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Day 31 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick

Today’s Challenge! Use the manifestation spell above to work on something you feel you need in your life. The spell reads: From nothing to something, I will this thing to form — I know the shape will manifest and to my world be born!

The last two days have been extremely busy here at the hearthstone. I have had several requests for private, healing work and this has kept me busy for almost the entirety of my time. I am happy to share that all individuals are doing well, and that those who were feeling the most stress have found some relief. Interestingly, most of the requests I have received are not about the virus; but, about the difficulties the pandemic has thrown at folks — financial stress, the feeling of house-arrest, self-worth issues (I should have chosen a different career), the idea that it is not okay to go outside for fresh air (seriously, a governor really said that?) — and more. And, no, I’m not getting paid for this healing work (because I know someone will attempt to make that crack — forget it).

So! Whether you want more peace, your employer to cough up the check that — ooops! they forgot to send you (the pandemic you know, so stressful, so busy…just… golly gee slipped our minds… SO! remember to pour cough syrup over your petition), a washing machine that actually works, or the money to cover your electric bill (can you believe it was snowing here in Pennsylvania this morning?) — give this manifestation charm a try and be sure to post below how it worked for you.

To Work The Spell — Print out the picture and write your need on the back. This working is best performed at dawn; but, noon will do. Spit on your handwriting. Fold the paper toward you. Put the paper in your hand. Cover petition with dirt from outside. While still outdoors, face east. Close your eyes, enjoy several deep breaths, connect with the earth. State your intent. Affirm that all energy is intelligent. Begin reciting the charm while sprinkling the dirt softly around you until all the dirt is gone. While still holding the paper — let yourself mentally go. Feel the freedom of energy movement in and around you. Continue chanting in a rhyming voice. Nine recitations or more — finish when you “feel” you are done. Say, “I know you will do this for me!” Bury the paper. Draw an equal-armed cross in the air on top of the paper you just planted.

Note: You can bury seeds with your paper. Sunflower seeds are a good choice; but, you can use whatever you wish. As the plant grows, so your desire will come to pass. It is thought that the germination and energy activity of the seed helps to facilitate the manifestation process.

Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within!


Summary — Just the Spell today! Earn 100 Stars!


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

9 thoughts on “Day 31 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick

  1. It snowed in the night here, too. Nice surprise to wake up to. The forsythia bushes are flowering and while they were covered with snow, they looked like buttered popcorn bushes. I actually ran around outside in my jammies taking pictures. The snow was so beautiful while it lasted.

  2. Hello, awesome 🐺! Thank you for today’s Quarantine Magick 👍 You are always full of ideas 😂 Do not ever say you chose the wrong career 😉 And that governor who said something about going out to have fresh air, no-one believes it! Thank you, and have a beautiful day 🌺 🌺 🌺

  3. I’m so relieved to hear that you were busy with the illnesses of others. Not that it’s good they’re ill, but that you were busy paying needed attention to them. When there was no post yesterday, I began to worry about your health, but my Awen told me that you were concerned about someone who is sick. I’m very relieved to hear that it isn’t you or yours.

    I think this will be a really fun spell to do. I love the idea of watching a plant grow from the ‘seeded’ spell. I will have to do this tomorrow, if it stops raining! I remember snowfall in the Riverton, PA area on April 25th one year and it was snow that stuck around for awhile! I remember the date, because my daughter was in grammar school and had a music concert that evening. She was to play a flute solo and we were afraid the concert would be cancelled, but the show went on and she played her flute very well. What a nice memory this is – just from your mention of snow in April!

    Thank you, Silver!

  4. Doing what PA witches have done for centuries, and not taking a single penny for it. I love you disssssss much!!! *puts arms out super wide* And hey, it’s never too late to add a new career to your resume. 💖

    I’m afraid to even ask which governor said that it’s not safe to go out and get some fresh air. Obviously one who’s deficient in medical knowledge. Lol!

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