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Exercise in Release by Silver RavenWolf


Exercise in Release! by Silver RavenWolf

We all do it.  Hold on to past issues and present worries so tightly that they suffocate us.  Like a smothering, itchy blanket that we know we should have chucked in the trash long ago, our negative thoughts and feelings linger like a bad fart (is there a good one?) and weigh us down.    Even when we know the crises is over.  Even when the bad people have gone away.  Even when we realistically understand we should move on…

We cuddle the fart.

Revisit it.

Hold it close.

Breathe deep and fill ourselves with the noxious gas of memory.

Release Exercise:  I developed a simple exercise in release that uses a pen, paper, and fire.  Sit quietly, take several deep breaths, and concentrate on drawing in stages.  You don’t have to be an artist.  The idea is to translate the issue to the paper and as most issues are messy?  Art skill is not needed.  Honesty, however, is absolutely required.

The first pass, without lifting the pen, is to think about the facts as you know them.  No assumptions.  No “I think.”  No “maybe…”  Only the facts.  Also, 2nd hand information is iffy.  Just because Sarah told you something doesn’t make it so.   Go only with what you know for sure.  It is super okay if you don’t know everything.  That’s actually part of the process.  Let Spirit fill in the blanks.  It is okay.


Once you have the “facts” layer completed it is time to draw the “emotional” layer.  This is how you feel about the entire situation – ALL your feelings.  Take your time.  Draw over the drawing.  You can stick with black and white, or you can get super creative and add color.

Finally, the third layer is what you “think” – the entire situation that has been squatting and farting in your mind “in total.”  Again, you can add color, or not.  Just let it all hang out!

When you are finished, sit back and take several deep breaths, then go to the sink and rinse off your hands under running water.  I also rub salt on the back of my neck.  All three of these techniques (release breathing, washing, and salt application) stem from my Braucherei practice.

release2nddrawingYou have now transferred the pattern of the thing from your mind to the paper.  This works two ways – you can see this design as a “birth”, or you can see this design as something you vomited out of yourself and it is high time you did that!

While you were drawing, other issues may have jumped into your mind.  These are associated energy patterns that are hooked into the current problem or issue.  Give them their own drawing as well, even if you don’t think they are related.  If they popped into your mind?  There is some sort of link.  Don’t shut those thoughts away.  Deal with it.  These thoughts may be attached to your self-esteem, worries, or fears from a different experience that have slithered into this one.  Take the time to let the negativity flow out.  Don’t dam it up.  Let go.  Release.

In the basic practice, burn the paper outdoors.  As you watch the flames break down and dissolve the drawing, you may wish to repeat:  “I blend with the Spirit of the Universe.  I release my feelings of anxiety, hatred, insecurity, and emotional pain from my mind, memory, heart, body, and soul.  I am One with Spirit, accepting the change, release, and healing I desire.  I am joy!”

Scatter the cold ashes to the wind.

To make the experience more sensory pleasurable, I have developed a Release Herbal Formula that consists of:

Lavender (Mercury)
Rose (Venus)
Vervain (Venus)
Holy Basil (Mars)
Chamomile (Sun)
Yarrow Flowers (Venus)
Lemon Balm (Mercury)
Dandelion Root (Jupiter)

You can put this blend in an herbal sachet, a dream pillow to remove dreams associated with the problem, stuff into poppets to release the situation and more.  If you are into doing your own research as it applies to your personal health care, you can design a tea from the listed herbs, choosing only those that do not interfere with pregnancy or current medications.  For example, Blue Vervain should not be used by pregnant women, as there is an indication that the herb can interfere with blood pressure medications.  (

Sipping a tea with some of the listed herbs (those that are safe for you) can heighten the experience of release.  Look for over the counter organic herbal tea blends at the store that don’t contain “additional flavors” if you don’t want to make a blend of your own.


For those of you who enjoy working with kits – I have a Release candle/herb offering in my WhisperMagick store, perfect for a single working or for a four-day spell/meditation.  The kit contains four specially blend soy tea candles, herbal blend, a rough quartz crystal, cotton conjure bag, and pinback button symbolizing freedom and peace that can be placed on the sachet or worn on clothing or purse/bag.  If you are into magickal oils, I have a Release oil perfect for anointing petitions and enchanted drawings.  Visit my store for my selection of handcrafted products.

Note:  In this article, I have used the element of fire as the release mechanism for the drawing.  You can choose to use water (draw your design with washable markers, salt, or sugar), or earth — draw your design with herbals and scatter in the woods or fields, or air — draw your design with the smoke from an incense stick outdoors (so the smoke doesn’t hang on the premises).  Of the listed choices, I have found fire to be the most effective.

Thank you for visiting my blog!  Feel free to try this working and post your results.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

7 thoughts on “Exercise in Release by Silver RavenWolf

  1. I hate to say it but your thoughtform is kind of cute. It is like Miro and Little Monk had a baby thought goblin. I realise you are releasing it, but it is visually pleasing.

  2. Dear Silver, thank You for this release exercise! I have a question: when we draw the second and third layers, can we lift the pen from the paper or we should make them the way the first layer was created? And the additional extra issues that can pop in our mind when we are drawing…should we follow each step for each particular issue/ with its 3 layers/ or we just add it as a layer over the whole drawing? I have done a similar spell that was to draw a double spiral…this kind of work is more spiritual in nature and requires the focused mind. And it helps ❤

  3. Love, love, love the wonderful Braucherei practice you share with us and would like to ask if you will be releasing a continuation or revised version of the Braucherei classes you had on Etsy? I loved each part of those and look forward to more. I love Granny Magick! Thankyou for your wonderful work and please keep it coming. So far this is the only thing that fuses with me in my practices.

  4. Thank you so much, Silver! Today is Saturday and I have just now had the opportunity to read this. Saturday is my ‘cleansing’ day when I gather all my harmful energies into a black candle to transform them into something useful. This will be an excellent addition to my usual routine! Abundant Blessings to you!

  5. Oh, by the way, the only “good fart” is the one that happens after surgery to show that your bowels are waking up from anesthesia and can resume their physical housekeeping duties! LOL!!!

  6. Wow! How wonderful to see your post Dearest Silver! We are so Blessed with your presence. And also the many folk that are here: receiving your wisdom, care, and opportunity for transforming our lives! Thank you ever so much! I do think that there has been for me (and I am sure others) a continued unfoldment of ‘releasing’ Still taking place from our earlier time together… signs and more that is bringing a betterment of me (of us). So so Beautiful! It is amazing how our Dear Silver will surprise with her amazing new levels of learning that can leave one breathless. And what is best of All is how you skillfully manage time…it
    is inspiration for sure!

    Bright Blessings!

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