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Day 20 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick by Silver RavenWolf

Louisa Lolly just finished creating her Speedwell Healing and Recovery Candle Formula — Now, she’s arranging flowers she received and is putting them on the front porch railing so that everyone can enjoy them.  To celebrate pet day, we’ll be making special treats for our home pets and wild birds.

Today’s Challenge — Happy Pet Day!  Your pet senses energy changes in your environment.  Even if you think things are “norm”, he or she may be experiencing stress at the difference in your household routine.  Today is a marvelous day to do something fun and pleasant for your loving pet.  Don’t have a pet?  Send a care package to a friend who does, or donate to an animal shelter or people shelter, or take care of the wild critters by setting out appropriate food.

Even though we are under quarantine and things are “supposed” to be slow…um.  No.  My days have been packed with stuff to do!  With the family now in the house much more, the floors get dirty faster, more dishes are in the sink, more jockeying for the washing machine and dryer (25 years ago I made everyone start doing their own laundry and I have NEVER regretted it), bigger meals to make, yadda-flap-hand.  I’ve also been outside collecting speedwell herb for my healing and recovery candles, and the first bloom of violets to make another batch of universal fluid condenser.  I’m hoping the weather warms up a little more, and then I’ll go out and dig the garden beds.  That’ll keep me busy!  I started going through all my dried herbs and collecting the seeds last week.  Rather than buy from plants this year, I’ll grow as many as I can from seeds.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing another healing circle using the Zoom capability.  I’ve written a ritual to accommodate the online venue.  I’m pretty excited about it!  If you would like us to work for you tomorrow, post your name and need below.  The more the merrier!

Summary — 76 Stars

Throw or Give One Thing Away – earn 1 star
Today’s Challenge — Pet Day!  Do extra-special pet stuff! – earn 50 Stars
Five 3-Minute Dashes – earn 25 stars
How are you doing with your daily routine?  Don’t forget to add some exercise to your day!
Big Hugs

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within





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12 thoughts on “Day 20 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick by Silver RavenWolf

  1. Awesome challenge today – and very easy 😊 My cat has used to it. I mean that I am always home with him 😻 I never leave him alone, but going to shopping. And he is very independent and and self-sufficient 💖 💖 💖 He is very attached to me, and we cuddly, play and have fun every day. Specially before going to sleep. Nothing is more relaxing than to sleep him purring 💖 And I also try to play with him twice a day nowadays, so that he does not got bored 🐈 Thank you for a lovely challenge 💞 Have a wonderful evening 🐺

  2. I’m not telling Manson that it’s pet day. He’s already acting like a mental patient. Lol! Isis got spoiled with the yolk from my dippy egg, so that was her Pet Day treat. Lol!

    I’ll have Alan go get some oil seeds. The starlings have been yelling at me for a week now. Lol!

    “Hey! Hey! We’re hungry! What are you doing in there? Oh, you’re eating breakfast? Well that’s just groovy! Where’s ours?!” Lol!

      1. That’s awesome! Alan was gonna hit Walmart, but doesn’t want to stand in a line just to get in the door. Don’t blame him one bit. Lol! He has to go get some though. I think the birds put a curse on me when I went out to harvest grape hyacinths. I dun fell after I told them to hush up. Lmao!

  3. I will think of something for my mother’s new cats – they are characters!

    My friend J.O. has asked to be put into the healing circle to help her broken wrist mend well. Thank you!

  4. According to my feline masters, every day is pet day. Morning, noon and half the night, one or the other, sometimes all four of them are making demands. Every now and then, I rebel and decide to get even. Then it is time for tooth brushing. All I have to do is get out those little tooth brushes and just like magic, all four cats disappear. Nothing like a session of tooth brushing to quiet a bunch of little fiends down. Vets insist it should be done, even though most of them admit it is nearly impossible, Some vets claim they would rather brush a dog’s teeth than wrangle with a cat. And frankly, it is more like a joke or punishment. If I’m lucky, I can brush a few upper fangs. And though vets claim tooth brushing is beneficial for pets, in spite of the brushing, a couple of my little fiends have had dental problems. Still, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried brushing a cat’s teeth.

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