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Day 68 – The Best Sort of Magick

I’m going through the comments on the blog and I run across one that says, “you lost your edge.  You are nothing more than a muppet” (or something along that line).

Quite frankly, I think I’m in good company.  Muppets make me smile.  And smiling is the best sort of magick, don’t you agree?

Your Challenge Today:  Smile

Big Hugs
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within!

The Lovers
The Dreamers
And me.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

24 thoughts on “Day 68 – The Best Sort of Magick

  1. Who the… Oh hell no! Lost your edge? I think your edges have gotten sharper over the last few years. Lol! I don’t know what they’ve been reading, but it ain’t your blog and it sure ain’t your books. Lol! Lost your edge…Pfft!

  2. I love this post. As a long time follower I think the way you alchemized the energy of that comment into a response filled with happiness and innocence to me, my dear, is A most masterful magic 🙂 Thank you for the muppet video, I am a Kermie fan!

  3. Silver, there’s something I’ve had to consider while seeking. Who’s got the magic and who doesn’t? As far as I can tell we’ve all got magic. The sad truth is most people don’t use it worth a damn. Magic is either ignored completely or this wonderful spark is taken and squandered. It’s used to build walls, shelter low self-esteem with vitriol, or amass mysteries that puff a person up. That isn’t power. That isn’t balance. That’s not “the edge.” It’s certainly not what the Goddess and God want for their children.

    I want to stand by a witch that strives to make that spark of the divine mean something. I want to see magic made good in this world.

    We’re 68 days into this release program. Everyday I can come here and find a positive message. It lifts my spirit and I can see how it has lifted others! You should be proud. Are the Edge-Lord Dark Wizards of the world doing anything to improve it? No, they’re not. Keep your chin up and charge ahead like the Goddess we’re all meant to be.

  4. Love this song, love the muppets! Once dated a guy whose whole family identified with the Muppet Show (father’s name is Kermit). And NO you have not lost your edge ! Keep it up! We love you!

  5. i love reading your blogs. i always learn from you. you have not lost your edge. i love muppets too. keep up the good work. Don’t listen to the Troll .

  6. You’re such an amazing spirit Silver! So grateful for your leadership bringing positivity and knowledge to the community with warm generosity, and with a very sharp mind and wit. That there comment is lacking in all sorts of comprehension. So little mind light.

  7. lost edge, never !! I have been inspired and helped by your work for the last ten years. Love your blogs, artwork and books, a huge thank you !! Just wanted to write for yesterday’s challenge ‘Acknowledge the power of One’ The Isha Upanishad came into mind: ‘That is full, this is full. From the fullness comes this fullness. If you take away this fullness from that fullness, only the fullness remains.’

  8. Muppets are great! A bundle of human features, lights and shadows , they play on the stage just like us humans play on the stage called Life. They amuse us and while we are smiling and laughing we heal our shadows and got inspired by all the colours of Life. We think we are real, yes we are and yet this 3d reality is just a stage, a theatre where we are the puppets taking different parts : girls, boys, lovers, dreamers , princesses, beggers, rich ones , presidents, slaves, scientists, travelers, settlers, red skinned, black skinned, white skinned…till we are called backstage for refreshing and taking another part…it all repeats till we finally wake up to realize that there is only ONE thing constant … Presence, limitless and eternal and here we take the next step higher on the spiral towards Home..this journey seems endless but when we look back we see the enormous distance we have travelled and how difficult it was…but we learned a lot , we grew up and we are grateful for each step …and still there are amazing things that await us there forward…unknown and more and more exciting …the journey takes new colours each time. At this point of my personal journey I use this opportunity given to me to express my Love and Thanks to You Silver RvenWolf and to tell You how happy I am to walk this part of my Spirit journey together with You 🙂 ❤ Blessed Be

  9. Oh, I also love The Muppets 🐸 (Kermit and others) they could have shown reruns of those hilarious Muppet Shows, while it was a quarantine 👍 So that instead of staying on social media, people could have watched something funny. Thank you 🐺 ❤️ It was very hilarious! 😂 You are always full of ideas!

  10. I love you Silver! Your words have pulled me through many hard times in my life- both in your books and on your blog. You opened a new path for me- one full of adventure and hope, and you’ve been there to guide me along that path. Now my children get the same joy and comfort from your books. You haven’t lost your edge and you never will ❤

  11. I don’t know who would be so brash as to say something like that! You are as sharp as occam’s razor to me! I adore Kermit and all the Muppets. Thank you so much for posting! ❤

  12. From a witchy sister in Texas….Smile, smile, smile 😎
    Don’t forget that rattle bath either, “Shake it off, shake, shake it off” 😉💜

  13. Smiling and laughter are awesome magick. A friend of mine, a nurse told me that when smile, endorphins, feel good hormones, go to your brain, and helps you feel better. I’m living in Raleigh NC, mostly taking the bus before COVID. I was downtown waiting for a bus. I smiled and greeted people with a smile and a good morning as they walked by. One woman said to me that smile and greeting turned her day around. Awesome magick…

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