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Day 30 – Great Release Program – 30 January 2020 – Thursday – by Silver RavenWolf

All the world is our garden, and we are extraordinarily lucky that we have the opportunity to work the soil with Her.

Great Release Program
by Silver RavenWolf

First Quarter Moon in Aries!  The Heat is On!  
Burn five red or orange (or combination of the two) empowered candles surrounded by hot peppers drizzled with honey for good fortune throughout the coming year.  Be sure to use a fire-safe cauldron or dish as you’ll have a small inferno near the end. When everything is cool, scatter the ashes outside, near your front door. Earn 25 stars.

If your flames burn strong and clear, and do not waver, the work you have done in this program has opened the way to future success.  If the candles are sputtering, no worries, there is just a little more to be done.  Try today’s fun challenges to seal the deal!

This is your Final Official Day!  Tomorrow, (Bonus Day) we will finish our Countdown Challenge together and do one last bit of magick to seal our success!

Your Challenge Today: I have several challenges for you today!

Challenge One:  Drag the Bag Day.  Arm yourself with a BIG trash bag.  Drag the bag through the house whispering (or yelling, you choose) your favorite banishing chant.  Mine is:  Evil be gone, do not return, the horse has run off and the bridges are burned!  Throw out all trash, stuff you vacillated over, etc.  If the bag is not full by the time you finish — do it again.  Keep going through the house until that bag is full!  Earn 25 stars! — Earn 25 stars.

Challenge Two:  The Secret Enemy.  There are several stories in Braucherei (Pow-Wow) about how well-meaning gifts can actually be messengers of negativity.  Although the players are different, the same story-line always applies.  Person A receives a gift from Person B.  Unbeknownst to Person A, Person B is really jealous, or angry, or unhappy either in their own life OR harbor negative energy against Person A or someone else in Person A’s home.  These “bad vibes” permeate the gift, even though Person B did not purposefully blow harm into the object.  After a time, unhappy things or negative situations occur for Person A and their family members.  There is a run of many sicknesses, or one particular individual (the weakest of the family) just doesn’t seem to recover.  Cars are wrecked, money is lost, unexpected bills occur…  Person A truly has no clue, and it would never occur to them that a messenger of evil lives right under their nose.  Person A has done nothing to harm anyone, and yet…yet…things have gone fer shit.  They don’t want to be silly and say overtly, “someone is out to get me”; but, still…

A hex, is a hex, is a hex.  Know what I’m sayin’?  And a hex is nothing more than negative junk that you can get rid of once you know what to go after.  Even though it was unintentional, you’ve gotta get rid of it.

Your second challenge is to go through the house and pick out all the things that people gave you over the years.  How do you feel about these items?  Run your hands over them.  Feel.  Don’t think.  If the first emotion you feel is negative — get rid of it.  If you are unsure, ask yourself this?  Do you really need the thing?  Does it serve you in any capacity?  If not — get rid of it.  Feel nothing?  Then give the object away.  Earn 5 stars for every item you remove.

Challenge Three:  I was taught that there are two places on your body where people will try to “get to ya”.  The back of your neck, and the bottoms of your feet.  Simply rub salt on both of those locations to clear, cleanse, and block negative thoughts coming toward you (it can also help with your own dumbness — you know what I mean.)  If you feel you “really stepped in it” stand in the bathtub and cover your feet with salt, then rinse your feet thoroughly.  Step out of the tub between two lit white candles to ensure all negativity has left you.  Earn 25 stars.

Challenge Four:  Socks and Salt — You read that right.  If there has been a lot of sickness or misfortune in the home, take a pair of your old socks that you haven’t washed yet (notice my PA Dutch inference that you were planning to wash those socks, right?) and put them in a paper bag along with a cup of salt.  Tie the bag shut and shake it vigorously.  Burn the bag and the socks outside.  Do it for the whole family just to be sure.  Earn 25 stars for every pair of old socks you burn.

Countdown Challenge – Day 2 — Do Today’s charm recitation and throw or give away two items.

This night – day 2 which will be Thursday – repeat your name three times, follow the Silver Protocol and intone the charm (Nine Weeping Sisters) beginning at the “two weeping sisters” line nine times.  The last time you repeat the charm do as before, add your positive tail-ender and remove the second stone, throwing it away, off your property, in running water or as otherwise discussed.  Earn 25 stars.

Two weeping sisters shied from the sun
One was removed, and then there was one.
One weeping sister, left all alone
Jumped from the ship and sank like a stone.
No weeping sisters stand by the lake.
The evil is gone!  Peace in its place!

Summary — Possible Stars Today:  Depends on how many challenges you complete!  

  1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.
  2. Practice the Rattle Bath – earn one gold star.
  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar.
  4. Burn five red or orange candles empowered for this coming year’s good fortune.  Earn 25 stars.
  5. Give or Throw two things away. — earn 2 gold stars.
  6. Today’ Challenge —  There are Four!
  7. Today’s Count-Down –  Day Two of the Nine Sisters Working — earn 25 stars.
  8. Practice the Silver Protocol.  How is this working for you?  Earn one star.
  9. Do two Three-Minute Dashes — earn 2 gold stars.
  10. Practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review

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Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within!





Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

19 thoughts on “Day 30 – Great Release Program – 30 January 2020 – Thursday – by Silver RavenWolf

  1. The flames are burning strong, clear, and high! Thank you, Silver, for helping me open the way to future success!

    One bottle of Spirits of Marigold Liquid Fluid Condenser on the way! A very big reward for me. Whoot!!!

    The old stove just won’t fit in the garbage bag, but the old, ratty, boat cushions and various old detritus of that nature will. Get this – these things have been sitting in the middle of the driveway, because our dump is closed until tomorrow and I’ve been riding my bike each evening around them in a circle chanting the “Evil Be Gone” chant! Now I know why I was moved to do this – “Awen”

    You can bet I’m going to stalk and throw out anything I come upon with bad vibes. This will be an exercise worth doing to rid us of some negativity that has crept in over the last couple of years.

    I will do the neck and foot salt, but I don’t have any old, dirty socks. I have plenty of really old and raggy clean socks. Would that work as well? If not, I could wait until my husband wears a pair to work in and I could wear a pair to get them ‘seasoned’? Which way would work better?

  2. I have a question…I have written down my program goal on paper, what to do with the petition ? ❤

  3. My five candles burned down in Peace , if my petition with the main goal has to be burned…can I do this tomorrow?

  4. Filling a trash bag will be a challenge! I tend to live minimally to begin with. I shall try though! Also what if you have something that is dear to you and at the time it was given no negativity or jealousy existed, but now it does. Is there a way to cleanse the item? Could I possibly put it in a brown bag and in a dark corner for a time?

    1. When you are ready to let go — get rid of it — but, for now, cover it, add a packet of salt. If nothing changes between you in six months, make a pass at it again, and again, and again, until you are ready to let go.

  5. This was the most wonderful way to pass the longest month of the year. Thrilled-thrilled-thrilled to do it in January. The gifts assignment turned up items that should have been banished from the house decades ago. It might be fun to add holiday decoration culling to dispose of those tattered decorations from yesteryear. File purges have kept the woodstove going for days. And then there is the garage…… Thank you so much for publishing this material. It has been a glorious month and I normally despise January.

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