spring. I had almost forgotten I had wanted to start my garden from my own seedling next year. Thank you for reminding me I have to keep my plans in sections because Mother Nature also take her time.
    Time to go out and find that frog figurine for my spell of prosperity this month!
    Thank you, Silver!

  12. Valarie Crockett Coven of the Chesapeake Erne, Clan of the Silver Jaguar, Clan of BFC says:

    Thank you for these lovely suggestions. I plan to do them all. One of the things that I have learned is listen to every suggestion cause until you try it you don’t know if it works or not. I have been tapping. Anyone that hasn’t tried it please be gentle on yourself and try it. I have had less pain then I have in years. I took my first two Tylenol’s yesterday from working all day in the front yard in 4 months. I haven’t worn my hand braces in over 4 months I had used then for 3 years not now. I will be taking my young Girl Scouts camping in the tree houses May 7,8,9, 2021 in Fruitland Maryland. I can actually do that now which is great. We are going to learn how to survive outdoors. They will learn to cook on coals. Out of the 6 girls only two of them have been camping before with me. That was 2 years ago. I’ll do my spirit walk then. I have had more energy this year then in a long time. I haven’t stayed home I go out and about. No I have haven’t had the vaccine yet. I wish to wait for a bit. I appreciate all you do for all of your family you are such a caring person and I love reading your posts when I can find them. I have been cleaning closets and doors and drawers over the shut down. Not gained any weight. I just keep busy there is more then enough to do here. I told my sister I can’t wait for the wood stove to be off for the year and open this house up let mother earths breezes blow through. I have a lot planned outside to do. I cleaned my garage yesterday. I hadn’t been cleaned since July of 2019. Love and Light all. Keep up the great work Lady Silver

  13. Silver, you are my Muse, you are my go to when I need realignment, you are my spiritual Sister. You do so much for others in a world of too much! People need your guidance and light. Sweetest blessings to you and yours for just being you. Thank you❤️

  14. Thank you goddess! These tips are very early to do my activities and enjoy them; I will be able to get rid of the emotional heaviness that stops me by applying two or three of these tips. I promise you and I promise myself to do this week. The gods with you 🙋🏻‍♀️😘
    Janne – Morrigan Wicca. Cd de México.
    ¡Gracias diosa! Estos consejos están muy en tiempo para hacer mis actividades y disfrutarlas; Voy a poder lograr quitarme la pesadez emocional que me detiene aplicando dos o tres de estos consejos. Te lo prometo y me lo prometo para hacer en esta semana. Los dioses contigo 🙋🏻‍♀️😘
    Janne – Morrigan Wicca, desde Cd de México.

  15. 2 days ago I took a walk along our crick (creek for those who don’t speak “country”), and ended up at the Rezzie (our town reservoir). Had to get out of the house, and Alan pushed me out with both hands. Lol! At the Rezzie, I watched a baby squirrel gnaw on some bark while its mama came skittering down the trunk, other baby in tow, yelling at me b/c she thought I was gonna hurt her wee one. I chatted with the mama while her other baby circled its sibling, wondering just HOW it could steal the piece of bark for itself. Lol! Mama was so focused on me that she didn’t realize that her babies were going to start grappling for one piece of food, with the whole tree up for grabs. Lmao! But the sibling thought twice about it and just circled and circled. I desperately needed that laugh. Alan and I continued on to my favorite spot, a secluded “nest” that overlooks the whole Rezzie. My own personal public sanctuary where I can block out everything, including the critters running around in the trees above me. Dang squirrels! Lol! The energy felt off so, me being me, I knelt down and placed my hands flat on the 2 dirt spots that didn’t make any sense being there in the field of grass. I centered myself and melded with the vibrations in the ground, pushing my energy into it and clearing out whatever was making the tree encircled clearing feel stagnant. I heard a rustling around me, looked up, and 2 squirrels were chasing each other through the treetops. Like I said, dang squirrels. Lmao! I went back to what I was doing, and spit upon the ground, then placed my hand overtop of the spit and bound myself and the sacred spot together. Alan paid me no mind, thank the gods, but even he felt that the energy was cleaner and lighter as we left.
    Yesterday, he dragged me to Lowe’s to buy 4 heather plants to border our sidewalk that leads to the main sidewalk along the street. That man NEVER wants to buy plants! Lol! He protested digging holes for all the shrubs that I’ve bought over the years. BUT, while there, he also got to enjoy sniffing the barrel planters that once housed Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Yes, Lowe’s carries JD barrel planters, and they STILL smell like whiskey. One sniff and WOOO, contact drunk achieved! Lmao! He even adamantly stated last night that he was going outside to build a fire, whether I joined him or not. So Aaron went out and joined him while I caught up on a tv show in peace. Today we plant the heathers.
    It felt good to get out and about, around people and critters, after a whole year of COVID’s madness dragging everyone down into the dumps. I just wish that people would realize that one year of insanity shouldn’t erase their social activities and ability to interact with others the way they would have if COVID never would’ve happened. I miss the banter between people in stores while they’re shopping. It’s too damn quiet and it’s unsettling. Hopefully they’ll read your blog and get inspired to be social, even if it’s only with the plants or critters in their backyard. ❤️

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