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Day 25 – Great Release Program – 25 January – Saturday – by Silver RavenWolf


Day 25 – Great Release Program
by Silver RavenWolf

1st Qtr Moon in Aquarius
Lunar New Year – Year of the White Metal Rat
Innovation, Creativity, Freedom, Imagination, New Ideas
Make 9 New Moon Wishes — Write them on paper — place them under a glass of water for 5 days — burn on the 6th day– Earn 9 Stars

Today’s Challenge — Magazines, Books, and old mail.  Bless my father.  He loved his National Geographic magazine and diligently kept every issue for forty years.  Musty and gusty, they nested in a gazillion cardboard boxes.  When he moved from one property to another, he always carted those boxes with him.  He forgot the silver and family mementos.  Yes.  Left them behind by mistake, yet, diligently remembered those National G’s.  When it came time to clear out the garage and the attic I said, “Dad!  You don’t need to keep these.  All the issues are on-line.  I can set it up for you no problem.”  He glared at me and huffed.  “Someday, I’ll read those magazines.”  I shook my head.  “Dad!  They are soggy and there are critters living in them.”  He laughed.  “I can handle it.”  My father never read those magazines and eventually, when the dementia had him by the throat, I sent all those smelly boxes to the dump.  I also had to throw out eight garbage bags filled with junk mail that he hid under his bed that “might have something important in it.”  Moral of this story:  Don’t make someone else call the darned dump truck.  Clear out those old magazines, books you never read, and junk mail.  Heaven knows what has taken up residence in them.  Earn 25 gold stars!

Countdown Challenge – Day 7 – Do Today’s charm recitation and throw or give away seven items.

This night – day 7 which will be Saturday – repeat your name three times, follow the Silver Protocol and intone the charm (Nine Weeping Sisters) beginning at the “seven weeping sisters” line nine times.  The last time you repeat the charm do as before, add your positive tail-ender and remove the seventh stone, throwing it away, off your property, in running water or as otherwise discussed.  Earn 25 stars.

…Seven weeping sisters broke red bricks
One was removed, and then there were six.
Six weeping sisters ran for their lives
One was removed, and then there were five.
Five weeping sisters left through the door
One was removed, and then there were four.
Four weeping sisters put out to sea
One was removed, and then there were three.
Three weeping sisters left as the crew
One was removed, and then there were two.
Two weeping sisters shied from the sun
One was removed, and then there was one.
One weeping sister, left all alone
Jumped from the ship and sank like a stone.
No weeping sisters stand by the lake.
The evil is gone!  Peace in its place!

strawsoapheartSilver’s Progress –– I’ve been kicking clutter and changing my habits!  I managed to finish that fussy closet, re-pot several plants, change the liners in all the kitchen shelves, wash all the bedding in the house, scour the toilets, clear off two desks, make soap, replace a broken bird feeder, read up on new techniques for gardening in the spring, had some electronics fixed in the home, and finished a quilt top!  My youngest daughter posted something on her FB page that I loved, “I vow not to live the same year — year after year.”  Every year should be fresh, different, joyful, and filled with beauty.  I will endeavor to make every year unique, packed with happiness and learning.  I chose to put the “un” back in conventional.


Summary — Possible Stars Today:  76!  

  1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.
  2. Practice the Rattle Bath – earn one gold star.
  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar.
  4. Do one thing toward this week’s goal — small steps are just fine.  This is Day 4 of your 4th goal. You have only one more Weekly Goal to set and accomplish!
  5. Give or Throw seven things away. — earn 7 gold stars.
  6. Today’ Challenge — Clear out old magazines, books, and junk mail- earn 25 gold stars.
  7. Today’s Count-Down –  Day Seven of the Nine Sisters Working — earn 25 stars.
  8. Make 9 New Moon Wishes — earn 9 stars
  9. Practice the Silver Protocol.  How is this working for you?  Earn one star.
  10. Do seven Three-Minute Dashes — earn 7 gold stars.
  11. Practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review

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heartstrawPeace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within!





Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

11 thoughts on “Day 25 – Great Release Program – 25 January – Saturday – by Silver RavenWolf

  1. My husband and I have worked together.
    Our home now has:
    Very neatly stacked wood piles
    An incredibly organized storage building
    Clean decks
    Reupholstered sofa
    CD &DVD drawers cleaned out and downsized
    Dining room rearranged (wow, what a difference THAT made)
    new fridge (though we had to widen the opening and now THAT needs to be repaired)
    Laundry room and apothecary cleaned out
    Bedroom remodeled
    Bathroom is the only area left. We’ll get to that this coming week.

  2. Happy New Year! I, too, have made amazing progress working with my hubby on many occasions. I’ve posted along the way, so I’ll spare the repetition. I love this program no matter what time of the year we do it!

    I had a somewhat scary/interesting experience with my friend yesterday. She is studying Kundilini Love Energy. I was in my ritual space when she came to find me. She was crying and wailing so hard I was shocked (she is normally very quiet). She sounded totally bereft, or possessed. She held onto me and put her head back and wailed for several minutes while I just stood and held her. I thought maybe she had received news that a loved one had died, or something like that, but when she was calmer she was able to tell me that she had been in a deep meditation when suddenly she felt a heaviness around her heart chakra. It built until she could not hold it any longer and she had to ‘release’ it in this way. Wow! What a “Great Release” she experienced. I waited until she was calmer and I gave her a rattle bath, having her repeat the affirmation with me. Then we sat in silence for awhile until her quiet demeanor settled on her once again and her smile came back. I was pleased to know that she feels so safe with me that she is not afraid to let her feelings out! Later in the evening she thanked me and said she didn’t know anyone or have anywhere else that she could do this and feel safe, loved, and accepted. I wondered, then, what on Earth she blew into that stone?!?

    Silver, do you sell the peppermint loofah soap?

  3. I’m getting back on track! I am diligent about paper waste build up, but My Bud might have some he can tackle. I can keep going through old journals. I did the ritual last night, it was later than my time due to being out with friends. I almost didn’t do it at all. That negative talk in the back of my brain. Well I pushed it out and did it!

    I was wondering if maybe you could give me advice or an idea for a problem I’m having. Since the kids are gone we end up sleeping on the couch. I dont like this, and I try to get My Bud upstairs but he passes out too fast sometimes. I’m trying really hard to not mother him. Thanks!

    1. One way is to rearrange the bedroom so that the chi can flow to enhance both individuals. For example, is there too much of your stuff? Are there pics of single items, rather than pairs? Google Feng Shui for the bedroom. You will be delighted with what you find and what you can do.

  4. Cleaning out my books is going to take a little bit. I have an entire back case filled with children’s books and most of them my kids have outgrown and/or just dont read. I have such a hard time parting with books. But I shall tackle this beast as well. I did manage to go through my magick drawer… which I have apparently outgrown. Also my nightstand, which was packed with photo albums, letters and drawers from my kids. Also hard to part with but honestly, are my kids gonna want all of that back when I pass? Probably not.

  5. I did plan to start another “shred-a-thon” but it was such a lovely day clear 50ish temps well I decided to work on the yard. It’s a small yard but the person who is supposed to do the yard really hasn’t touched it for months. So I spent the majority of the day cutting, raking, tearing out weeds. It’s my mom’s 82nd birthday today so that was my gift to her (finding the yard). Sunday is supposed to be wet so I’ll save the paperwork till then.

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