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Day 29 – Mini Release Program – Outdoor Gratitude Ritual – Quarantine Magick


Today’s Challenge!  Outdoor Gratitude Ritual

You’d think being at home, stuck in a total or semi-quarantine situation that life would be a bit less hectic; but, that isn’t always the case.  Sure, you don’t have to go as many places; but, that doesn’t mean you can be any less responsible.   If you are living with someone else — they are possibly always underfoot.  You focus on a necessary task, and then your concentration is blown because someone turns the music or television up full blast.  They’re jammin’.  You are fuming.  You clean the kitchen, and then someone strews dried herbs all over the counter because they wanted to make a snack.  You are in the middle of filling out an important form online, and someone rushes into the room with something you simply must know RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

And you hit the delete key by mistake.


Anger simmers because you are frustrated.  That’s okay.  Time to take a Spirit Walk outside.  Blow the stink off your brain.

Two weeks into quarantine, we covered gratitude and you know what?  Time to gently waltz back there and look at those feelings again.  Let’s go outside!

While you are strolling in your yard (yeah, I know social distancing — however, social distancing does not mean lock yourself in a dark room — fresh air is good for you) think about the things — people, situations, talents, etc. that you are truly grateful for.  These things can be personal or more world wide.  Choose a few items from nature.  Sit down outside and place your collection in a circle.  Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and put your dominant hand (or both hands) in the center of the circle.  Connect with Spirit.  Whisper a prayer, charm, chant, or poem that speaks of your gratitude.  You can use the poem on today’s blog pic, if you like.  Repeating the charm 9 times.

When you are finished, leave the circle of items you collected.  Spirit will do with them what she wills.  I guarantee that when you come back inside?  You will feel marvelous!

Summary — Possible Stars — 66

Throw or give one thing away.  Earn One Star.
Challenge One:  Do a Spirit Walk — Conjure a Gratitude Spell! — Earn 50 Stars
Do Five 3-Minute Dashes!  – Earn 15 Stars

Big hugs!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

13 thoughts on “Day 29 – Mini Release Program – Outdoor Gratitude Ritual – Quarantine Magick

  1. I wish I could jump into the timeline where I most often go and stay there forever 🙂 it is a beautiful elven world where all plants and trees speak with me and it is home to Nature Spirits Dragons and many wonderful Beings of Joy and Light ❤

  2. I had a dream once … I was walking down a street paved with stones and in the middle of the road there walked a man in front of me, he disappeared in an instant…and the only thing left after him was his mobile phone that I saw on the stone where the man was before disappearing, this street really exists in my town and each time I walk there I step on the same stone and send a prayer to my Spirit Family and Guardians to take me there with them ❤

  3. Hello, 🐺 🌺 Outdoor challenge? I am freezing 🥶 It has been snowing here today 🙄 Which is (the snow) gonna melt away tomorrow. We did not have proper winter ⛄ this year, so I think it’s gonna be hot summer 🥵 Climate -change. It is 22.40 p.m. here And not safe to go out. I’ll promise to do it tomorrow, okay? Thank you for sending those hilarious, but. I have so quiet neighbours that they never disturb me, and I never listen to music or TV loud either. And it is not safe to go out this late – it is dark here. I shall do it tomorrow, okay? I am always a day a late from your challenges, sorry 😉 That must become from the time difference where we live. I am in Northern Europe – and you? (don’t have to answer if you don’t want to) Have a fun evening there, anyway! 😂

  4. The realm of Dragons doesn`t need mobile phones, cables and any type of hardware, the internet there is biological..Avatar movie gives a good example of what I am trying to say, this Natural internet is also here on Earth and the Trees with their roots, the grass, the leaves..all of them send messages to Mother Earth and also they speak of us and what we are doing, how we step on Earth…angrily, happily, with grace …we also send waves and information and I wonder why pople think they are the supreme species and think they are the most important species. It is time people to learn more about our brothers and sisters of the natural kingdom and realise that they have been living with us since the eons of time…this is a parallel life that now is calling us because ballance is severely damaged. We are Family and it is time to help each other to survive…all of us to survive!

  5. Snow storms can be beautiful and I don’t mind being snowed in. But driving on icy roads can be scary. Being semi-quarantined is okay, until you have to go to the grocery store. Now that’s scary.

  6. Earth and People and Earthy Plants carry the codes for the Higher dimensions within….these codes are being activated now . My comments became many but Spirit continues giving me messages and I am super happy to share with You here ❤

  7. Many humans are a little or a lot arrogant. But any human owned by cats knows who is really in charge.

  8. Didn’t do a nature walk, but we took a drive to Gettysburg, with the windows cracked a good bit. Fully enjoyed the country air, the blooming trees, and the old houses; Alan accidentally took a detour down Hunterstown Road. Lol! I could’ve collected a goat or 3, but I doubt that they would’ve stayed in a circle. Lol! ❤️

    How did you enjoy the GAWGEOUS day? Er, after the thunder rumbles went away, that is.

      1. It was a great day for an adventure! ❤️ I didn’t know that there are so many hole-in-the-wall antique stores on the backroads of Gettysburg. ❤️ Summer better get here fast! Lol!

        And then today…overcast. Lol! Mother Nature is such a tease. Argh!!!

  9. It was a sweltering 96 degrees outside yesterday afternoon when I received this post. I am still on post-op, physical activity restriction so, not even able to do a good walk about. I did go outside for a little while just to greet the bright Sunshine, my natural surroundings, and to express my gratitude to my lovely space – until I felt like I might melt…

    I will take the time to do this ritual, though, when I’m able. I love this type of thing. Thank you Silver!

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