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Mini Release Program – Day 3 – Quarantine Magick – Silver RavenWolf

by Silver RavenWolf

Today’s Challenge — Take Care of Your Peeps

Hail and Welcome to you!  This is day three of our Mini-Release Program.  Why not sit down and have a cup of tea with me — or coffee, if you like.  Take a seat in this rocker here.  I’ve just pulled the cushions out from the shed in preparation for the summer season.  Yep.  It is a little early, but I think right now, amid all this fuss and bother over that corney virus , that welcoming the solace of nature is a good thing.  Don’t you?

Sugar?  Cream?  I’m going to take a moment to enjoy several deep breaths and welcome your delightful energy.  I’m cuddling my cup.  This one is decorated with moo-cows.  I don’t think I have a matching mug in the house, and that’s just fine by me — I love a colorful jumble.

See straight out there?  That’s my Wish Tree.  Right out there in the yard and filled with bird feeders.  She’s getting ready to bloom.  See the creamy buds growing heavy on the branches?  The air is still a little crisp.  But, oh, how those birds are singing!  Can you hear them?

Oh, heck!  And there’s my squirrel.  There were three of them in the autumn; but, it looks like two moved on, and I’ve just got Calico here.  I named him that because he ran off with one of my calico fabric squares from a quilting project I left on the porch last month.  That day when it was so warm?  Almost to seventy degrees?  In February!  Anyway…Calico has his own lunch box out there on Andy’s tree.  It was the only way I could keep him (the squirrel, not Andy) from destroying my bird feeders.  When he’s bored, Calico still mozzies on up here to chat with the birds.  They don’t seem to mind.

Speaking of fabric squares, a popular charm that takes no great effort are blessed pieces of fabric held to your clothing with a safety pin.


This past weekend we placed a stack of these colorful fabric charm squares on our altar and empowered them as Healing Shields.  Using bits of cloth (or pieces of clothing of old clothing) was a widespread folk practice and is still used by practitioners today to both bless and curse.

You can use the chant “Sickness yield into the lake, from the lake to the river, from the river to stone — come no more into my home!”  while working with the fabric.  This bit of magick is a variation of a Braucherei charm originally used to protect family and livestock.  In general, “yield into the lake” means activating the water element to work on the illness.  Pushing the sickness to the river demands that the illness or negativity flows away from you (or the sick person) and at the same time the water is charged to disassemble the negative pattern of the sickness.  The third act, directing that flow into stone, pushes the energy, now a dismantled pattern, into the earth.  The sealing statement is:  Never to return.  Please understand that this is my interpretation, and how I would explain the charm to a student.  If you do not agree, that is fine, feel free to post your ideas below.  I often see and interpret the charms as a direction of energy movement.

As you chant, wash the fabric squares in soap and water and wrap the wet cloth around a stone until the fabric dries.  Throw the stone into the woods.  Wear the blessed material close to your heart.

The Protective Sock Spell

I added wildcrafted speedwell flowers to boost the working.

One interesting protective practice that we have used here for years is a sock spell.  It works particularly well on children for a variety of purposes from warding off sickness to ensure they get caught by a parent or caregiver if they are doing something that might harm them.  Why just the other day, a father who used the spell, caught his twelve-year-old son talking to a stranger at 2 in the morning on a chat app.  Busted!

Take the dirty socks of a person, and cover the socks in salt.   Please note the socks must be worn for several hours to ensure a good energy imprint.  Put both socks and salt in a plastic bag.  Seal the bag.  Draw an equal-armed-cross over the bag to “lock-in” the protection.  Place the bag in the back of a dark cupboard.  Renew every month at the dark of the moon.

What Herbs Can You Wildcraft Today?  If the weather is half-decent, why not spend some time outside.  Check out the weeds!  What’s blooming?  What can be used for protection or good health spell?  This is what I found today:

Persian Speedwell Veronica Persica found in South Central Pennsylvania — sometimes called GypsyWeed
  • this plant has “remarkable medicinal powers out of proportion to its size”1.
  • used by gypsies as a blood purifier.
  • removes excess mucus, soothe internal tissues, treat coughs, asthma, pleurisy.
  • a tea made of speedwell is used to clear sinus congestion, help eyesight and ease sore eyes.
Read more on Speedwell by clicking this link Julia’s Edible Weeds
I will be drying the herbs and using them to make SpeedWell candles for healing this weekend.
I’d like to thank you for spending some time with me today!  Here’s your summary for Day 3 Activities:
Summary — 41 Possible Stars — When ya get to 100 — really whoop it up!
1.  Take Care of your Peeps — what can you do today to “take care of your peeps?”. — 10 stars
2.  Work the Charm Square Spell.  10 Stars
3.  Work the Sock Spell.  10 Stars
4.  Give or throw one thing away today.  1 star
5.  Go wildcrafting! – 10 Stars
Big Hugs
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within!


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

19 thoughts on “Mini Release Program – Day 3 – Quarantine Magick – Silver RavenWolf

  1. Thank you for the inspiration!! I can’t wait to get home and do the sock protection for my teenage son. Have a blessed day!

  2. Oh, Silver! What a breath of fresh air your blog posts are! I am on staggered hours at work To reduce person-to-person contact so I have the daytime off. I’ve spent the morning drinking tea with the dogs, reading your post, and checking in on friends and family. Not much to wildcraft in my yard at the moment but I tended to an edible flower patch I started recently. Hoping to have same fancy salads with borage, nasturtium, and bachelor’s buttons. In the meantime I’ll drink lung-fortifying fennel tea and pretend I grew it!

  3. Thank You for the speedwell herb information! This tiny little flower attracts me since childhood, some call it Forget me not here where I live…this year its colours and blossoms are the same as there as I can see on the photos, it is unusually Bright and Big …yes….now I know why 🙂 This is this year`s gift of the Goddess …it starts blossoming together with the wild violets and the yellow tiny blossoms of the clovers …I have made some oils from these wild happy charming ones …sigh 🙂 Thank You Silver RavenWolf ! Blessed Be

  4. Do you have these type of clovers there…tiny 5 leaf yellow bloosoms and its leaves get red sometimes, usually smaller than the other clovers leaves and each of their 3parts has a heart shape, so if you look at them they all look like 4 leaf clovers

  5. Dearest Silver,

    Thank you for the tea and the chat! My cup has a red, Maine lobster on it. My father gave it to me and since he is no longer living on Earth I think of him every morning when I see my cup. I loved watching the birds and Calico hop around your Wish tree.

    I am in the process of altering a couple of shirts, by cutting off the sleeves to make cap sleeves. I will save the fabric I cut off and make the Healing squares with it. These shirts were made by my mother for my father and when he passed I asked if I could have them. They are a light cotton and all are very colorful. Some have checks and others cute patterns and since they are a unisex button down design they are quite suitable for me. I think the healing squares that I make from the excess sleeve fabric will be really special, don’t you?

    Also, I take a Spirit walk most afternoons and I will ask to be shown a plant that might be useful to me. We have a different variety of plants here in East Central Florida than you do in Pennsylvania. I used to live in Pennsylvania near the Delaware river, but I’ve been living here, in Florida for 35 years now. Anyway, I always relate to the Northeastern plants better, because that’s where I got my start and my gardening training (Dad again!). I have had to learn all over again, because the plants down here are sub-tropical and very different. I just had an idea! The other day my husband was doing some yard work and gifted me with a huge Mistletoe that he harvested when he cut a low branch off of one of our Oaks. I was astonished at the size! I have it hanging to dry. I usually use Mistletoe for protection. It is said that hanging it over the doorways will keep the roof from falling in. Since I live in a hurricane zone. I do this every year. It also has healing properties:

    Mistletoe has been used for hundreds of years to treat medical conditions such as epilepsy, hypertension, headaches, menopausal symptoms, infertility, arthritis, and rheumatism. Mistletoe is one of the most widely studied complementary and alternative medicine therapies for cancer. Apr 25, 2019 Mistletoe Extracts (PDQ®)–Patient Version – National Cancer Institute.
    While the uses for Mistletoe as a healing herb don’t exactly fit the COVID – 19 problem, according to the folks at this link : Mistletoe has magickal properties as well:

    Mistletoe for Protection:

    Hang sprigs of mistletoe, or charms made of the wood, in your home to help protect the occupants. You can also make protective amulets or jewelry out of the wood, and wear when you are going into danger to help ensure your safety. People used to lay sprigs of it around a “hand of glory” candle and burn it to protect their homes against thieves, but you can do the same by using a Protection Custom Scented candle. Set it on a fireproof surface, and surround with sprigs or dried leaves of mistletoe. Light the candle, sit quietly, and make a short request for protection from your deities, saints, ancestors, or guardian spirits. When you are ready, snuff the candle. Repeat as often as you need to, especially right before going into danger.

    Mistletoe Prosperity Magic:

    Adding mistletoe leaves to prosperity mojos or charm bags increases their potency and money-drawing abilities. Use a green mojo bag, and add prosperity herbs like five finger grass, Irish moss, and all spice. You can also include coins, citrine or jade stones, and any other symbols that you feel resonate with money-drawing energy. Either add the mistletoe leaves directly to the bag, or attach a sprig or piece of wood to the outside. Bless, charge, and feed your bag, and carry it on you.

    If you like, you can also add mistletoe oil to blends for anointing charms to bring in money.

    I think Mistletoe will work for me!

    I will certainly do the sock spell – that sounds like a good one.

    Once again, thank you for all of you generous help.

    Love & Blessings,

    SunRaven MerryHerb

    1. Addendum: I took my spirit walk and actively paid attention to anything Spirit might have to tell me, but nothing jumped out at me, except a bunny to whom I wished Ostara Blessings. Then I stood next to my mate while he watered our new bamboo cuttings. When he was finished watering he asked me if I’d like to go pick some mulberries from our bush… Mulberries – as high in antioxidants as Elderberries. Immunoprotective – Mulberries!!! There it is. Here’s what Mr Google had to say at:

      Mulberries closely resemble another favorite backyard berry, the blackberry. The difference? Mulberries grow on trees and bushes! In Witch-speak, this type of evolution to protect itself hails from the element of Air. Blackberries use the stinging power of thorns to ward away enemies, while the Mulberry raises itself taller than its enemies to thrive.

      Mulberry’s Magickal Properties
      Cosmic Connection
      Dream Prophecies: Sleep with Mulberry leaves under your pillows to have psychic dreams.
      Knowledge: Cosmic knowledge
      Protection: Make a tea from the leaves and use the brew to draw protection sigils
      Strength: Carry the leaves as a talisman for strength and courage.
      Wholeness: Meditate under the tree to sync your subtle bodies.
      Willpower: Use wood from this tree to craft a wand that will boost your willpower.
      Yin and Yang Balance
      Mulberry’s Medicinal Properties
      Mulberry has been seen as effective against:

      Acne and Skin Blemishes: the vitamin C in this plant help your skin look its best.
      Cancer: antioxidants in the berries and leaves help your body fight off free radicals, and myricetin can help the body combat some cancers.
      Constipation: Black mulberries can act as a laxative.
      General health threats: macrophages in the plant boost your immune system
      Blood sugar fluctuations: the plant is thought to have compounds that help support balanced blood sugar in diabetic patients.

      This bush is planted in the Eastern section of my yard and is thriving! There are enough berries on it to feed birds, squirrels, and us. Thank you Spirit – and Philip!

      I took care of my ‘peeps’ today by helping my very elderly mother get a new air conditioner/heater installed. The “boys” who did the installation work moved her garbage can out of their way and she was all in a panic, because she couldn’t find it and was convinced that someone stole her garbage can. So, we put it back to it’s proper place, fetched her mail, and stayed by for a bit to make sure she calmed down (the extra activity had her all wound up). When she was calm we went home and — ate mulberries!

  6. I stumbled into this today and just in time! I have been “awash in a sea of blah” for days and this is the perfect reminder to get busy. So I am catching up. Today I made vinegar and cleaned off and reset my altar. Thank you Silver! 🌻

  7. I will be having my tea indoors today. It is snowing heavily. The snowflakes are huge, like giant Ivory soap flakes. So beautiful, but cold and wet.

  8. Thank you for the morning chat with my coffee. Its been a damp sunrise, birds chirping. Fed my squirrels too then my dogs chase them. Its a merry romp that goes at least 3 cycles until I tire of opening and closing the door. Prayers of healing to all.

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