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Day 17 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick by Silver RavenWolf


Day 17a
This is my Butzfrau (Lady scarecrow — Lady Boogieperson) that I made for my garden this year.  Louisa Lolly is posing for a front porch pic.  I don’t know about shooing off the birds and deer; but, my girl certainly scares the bejeezus out of the delivery people.

Today’s Challenge — Make Yourself Pretty!  Today is a super easy day!  Give yourself a home spa day.  Why not try a lovely scented bath with candlelight, soft music, and warm, fluffy towels!  Earn 25 stars!

Working From Home?  Be careful of Jammie Disease!

Although working in your jammies can be somewhat enticing at first, after a while, it can become downright depressing.  My grandmother hailed from West Virginia and she was insistent that you always changed out of your nightwear each day.  She said that dreams, night spirits and such nestled into the fabric, and could make you tired and lazy, eating up your spirit during the daylight hours.  Best to change into clean clothes, “put your face on” (make-up, teeth-brushing, hair-combing), and greet the day with a smile.  Clothing magick is very much associated with folk enchantments and superstitions, so it doesn’t surprise me at her insistence.  Likewise, if you were sick, or had nightmares, you should wear clean pajamas or a fresh nighty each evening until the sickness or terrors had passed.  She also claimed that even if you were poor, you should be clean, as purification opened the way for good fortune to find you.  You never came to the breakfast table with dirty, uncombed hair or smelly clothes!  And, if you spent some time with an individual who was jealous of you, it was imperative to remove all clothing when you reached home and wash it in basil water.  Although it wasn’t incredibly polite, she would say, “Put that basil in the warsh water to get thar stink off!” meaning use the herb to remove their negative vibrations.  And woe to that jealous neighbor if they visited and left something behind!  She would literally nail that piece of cloth to the ground out back, past the garage, to “nail their own nastiness to them” and keep it away from the good folk!

Summary –Earn 71 Stars!

Throw or Give one thing away.  Earn 1 Star.
Today’s Challenge:  Spa Day!  Earn 25 Stars!
How Will You Avoid Jammie Disease during Quarantine?  Feel free to post!
Do Four 3-minute dashes today — earn 20 Stars!
Get in Touch With One Person that you haven’t heard from to make sure they are okay — Earn 25 Stars!

Big Hugs
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within!








Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

15 thoughts on “Day 17 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick by Silver RavenWolf

  1. hi Silver this is amazing i woke up today with the urge to put on red lipstick and all of my “ruby” jewelry! i work approx. 75% of the time from home and always put clothes on never work in pj’s what wisdom from your grandma! I want to thank you very much too from the great release program, if i start to become anxious i grab the rattle and shake it especially around my head and neck to clear negative thoughts. I read and recite Silver’s protocol and it helps SOOOOO MUCH!!!! Thank you Silver!!!!

  2. our Granny sounds like she was a real spitfire! It would have been fun to know her.

    Let’s see, I checked in with my friend Jane who fell down and broke her wrist on Sunday and had surgery yesterday to fix it. She lives in Tennessee and I hadn’t heard from her for awhile. I learned of the accident from her husband though mine on Sunday, so I had enough time to do a healing ritual for her. She is groggy and sore, but in very good spirits.

    I generally don’t spend the day in my pj’s unless I’m sick. I am retired and stay home a lot, so I’m in the habit of combing my hair, washing my face,etc when I get up. I sit in my pj’s during coffee hour, but then I usually put on work clothes appropriate to the day. My mother has made a ritual of getting dressed, fixing her hair, and putting on full make-up all of her adult life and at 94 she is still doing this! Her hair is very thin now, so she bought some pretty wigs that she loves to style and wear. She calls them her hair hats!

    I had to brave the world today, because I had to have my one month follow up since my surgery. I am doing very well! Bind, knit, heal, turn the wheel, turn the wheel is working like the charm it is! I’m also not allowed to soak in the tub yet, which makes me sad. I love soothing baths! I can only take showers right now until my incisions are more healed – another two weeks per doctor’s orders.

    Anyway, I’ve been wearing a mask in public, because as a nurse I learned to follow very strict guidelines regarding aerosol and droplet precautions when handling people with infectious diseases. I would sure be remiss, if I didn’t use my knowledge to protect myself now, especially since I’m one of the over 60 crowd. So, I went in the fabric store and bought some pretty quilt material to make more masks for myself, my husband, and my mother. This will be some useful craft time spent!
    They are in the process of locking down Florida and issued the Stay at home order to begin Thursday midnight. We’re stocked up and ready. Basecamp is our comfy fort and we’ll be fine!

    Love & Blessings to everyone. Please do everything you can to stay safe and well.

    1. Hair hats. Good one! Yeah, here in PA we’ve been under that stay at home order for the last week and before that, it was only essential stores — so no fabric store for us — which puts me in serious withdrawl. argh

  3. I looked myself in the mirror today! The eyebrows…what! ….lol, fixed that problem…then nails, half of the nail polish was missing…I set the things in order, then my desk….removed that obstinate dust ..even from below the keyboard, set all the things in order , ironed my face masks….watered my plants, tidied half of the mess in my kitchen. The worries , troubles and fears recently has been blocking me from taking action. Today I gathered courage to start moving.

    1. You go girl. I gotta tell ya, I howled at the ironing the face mask, not because you did it; but, because times have changed to think of doing it and talking calmly about it — like it is just normal. Perfect post!

      1. 🙂 I will share a secret with you….Dragons are here …they heard our call…the Earth is protected! ❤

  4. Currently I really enjoy staying comfortable at home. Since yesterday morning I took my laptop and worked while I was sitting in my bed. Did not felt very well, so I slept. When I go out, I change clothes. Depending what mood I am in. Yesterday at 8pm, I started to cleaning a glas cabinet. When I moved to cleanse the floor, oh what dust was under there. Dust, broken glas. Don`t know where this came from. But now it is done. I think these special days allows us, to cleanse inner and outside. Those who always worked, they come now, to a very inner cleansing. I feel like this. Dream a lot, learn a lot. I was not cleaning a special thing, but started these days. I need to commit my inner strength to proceed every day. Thank you for your support. Thank you.

  5. I have four house cats with many, many sharp claws. To keep injuries to a minimum, day time jammie use and bare feet are out of the question. Staying in so much, I’m starting to understand what it feels like to be a house cat. No wonder they are such little machines of destruction.

  6. My dad used to tell me to go outside to let the wind blow the stink off me. Lol! I wasn’t even dirty or smelly, so now I get it.

    This is how it usually went:
    “Woo! Girl, when’s the last time you got a bath?!”
    “I got a bath last night, dad.”
    “Well you need to go outside and let the wind blow the stink off ya!”

    I always thought he was being a smartass, which was the norm for him, but then again he was also able to find me when he couldn’t possibly have any logical idea of knowing where I was. Needless to say, I only inherited one of the 2 gifts. I’ll sense nasty energy attached to Alan and tell him to either let the wind blow him clean or fire up some cedar wood and let the smoke hit him. I’m sure you can guess which one he chooses. Lol!

    I thought about putting on some lipstick today…but it was too far away from my bed, and I’m being lazy…in my “pajamas”. Lol! At least I got up and made another jug of iced tea. Priorities. Lol! 😉

    And OMG, lmao about the delivery guys being scared of your lady scarecrow. How hard did you laugh, the first time you saw their reaction to her?

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