familyharmonyOver the last two weeks I’ve spoken to many individuals who say that the strain of staying indoors for weeks with family members/friends, roommates has become almost unbearable.  The disruption of the normal routine, of the freedom to come and go as you please, has had a serious effect on many people.

“When everyone got to fightin’, my grandma?  The week of the new moon?  She would take everybody’s measure with string — head to foot, then grab all the toothbrushes in the house, wrap them with those strings, (what a tangled mess that was), douse the whole mess in honey and then roll them brushes sugar!  At dawn, she’d march those brushes down to the garden and stick ’em in the dirt.  “I plant thee harmony — may you bloom and grow in love and happiness.  Family is forever!”  Then she’d stomp her foot, turn around on her heel and ask me what the hell I was lookin’ at.  My mother?  She used to get so mad because she’d have to go to Woolworths five n’ dime and buy everyone a new toothbrush out of her egg money!  But, ya know?  None of us ever got the thrush, and I think it was because my grandma stole them old dirty toothbrushes!”

Got a better idea?

Big Hugs

Day 38! Still hanging in there! Family Harmony Toothbrush Spell