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Day 28 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick – Release Worry


Worry!  is a big one these days.  Too much fear, too much media inflation, and then you have the real dummies like the folks in Carlisle, Pennsylvania that held a corona party because someone was infected and wanted to share.

For real.

Came across a 911 ambulance call.

Today’s Challenge — Break the Stick!  Break the Worry and Fear.

Earlier on in the month, I talked about a Pennsylvania folk magick tradition of using a stick to break a fever.  Today’s challenge is to use a stick to break your worry and fear.  The mental magick that goes with this technique is a bit different than the one used for the fever.  Although you can apply this technique for worries in general, it works best if you concentrate on a particular worry or fear that have the same theme.

At dawn, go outside and find a stick on the ground.  Name the stick as the issue/fear/worry aloud.  “You are my fear of…..”

While still outside if weather permits,  sit quietly, and close your eyes.  Breathe deeply several times to clear your mind and exhale negativity.  As you breathe in, connect to the expansive universe (I teach the Sea of Potential).  Mentally begin to compact everything within you and about you into a tiny point at your heart chakra.  If you have trouble doing this mentally, use your hands as well, beginning with your arms open wide and then moving your hands toward each other to finally covering your heart.  While you are mentally “withdrawing” or “drawing in”, let the problem go in your mind.  The problem is not a part of you.  It is not you. It is not of you.  It does not belong to you.  Concentrate on all of your energy moving around and in your heart chakra.  You are love.  You are compassion.  You are self-less.  You are one with the universe.

This technique is successful when you feel a mental “snap” and your emotions are completely calm. You will feel light.  At peace.  All heavy connections are severed.  You are free.  That “snap” is the negativity separating from your physical self and soul essence.

It may take a few times to learn to “let go” to the point where you feel joy in the peace.  That is okay.  It is from non-attachment that healing takes place.  When that feeling of peace washes over you, open your eyes, look at the stick, break it with vigor and say something like:  “This fear is no longer a part of me.”  Or, “This worry is no longer mine.”  You choose the correct wording for your circumstance.

Summary – Earn 126 Possible Stars

Throw or give one thing away.  Earn 1 star.
Today’s Challenge:  Stick Meditation to remove worry and fear.  Earn 100 stars.
Empty all the trash cans.  Earn 25 stars.

Big Hugs
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within!




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14 thoughts on “Day 28 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick – Release Worry

  1. Bloody ‘ell! *facepalming mega hard* What was that old saying about stupidity? 2 raccoons short of a full satchel? Lol!

  2. Pennsylvania Corona party. They are not the first group of fools to do this and they won’t be the last. Guess they believe in the herd immunity theory. Some very big sticks should be broken… over the heads of those idiots.

  3. The “herd immunity” at this point in time is a crazy practice, especially since we don’t even know yet if any long lasting immunity from this bug is possible. These people are desperate fools for sure.

    I can say, from personal experience that this break the stick meditation is a wonderful way to ‘break’ worry, fear, anger, just to name a few forms of harmful negativity. It is also extremely satisfying to break something that won’t cause a backlash like smashing your family heirloom china!

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