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Day 70 – Magickal Herbal Waters

day691Magickal Herbal Waters are simple to make and easy to use.  They are powerful vehicles for transporting the energy essence of any plant, and are very inexpensive to make.  Water.  Plant.  That’s it.  If you want to add magickal timing — all the better!  Your combinations are only limited by your knowledge!  You can create your own recipes/formulas for use on the body, asperging a room, or imbuing in cloth or pieces of clothing.  

Plants are living creatures that deserve our respect and our honor.  The more you work with them, the more expansive your world becomes — physically and spiritually.  In my experience, plants adore music and melodious sound.  Singing or chanting enhances their energy — giving you an overall better formula than if you just cut them, threw them in a bowl, and poured water over them.

Family Good Luck and Harmony Water

This water can be used to pour over the body, sprinkle to cleanse a room, or painted on doorways and windows.  You can also soak conjure bags and pieces of cloth in the water to give a working more power.  Let them dry in the sun for added positive energy.

You will need:

1 bowl or jar of spring water
2 strawberries – (Venus, Water, Luck)
2 pieces of pineapple – (Sun, Fire, Luck)
2 marigolds – (Sun, Fire, Luck, Protection)
2 sprigs of self-heal (Venus, Water, Cleansing)
1 empty jar
1 tightly woven sieve
1 wooden spoon (metal is not advised)

Place herbs, flowers, and fruits in the bowl of spring or well water.  Stir with a wooden spoon to lightly crush all items.  Sing, whisper, or chant your purpose to the herbs as you swish the contents around with the spoon.  You can stir clockwise and then counterclockwise — or the opposite.  Side-to-side is not recommended as the action is jerky and not smoothe.  Allow the container to sit undisturbed for 24 hours.  Slowly pour the liquid through a tightly woven strainer.  Discard sediment.  Sing to the liquid again, repeating your intent.  Allow water to sit for another 24 hours.  Pour only the top half of the contents of the bowl in the jar, making sure that any remaining sediment stays at the bottom of the bowl.  The water from the top half of the bowl is the water you will use for magickal purposes.  Pour the remaining water from the bottom half of the bowl outside — giving back to the earth.  The concept is that:  Whatever you make, you split in half with Mother Nature, returning the herbs with your song back to “her”.  You have activated:  “Within and Without”.  Use water immediately if you can; or, store for a few hours in a cool place.

Your Challenge Today:  Make Your Own Magickal Water and use it for whatever purpose you desire.

Big hugs!
Peace with the Gods!
Peace with Nature!
Peace Within!






Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

7 thoughts on “Day 70 – Magickal Herbal Waters

  1. Thank you very much 🐺 ❤️ I shall try to get time to do this today. There are also lots of phishing emails coming to WordPress’s member’s inbox, Take care! Be careful, keep an eye of your bank, there is something wrong about my bank -account also! This is not a joke!

  2. I should make Alan add it to his bath water. The bad luck that he’s been having…good gawd!!! Car needing fixed, dropped his phone and cracked the screen, broke the hose and we have no idea how…*facepalm*

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