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Day 26 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick

I created this design several years ago — seems appropriate for the times.

Today’s Challenge:  Bitty Day!  Earn 100 Stars!

Yes, that’s right, today’s challenge requires that you wander through your living area and concentrate on fixing those little things.  All the projects in the past few weeks where you said, “Whoops!  Forgot that!  I’ll get it later.”

Guess what?  Later is today!

My Bitty Day will include rearranging that hall closet…AGAIN.  Washing out the bathroom trash cans is next on the list.  I also want to finish a mask for a friend.  I did get several done; but, I’ve got one or two left to complete.  Clean out the silverware drawers.  Even though I did this in December, they are filthy.  How does this happen?  What creature of grime continues to defecate in my drawers?  I’ve also been meaning to make some spiritual cleansing handsoap — to be used before ritual, or whenever you feel you’ve been surrounded by unnecessary negativity.  This is only for the hands because it contains herbals like rosemary and lavender bits that you don’t want shoving in your eyes!  I use an African Black Soap glycerin base that I just love.  Oh geeze…as I write, I keep thinking of more things that I have been “meaning to do”.

So there ya go.  Keep Calm and Magick On! is today’s theme!  So let’s zap with purpose!

Summary — Possible 101 Stars

Throw or Give one thing away.  Earn 1 Star
Today’s Challenge — Bitty Day!  Earn 100 Stars

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within!





Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

12 thoughts on “Day 26 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick

  1. This is very useful, but I feel lazy (after studying the whole day) 😴 Besides that, I don’t have anything I haven’t fixed. Or … wait a minute. I promised to play with my cat more daily 😂 Does that count? 😿 He feels so sad, sleeping alone. So I also go early to sleep and make him happy ❤️ I think that is also ‘fixing’ things, right 😻? Sad cat becomes happy!

  2. It’s funny because I had cleaned out a few things, and cleaned the house right before I read this. lol I also have been putting off making some soaps so I will do that here shortly. Brightest Blessings to all!!

  3. What is needed here is a spell to make messes clean up after themselves. Until then, I’ll spend the rest of the evening practicing twitching my nose at things. Hey, it worked for Samantha Stevens…..

  4. I agree! How DOES the clean silverware drawer get so dang dirty? The silverware is clean and dry when it goes in the drawer. What’s it doing in there when you’re not looking, having a WWF Smackdown with dust bunnies? Lol!

  5. Hey All, I received this little tidbit in my inbox this morning from BBI Media and I wanted to share it with you. Silver, I hope this isn’t a conflict of interest on your site. Please let me know if it is and I won’t do this again.

    Hand Washing Prayer

    Posted by Jean Pagano on Sunday, 15 March 2020 at his blog “Journeys: Thoughts from a Druid Path” in PaganSquare’s Paths Blogs

    Let me begin by giving credit where credit is due: after a recent idea on the ADF Bardic Guild, I decide to join in and write a handwashing prayer. What is a handwashing prayer, you might ask? It is a prayer to be recited for the 20 seconds that one is supposed to spend washing one’s hands. One should always wash their hands at the appropriate time. Now, in a time of pandemic, it is more important than ever to wash one’s hands and maintain cleanliness whenever possible.

    How does one go about learning this prayer while washing one’s hands? I use an index card: primitive, low-tech, easily transportable, even recyclable. I put the index card next to the sink and then I repeat the prayer as I wash my hands.

    I offer this prayer to you, complete with the Earth Mother and the Three Realms of Sea, Land, and Sky, the Three Hallows of Well, Tree and Fire, and the Three Kindreds of Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Shining Ones.

    We call to the deep
    Where the Ancestors dwell
    Deep in the Mother
    We pour in the Well

    We call to the land
    Where the spirits run free
    On the shoulders of the Mother
    We reach for the Tree

    We call to the sky
    Where our prayers do aspire
    Stretching over the Mother
    We give to the Fire

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