Day Two – Great Release Program – Sunday – 2 December – Silver RavenWolf

Day Two of 2018 Great Release Program – 2 December – Sunday
By SilverRavenWolf

4th Quarter Moon in Libra
Sunday– Sun Planetary Ruler

Venus Moves into Scorpio – attraction power on starry  steroids
Sun in Scorpio square Mars in Pisces – laugh at difficulties and use toys to solve problems (no kidding)

“What is that?”

“A surprise.”

“Where did it come from?”

“The freezer.”

“You don’t expect me to eat that.”

“Of course I do!”

“What is it?”

“Two months of meat left overs in one pot.”

“Why would you do that?”

“The Great Release Program.”


“Today’s challenge was to clean out the freezer.  Ta-da!  Where are you going?”

“To hide all the garbage bags because I know this is just the beginning.”

Your Challenge Today – Clean out the Refrigerator/Freezer

Day One is done!  On to Day Two!  This is the weekend so you may have more time to accomplish release tasks (or not). Remember, do what you can just follow the primary rule:

  Throw one thing out.  No giveaways this first week.  Toss.  Toss. Toss.

Easy Chakra Balance Techniques:  Yesterday I promised you a fast way of balancing the chakras – simply take your rattle, or a quartz crystal tied to a string and use the item to make a counter-clockwise motion over the chakra while breathing deeply, pause, and exhale.  Do this 3 times, then switch to a clockwise direction.  I have also used my hand to do the same thing when I’ve been super busy.  This technique seems to remove stress and bring mental balance even on the most hectic day.  Like this idea?  You can learn a lot more energy manipulation techniques for your well-being by reading Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine – Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality.  She also has videos on the net.  Check ‘em out!

Cleansing Formula for Clearing and Balancing Energies in the home or workplace.  You might like using this fragrant and powerful herbal blend to remove negativity from an area.  Asperge (sprinkle) the water around the premises.  For a more enhanced practice, follow with herbal cleansing smoke or incense, and a lit white candle.  Finish with the sweet sound of bells or a singing bowl.

Sweet Sleep Sachet – try using a mixture of Chamomile (Sun), Linden (Jupiter), Catnip (Venus), and Rose (Venus) in a sachet bag, packet or pillow.  I also add Ashwagandha Root (Sun-Jupiter) available fromStarwest Botanicals –– Not only is this a great mixture for a Sachet and Sleep Poppets – it is a super great tea!  Just remember, when ingesting any herbal be sure to do your research for the safety of your own body and consult your physician before mixing any herb with medications or health conditions.  Pre-wash the bag/material to remove any negativity or harmful chemicals. You may wish to choose a particular color or image for the bag.  For example, you can order material from internet shops that focus on a particular spirit animal like an owl, stag, bear, horse, etc.  You can even make your packet out of decorative craft paper or card stock.  Bless the herbs, then let your mixture “marry” for 24 to 48 hours in a glass jar with a tight seal. 

When you are ready to activate the blend, be sure to have an open mindset that anything is possible. Projecting negative thoughts, feelings, or energies of future circumstances will ruin the work.  To help keep a clear head, I usually visualize myself standing in a cave, facing a brilliantly lit opening where all you can see is a clear blue sky and the blue sea.  This is my idea of “anything is possible” or “the way is absolutely clear”. Set your intent – for example, sweet sleep, or restful sleep.  Bless the herbs.  Breathe on the mixture 9 times, pushing your intent into the herbs.  Finish with a simple “thank you” or “Peace with the Gods, Peace with Nature, Peace Within”.  Draw an equal-armed cross over the sachet to bind your request and seal the energies. 

Place the sachet under your pillow.  I bury mine at the bottom of my pillowcase.  You can also hang the bag over your bed, place on a shelf above the bed or tie to a bedpost.  If this is your choice, you may wish to add any of these gemstones as sleep aids: Amethyst (cleanses the aura), Clear Quartz (shielding), Hematite (remove emotional pain), Jade (stress reduction), Labradorite (heighten intuition), Rose Quartz (brings healing and transmutes negative energy).  As with any gemstone, be sure to cleanse, bless, and program before use or you may experience the opposite of what you desired.  Every stone works by its nature and is a natural energy unto itself – your input is necessary for a harmonious working.

I raise many of my own herbs for medicinal and magickal practices.   African Basil, Holy Basil, White Sage, Rosemary, and Pumpkin are essentials for me.  I also wildcraft jewel weed, violet, cinquefoil, and dandelion.

Use the packet/pillow for 10 days – then cleanse the bag in sunlight for a few hours.  Place the cleansed sachet in a glass jar in a dark cabinet and allow the sachet to “rest” for 10 days.  Reactivate with the mindset, intent, and breath technique when you are ready to use again.  If you have had any negative experience with the mixture, burn the bag outdoors.   

Rather than sachets, I often make Bedroom Buddies – sleep poppets.  You can find instructions for this type of magic in my new book Poppet Magick – Patterns, Spells & Formulas for Poppets, Spirit Dolls & Magickal Animals.

Silver RavenWof's Poppet Magick and Spirit Animal Book
Silver RavenWolf’s Poppet Magick and Spirit Animal Book


  1. Practice the morning Ritual – earn one gold star.
  2. Practice the Rattle Bath – earn one gold star.
  3. Mark what you accomplished on your Great Release Calendar
  4. Do one3-Minute Dash – earn one gold star.
  5. Do one5-Minute Dust Buster – earn one gold star.
  6. Read your Main Goal 9 times aloud.
  7. Do one thing toward this week’s goal (that you wrote down yesterday)
  8. Did you remember to invoke your special symbol first thing when you woke up?  If you forgot, try again tomorrow, no worries. 
  9. Clean the refrigerator. You get 3 gold stars for this tough job!  Already did the refrigerator last week?  Pick another big goal.  You don’t get to skate.
  10. Make the Aura Cleanse Water and use in your release program activities.  Water will last in your clean refrigerator for about 2 weeks.  Add salt if you have a particularly nasty problem going on. One star for effort!
  11. Make a sweet sleep sachet.  Earn one gold star, two if you made it as a gift for someone.
  12. Tonight, remember to practice your Nightly Review.

We packed a lot of good stuff into this second day!  Be sure to post — don’t be shy!  We are all delighted to read what you have to say.  Until tomorrow…

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within!



18 thoughts on “Day Two – Great Release Program – Sunday – 2 December – Silver RavenWolf”

  1. 9 golden stars since yesterday 🙂 not bad …wondering what the prise should be ? thanks and Love your way dear Silver RavenWolf ❤

      1. I need to talk to you..very important ..very very important. Love and Light your way Sister

  2. Fridge all sorted – it was a perfect day for it – cooler temperatures than usual and the garbage is collected tomorrow. Bonus! It wasn’t too bad in there, although a little worse than I expected. Now it’s immaculate! Cleansing and sleeping magic done, too, with some adjustments for ingredients I don’t have. I’ve started working on the study… it’s slow going but I’ll be so pleased if I can manage it. Yay!

    1. My first goal is my computer room. Thanks to you I will for now on call it my study! And am excited to see where it will end up!

      1. Excellent! We’ll both have beautifully clean, clear and magical places to work. Brilliant 🙂

  3. Thank you Dearest Raven. Blessings Abound with your presence.

    I do not have fresh herds, but do have frozen Rosemary and sage as well as Holy Basil Tea so will brew a batch for my spray. Yes more than a few golden *** happening. Cheers!

  4. I put up my holiday tree today instead of cleaning the fridge. It took almost 5 hours! I had to make a few substitutions to the sweet sleep satchet. Frankincense for Linden and Osiris Root for Catnip. I hope it works well! Thanks for the effort you put into this!

      1. Seems to be working well! A small brain injury had my ability to remember my dreams blocked but I’ve had several clear images with the sachet!

      2. Actually, that isn’t true. I apologize. I’m not very good at telling people what I think they won’t want to hear. It’s not an excuse but I am sorry. I gave this bundle to my son. He wasn’t sleeping well but then I took it back from him because I was afraid it was the cause. I put it with my “me” dolly and had two good night’s of dreams but that was it. I’m going to restuff it in another shape and see if that helps. Thanks for putting this together 🙂

  5. I finished Day 2 but had already cleaned the fridge. Instead we cleaned and rearranged our son’s room. It feels so much more open and the energy is moving so much more freely. We also tossed a ton of junk. Not just in the room but throughout the house. I was on a tear! LOL!

  6. I love the breathe spells. I even had the fun on Sunday to literally face the Sun and it was shining! You have to understand I live under the clouds of the Pacific Northwest all winter. I got out a porcelain tea cup and made tea to chant over. I only drink tea occasionally so I am making it my special drink for the beginning of the day. Finding that private location is always a challenge for me. I started in the kitchen but have finally settled on doing it in the living room. My living room is on the East side of the house. I liked the theme of East and the Sun. This year I have decided to step out of the “broom closet”. My husband’s is mentally and physically handicapped from a stroke. I have had home health aids, PT, nurses, etc. marching through my home for the last 3 1/2 years. I finally have just set up two permanent altars. One by my desk and one on a cart that I can take to any room and turn any direction. The Chakra Light is something I have tried in the past but I like this approach the best. I used a bell and my hands [I like I can use it anytime with my body tools – the hands] but because I need to not disturb others [don’t want to wake hubby up] I am going to try the crystal approach. Step by Step I am moving on this program. Oh I set my goal for the week – Holiday decorations up. In Feng Shui the center of the home is where happiness is centered. Our youngest 42 year old son that lives with us at holiday toasts always asks for happiness. The down stairs center is in place with an angel flowers and a picture but the landing above was….you get the idea. I had a lady help my son clear it. That is where the Tree is going to be set up. We all want happiness after a very hard year. At my age and health I can’t physically do all of the items myself but what has been great is this plan it has actually brought my helpers, who have been busy in the past, over quicker to help. Onward I march through the program! lol

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