Day 27 – Great Release Program – 27 December 2018 – Silver RavenWolf


Day Twenty-Seven- of 2018 Great Release Program – 27 December – Thursday
By Silver RavenWolf

3rd Quarter Moon in Virgo

Jupiter Planetary Day

Burn a combo of Purple and White candles
for spiritual cleansing
and fortunate relations

Your Challenge Today:  Holiday Clean-Up!  For those whose celebrations are finished – time to put away the decorations, consider a new or better way to pack up the holiday stuff, vacuum, throw out/recycle holiday disposable trash, clear out the refrigerator (move what you need to the freezer), wipe down the inside of the oven (if you used it), launder the holiday jammies, and all that good stuff!

Secondary Challenge:  Anything you have been storing to donate, drag it out and deliver where you planned.

This is a short post today; but, packed with lots to do!

Remember – No matter what – give or throw something away today.  Release!  Release!  Release!


  1. Do the Morning Ritual – earn one gold star.
  2. Practice the Rattle Bath/Crystal Cleansing – earn one gold star.
  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar
  4. Did you remember to invoke your special symbol first thing when you woke up?
  5. Holiday Clean-up Day!  Earn 10 stars!
  6. Take planned items to the donation points – 10 stars!
  7. Practice one 3-Minute Dash.  Earn 1 star.
  8. Practice one Dust-Up! Earn 1 star.
  9. Tonight, remember to practice your Nightly Buzz-Through Review. Earn 2 stars!
  10. Do a mental review of your day before you fall asleep – make it quick – don’t let the mind stick.

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within!



11 thoughts on “Day 27 – Great Release Program – 27 December 2018 – Silver RavenWolf”

  1. Well, this will be easy. No holiday decorations, dinner or celebration to clean up after. There are donations half packed though, so may be able to get to those before grand?nieces appointment.

  2. Just WHEN does the Universe ever deliver on what you ask for — I was so excited to meet someone for possible romance while doing this program, only to discover yesterday he’s a con man — I’m done with doing all of this bullshit – the worst thing you do is give people hope

    1. There certainly are a lot of unsavory folks out there! This program is about changes within the self, that take time to manifest if we work at it. To me, such a disappointment actually shows that you are on the right track, that you will rise to a new level of love for the self. Perhaps, also, a long-term benefit will be spotting the fakes a whole lot faster, and helping others along the way. But, if you do not agree, that is okay, too.

    2. Something to consider, maybe working with the program cleared your head enough to see him for what he is sooner rather than later. No magick will guarantee that you won’t bump into some of the negative in life, but over time you can steer clear of more of it. And deal better with what you do run into.

  3. Well, in spite of the fact that yesterday was my husband’s birthday and we had a grand celebration, I managed to at least 5 things done to satisfy and celebrate myself as well! It seemed as though the things I wanted to do just came to me – Like magic! 😉

  4. Hey everyone. Long time no comment 🙂 I’ve been managing to keep up despite an unusually busy solstice/Christmas period and now an extreme heatwave. All the cleaning and de-cluttering and magic has definitely made both of those things a lot easier. Also, I’m so grateful that I have air-conditioning and that I can afford to run it! My goal this week was going to be the laundry but I’ve discovered a wardrobe that has stuff in it that I REALLY don’t want to go through! I haven’t done it yet but I will. Normally I get started on the goal straight away… which tells me how badly I’m trying to ignore that one.

  5. Thank you, it was very nice. We did, what we want to do. Everything was good. Thank you dear Silver.

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