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Day 53 –Process the Changes

Greetings and Good Morning to you!

We are still under quarantine here in South Central Pennsylvania; but, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!  The Black Forest Clan’s Braucherei Guild spent the most amazing evening with researcher, author, and dynamic person — Patrick J. Donmoyer on Thursday!  If you love folk magick and you haven’t read his book — you really want to get yourself a copy.  Full color and packed with tons of great information, there is something here for everyone who enjoys the enchantments of our ancestors.  The proceeds of the sale go to the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center, order online from the publisher, Masthof so the Center can get the full amount, rather than take the discount hit of a 3rd party provider.


Patrick J. Donmoyer is delightful, engaging, and enthusiastic!  His incredible hard work shows in both his written work and speaking engagements.  We were extremely privileged to be able to meet with him through an internet platform!

Processing the Changes – Your Challenge Today!  Write down all the changes you have experienced and how your adjustments have actually enhanced your life.  Share with us!  One of the most impactful changes for me has been meeting and working with people on-line real-time.  I love it!

Big hugs!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within!






Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

7 thoughts on “Day 53 –Process the Changes

  1. A while ago, I had mentioned to someone that it felt like something was preparing us for this quarantine plague thing. She said she had noticed it,too. I think I caught the plague in early February, before many of us were even aware of it. It was an unpleasant thing but fortunately and oddly, no one else in the house caught it. I’m glad I had it before I knew what it was or it would have been very frightening.

  2. Oddly enough, I didn’t experience any changes, other than Alan being home for a few weeks. It was life as usual, except for social media driving me up a wall. Lol!

  3. The plague has put us in “no travel” mode, which you might think would be torture for the Merlier’s. Not! We have actually tried to be thoughtfully engaged with the situation.
    1. We understand that we are in one of the vulnerable age groups.
    2. We are grateful that we learned infectious disease precautions during our nursing careers.
    3. We are grateful for this time to sit back and study just what we need to do to stay healthy, get organized at home, and get better organized for when we may resume our Gypsy lifestyle.
    4. I’ve been privileged to spend more face-to-face online time with respected mentors such as yourself, Lady Silver, and my favorite Tarot instructor, Marcus Katz (Facebook Tarot Professionals), who has been provided an online Tarot lecture every day! Between the two of you, I have been learning so much that my brain is bursting with new knowledge and my heart is bursting with love and appreciation for both of you!
    5. Finally I’ve been reminded that my adjusting and healthy adaptation to any new situation is most important!

  4. I discovered that Taro and Oghams can work with me as the Runes do. I have been doing Runic divinations for almost 10 years and this year I discovered Taro and then Oghams. I have made myself my own and unique Ogham set. I was gifted Alder branches and the very gathering of these branches was unforgetable heart connection with Spirits of the Earth and Spirits of the Water. I am very happy that I can read from You Silver each day and I feel connected and inspired. I had some visions during our common work. I got healed and blessed and this makes me feel great! I have written some of the spells you share with us in my BOS. I have written and Blessed a Protection letter for myself and keep it with me. I also had a very powerful heart opening and connection with my grandfather who passed over 20 years ago…a warm feeling of home in my heart. My Spirit connected with my ancestors. I had a Powerful connection last evening in my circle connecting with Aratron, the Planetary Spirit of Saturn. I used your idea of the key and dressed a white candle with black cummin oil, dried basil and silver glitter, found an old key that my grandma once used and charged it. I asked that the Portal to my Soul Perfection be opened for me in a Peaceful and Happy way with harm to none.
    Silver, all of us are happy this time to share and connect from long distance. The magick is in our hearts and I feel it wraps the Earth and millions of sparks carry our heart desires …we are shaping our New Earth and the great sorting out is now happening, tribes are gathering…spirit tribes …no matter where we live and how far it is…it is a spiritual thing and it is vibrationsl thing, we are drawn together by our Light signatures and this is how we reckognise each other! I saw Your Light some years ago when I bought your book “‘ To Stir the magick cauldron”‘ This was my first Teacher of True Magick! I Love You Silver! Blessed Be

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