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Day 57 – What Magick is This? Spell from the Cupboard!

Spell from the Cupboard by Silver RavenWolf

Molasses (which is boiled sugar cane, grapes, or sugar beets) — attraction, love, attracting earth spirits, material object prosperity
Brown Sugar –– white sugar blended with molasses — white sugar is used for attraction, love and to invite “good spirits” into a cleansed area and is thought to help dispel the power of dark spirits (Cunningham).  Beryl has a different take — exploring the mysteries.
Egg — birthing as well as cleansing
Flour — depends on what kind you use — wheat flour — wheat is used in many spells to attract money, good fortune and abundance into the home — it is also used to “keep food” coming into the home.  Beryl indicates wheat has been used for centuries by many cultures as a religious herb, promoting good fortune and blessings from the earth goddesses.  Rice flour is also associated with fertility, protection, bringing rain and drawing money to you (Cunningham) and is used as an offering to the Gods and is used in ritual circle to help facilitate the group mind (Beryl).  Rye Flour, according to Cunningham, is primarily used for fidelity and love.
Vanilla — love, lust and mental powers (Cunningham)
Salt — Cleansing
Baking Soda — Bicarbonate Soda – is a chemical compound salt that neutralizes acids and breaks down proteins.   Baking Soda can reduce acidity — and a pinch can be added to coffee or spaghetti sauce.  Beans are soaked in water with a touch of baking soda to reduce gas.  Baking soda is also used in toothpaste (because it is a mild abrasive tooth cleaner, fire extinguishers (not for grease fires), and food preparation baking.  When baking soda is heated is releases bubbles of carbon dioxide, which causes the batter to rise.  Baking soda can be used around the foundation of a home to keep ants out, because it irritates their outer covering — and as a meat tenderizer.  With that information — tell me how you would use baking soda as a MAGICKAL ingredient in spellwork.

If we were going to do a spell with these ingredients — what do you think this overall combination would support?  Fertility?  Money?  The abundance of food in the home?  Love?  Passion?

In the mundane world — the combination of Molasses, Brown Sugar, an Egg, Flour, Baking Soda, and a touch of vanilla if you are so apt — is the famous Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly Pie.


To add some fun research from  As the very earliest settlers came to North America by boat, they brought with them the staples of their diet – long-lasting nonperishable that would survive a long boat trip. These staples were flour, brown sugar, molasses, lard, salt, and spices. Arriving in the new land during late fall, they had to live pretty much on what they had brought with them until the next growing season. The women, being master of the art of “making do,” concocted a pie from the limited selection that could be found in the larder. This resourcefulness led to the creation of shoofly pie.

Today’s Challenge:  You have no “special” magickal supplies — only those items in your cupboard.  Do a working that involves physical items from your kitchen cupboard Without going to a specialty store, and by only looking within your own home or apartment, what items would you pick — and why?  You can choose any topic! Feel free to share our ideas or tell us the working you completed!  We’d love to hear!

Herbal References:

(1) My old brain
(2) Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs by Scott Cunningham; published by Llewellyn World Wide
(3) A Compendium of Herbal Mgick by Paul Beyerl; published by Phoenix Publishing

Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods!
Peace with Nature!
Peace Within!




Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

20 thoughts on “Day 57 – What Magick is This? Spell from the Cupboard!

  1. That’s probably how we ended up with the majority of the PA German food recipes that we know and love. Lol!

    There wasn’t a dang thing that couldn’t be remedied with a little improvising. Don’t have a hammer? Use a shoe heel. Don’t have a net for fishing? Grab some stockings. Don’t have a spare wheel for the cart? You have 2 legs, don’t be lazy. Lmao!

      1. Yes! Lol! My dad used a rock, ONCE, to hammer in a nail. Hit his thumb, cussed a blue streak, and never did it again. He reserved the rocks for tent stakes after that. Lol!

  2. One of the things i really like about your work is that you cite your references.
    I’m going to try this 🙂

  3. I’ve always found the kitchen supplies VERY handy… 🙂 Apart from certain ingredients, of course also some herbs and spices, I also have an old mixer that I use for incense and powders and whatnot. I can’t get them fine enough, so the *final* is done in the witch’s mixer. 😀 Mind you I mix that kind of stuff in there ONLY. LOL

  4. 🙂
    Sweaping off the shadows spell
    Prepare a small cauldron WITH A COVER/STRONG COVER! A cauldron that will swallow all negativity, hexes, curses and all sort of bullshit in your life. Before doing this spell make sure your altar space is safe and fireproof, the stone altars are best for this spell, you can make the spell outdoors if you can. If your altar is wooden, then place a flat stone on it and put the cauldron on the stone. Make sure your cauldron is stable and ballanced on the stone.

    Decorate your altar and put the salt, the incense, the altar candle, the chalice with water.
    You will need:
    1 teaspoon of soda 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of red vinegar acid. A small amount of spring water to slightly cover the bottom of the cauldron, a small sheet of paper and a black pen or marker

    Draw a banishing sign on the inside bottom of the cauldron, use your index finger and send energy or use your atheme to draw the sigh/ a banishing pentagram or whatever sign for banishing that works for you/. Pour the spring water into the cauldron…a small amount to slightly cover the bottom and make it wet. Here you can evoke a Deity. The Celtic Goddess Cailleah is a Goddess of the End that keeps the cauldron of death and rebirth, She swallows the dead elements that have been lost their power and transmutes them and make then anew and reborn again. This Goddess can help You do this spell.Or You may call the Scandinavian Norns – the Tree Goddesses Sisters that weave the patterns of fate for the humans and gods. Hecata is another Powerful Goddess of Ends that is best to be called at Dark Moon. If You search for the help of Hecata,then you may set your altar in a corner or on a crossroad and do not forget to prepare a gift for the Deities whose help You call. At the end of your ritual leave gifts for them. Red wine is always a good gift. Also bread and cheese, eggs, sweets ..your intuition will lead you.

    Write the unwanted thing on the paper and put it in the cauldron.
    I banish you in the Past /…throw the soda into the cauldron over the paper/
    I banish you in the Present / ….throw the salt into the cauldron over the soda/
    I banish you in the Future / ….pour the vinegar into the cauldron over the soda and the salt/
    I banish you forever NOW! – close the COVER with a quick and firm motion

    and…YES! can you hear? the shadows and bullshit are destroyed in a loud and super powerful way, they are separated into pieces ad destroyed into the cauldron of destruction. Wait till the noise settles inside there into the cauldron.
    It is done!
    Thank the deities and leave gifts.
    Light a white candle dressed with honey to change the energy into a good and sweet one. Leave the candle burn safely by itself. Do not leave a burning candle unattended in nature! If you are outside, wait for the candle to burn out …while you are waiting you can have a snack and rejoice.

    The content of the cauldron is best to be poured into the toilet and washed away.
    Wash the cauldron, dry it and smudge it with sage or mugwort to purify it. Your cauldron is now clean and ready for its next task.
    Blessed Be!
    In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

      1. Look at the side note report below, dear Sharon! I have just tried it, the cauldron cover is not neccessary.

  5. Side note report about my spell I shared above:
    Energetically it works perfectly. I have just tried it technically and I must share that the show is much more exciting if you open the cover and let it bubble! The ingredients react better when in open air, so closing the cover is not necessary ! Just allow the air to charge the mixture in the cauldron and enjoy the sound and bubbles that destroy the negativity.

  6. So, I gathered my wood powder, potassium nitrate, water, and some essential anise oil. I combined everything into a dough and made some back flow incense cones. I then blessed and charged these cones to protect the peaceful happiness in my home and to increase my intuition! This was fun and I can’t wait until they’re dry enough to burn!

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