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Day 32 – How to Cast a Tangle Spell – Quarantine Magick

In life, sometimes situations seem to be hopelessly tangled!  Or, we need to “trip something up” to stop circumstances from steamrolling us into the ground.  Tangle Charms are a simple, easy technique to master and great to use when you feel events are somehow out of control, or when you don’t have all the information to move in a definitive direction.

The Mind and the Emotions-– all tangled situations are birthed in the mind and fueled by the emotion.  Where one person may think a particular situation is horrendously stagnating, another may breeze right through the problem.  It all depends on your personal perception and your focus.  If you focus on the problem, it becomes more tangled.  If you allow your mind to view a bigger picture, or a more positive train of thought, or accept the belief that there are no dead ends and that change for the better is absolutely possible — the tangle begins to loosen, and finally unwind.  Conversely, if things are going too fast and furious — again, it is the mind coupled with the emotions that can put on the brakes or send you careening out of control.

Basic Steps — First, Acknowledge the field around you and the potential it carries.  You don’t have to go to the store to get supplies to fix this problem.  Everything you need is right at your fingertips — beginning with your mind and your emotions.  “The field of potential is all around me.  The field of potential is around me and within me.  I am the field of potential.  Only the good remains.”  By saying “I am the field” you have activated the power within you to solve any problem, situation, or crises and by repeating that only the good remains sets the stage for positive development. Likewise, you can say, “All energy is intelligent, and it is natural for me to command this energy to meet my needs.”

To untangle a problem, take a spirit walk through your living environment and find something that is tangled.  If there are a lot of things — what does that tell you?  As above, so below – as within, so without.  Even though the problem is about Ben and Jerry and the mess they have created in your life, you are not going to focus on them — you are going to focus on untangling something in your environment.  As you untangle what you’ve found (cords, jewelry, balled up underwear — or worse, a closet like mine) here is a chant you can use:

“Tangle, Tangle
Ease and Flow
Loosen Up
Let it Go!”

“Lagu, Lagu, Lagu
Rad, Rad, Rad
Lagu, Lagu, Lagu
Rad, Rad, Rad”

The last four lines represent the runes Lagu and Rad (Laguz/Radio).  Lagu is “to flow” and Rad is to “move on”.  You can periodically draw these runes in the air as you are chanting and working.  Or, you can use the chant like this:

“Tangle, Tangle ease and flow (blow the breath of Spirit)
Lagu, Lagu, Lagu (blow the breath of Spirit while making the rune sign in the air)
Loosen Up and Let it go (blow the breath of Spirit)
Rad, Rad, Rad.” (blow the breath of Spirit while making the rune sign in the air).

Seal the chant with the equal-armed cross in the air when you are finished.

Within 24 hours you will most likely see movement in the problem, even though you weren’t exactly focused on Ben and Jerry.  If things still appear hopelessly tangled after 3 days, not to worry.  THIS TIME go ahead and focus on Ben and Jerry.  Hold a picture of them, or see them in your mind, and repeat the given charm three times thrice a day, or nine times thrice a day for three days (small problem) for nine days (big problem).

Now, how about fear?  It is what keeps us from succeeding — those unnecessary, scary thoughts.  Here is the chant for that type of tangle:

“Tangle, Tangle bind and knot
Be still be still, Freeze the thought.
Break apart, banish fear
Winds of change bring power here.”

“Isa, Isa, Isa
Dag, Dag, Dag!”

This charm commands the fear to bind itself, be still and freeze, then disintegrate and move on to brighter thoughts.  You could add other runes if you like.

For Banishment of a person or problem — we do the reverse of the first chant this way:

First, we go through the living environment and we throw out anything that is broken, filthy, or problematic to our living experience.  We are concentrating on the “act of banishing”.  The chant is a bit more focused — here it is on a person; however the wording can be targeted on a problem — like fear, or a health issue, etc.  The idea is to knot and bind the problem, and then freeze his or her (or your – depending on the focus) thought process.  At the same time, if their feet are heading in your direction, they will constantly trip and become sidetracked.  Finally, you are using the tangle itself to banish that person from your life and cleanse him or her or it of their negativity.

“Tangle, Tangle
Knot and bind
Tighten up
Freeze your mind.
Trip your feet
and make you leave
drown you in the deep blue sea!

The last charm uses red thread and is to be employed if someone has stolen something from you. Unwind several inches of red thread. Roll the thread in the palms of your hands as you imagine the thief being caught up in the web of red thread. Bury the thread in a flower pot in the house, saying:

Red thread
Tangle head
Thief won’t sleep
The winds have said.
Return my goods
And pay the price
I sing this song
Three times thrice

Your challenge today is to think of creatively how to use these charms, employ them, AND consider what runes you would use with the last charm. You earn 100 stars for each charm you use!

Summary — Possible Stars —

Throw or give one thing away today! Earn 1 star.
Today’s Challenge — Tangle Spells! For every working you do, collect 100 Stars!

Big Hugs
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within!



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

10 thoughts on “Day 32 – How to Cast a Tangle Spell – Quarantine Magick

  1. Inspirational. Now I have to to share what I did with this.. “Waistband binding, mom jeans tight, craving chocolate from morning til night. Rad, wheel of flubber around my middle, roll away with the chocolate and leave me fit as a fiddle.” Then I dropped a thread wrapped Hershey’s kiss down a chipmunk hole so I couldn’t retrieve it later. Hope it works.

  2. thank You Silver! These spells seem very practical to me. The answer to Your question is JERA , the Rune of the harvest.

  3. Ehwaz Jera is a good combination if you want to add another rune. I follow a tradition that does not bind the Runes in any way, I use Runic Scripts where each rune I write is separate from the others and yet they form a script , a Spirit message I send ❤

  4. I know a certain governor who could use a good tripping up; AND a brain untangling. Lol! “You must wear a mask to shop and work.” Also “I’m not going to reopen businesses too soon and make matters worse”. But but but…wth just happened?! *bangs head against wall* lol!

    And dis is one of the reasons why I ordered the varmint trap candle from ya. Full moon, get here quickly so I can be Elmer Fudd and hunt those wascally wabbits! *Fudd laugh* Huhuhuhuhuhu! Lol!

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