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Gratitude Bundle– Time to Change Your Energy

One of my circle sisters was trained by a Peruvian Shaman.  The other evening, she talked about making a gratitude bundle.  I searched the net to show you this type of magick.  Actions and ceremonies of gratitude are world wide.  After watching this clip, what type of gratitude bundle will you make?

Big hugs

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within



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14 thoughts on “Gratitude Bundle– Time to Change Your Energy

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this Depacho Ceremony with us 🐺 👍 I saved the link (watched it twice) and shall watch it over and over again. You have so much knowledge and wisdom to share ❤️ Thank you always for your articles, Blessed be!

  2. Thank you for the insights. After viewing this ceremony, I will design a packet to remove the heavy energies of doubt, fear, confusion, indecision, and any unknown illness that could be lurking within.
    I have been studying Ogham and today I pulled the Alder fid, which tells me I should embrace tranquil nurturance as my theme for the day, so I will put some Alder in my packet for sure!

  3. I thank You Silver for the loving care I felt streaming from your articles here , this love is addressed to each of us who finds herself or himself here and this is all for a reason. Nothing comes by chance. I am grateful that I walk this path of mine and I am here with you in Spirit! I am grateful that even now when fears often come and pains often grasps me and holds me I gathered strength and foud optimism and I still work my magick, I made a new fairy broom today, using the nettle stems from the nettle I grow on my balcony. There are many reasons for me to be grateful for ! Gratitude is the feeling that opens for each of us the Portal to the Divine Self, the connection with our Higher Self is through Gratitude and Joy that resides in the heart and is sent upwards to the crown chakra and then upwards to the point called BA , BA point is the point where the fingertips of your raised hands touch, this is the Gate to Your Celestial Soul as Tom Kenyon and Hathors who he channels teach. Tom Kenyon is an amazing Teacher and Shaman and Healer and Sound Master …a great magician of Cosmic measures! This just works ! Send a feeling of Gratitude and Joy into Your BA point on regular basis and You will feel the difference, the elevation and Spiritual Growth, I do this daily in the evening before bed, I charge water and make a Medicine of Light, this is highly beneficial in each sphere of the personal Life and health. You can find his site and search for the message about the Medicine of Light. I make it this way, I pour drinking water in a clean glass and take the glass between my palms, I generate a feeling of gratitude into my heart and I may add some feeling of Joy to boost the energy, when I am ready I send this feeling through my heart to my BA point, and wait…visions come, feeling of Light in my heart, angels, rays, unicorns, they all come from above into my heart. Then I send this energy from my heart into my shouders,arms, palms and through my palms holding the glass into the water, I do this transmissio 3 times and then my water is ready, this is the medicine of Light, I drink it and then I do my evening prayer/ Silver RavenWolf taught me this : the greeting of Goddess and God gesture and then my personal greeting gestture invoking AA Michael`s sword of Light, then in a prayer I mention all my loved ones and their families and all my Spirit Sisters and their families, I thank the Goddess and the God and the Spirit and go to bed/ ❤ Love and Light! Blessed Be!

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