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Pisces New Moon Egg & Toy Spell #RavenWolf

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2017

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This month’s new moon is on Sunday, 26 February at 9:58 AM EST/6:58 AM PST.  An extremely exciting new moon because the Moon and Sun meet in Pisces, combining their energy to form “the big picture” of the year ahead.  This is will and emotion working as one – something that is rather difficult for all of us on a regular basis.  A very spiritual and artistic moon, your soul will glow if you tap into the smooth, sweet, dazzling energy of Pisces.  This is also – The Toy Moon!  I call it, the Poppet Moon (no, nobody else does – I made it up – you won’t find it in any research anywhere).
I don’t know if you have ever noticed?  But…Pisces People?  This would include folks with Pisces rising, a Pisces Moon or Mars placed in Pisces.  They almost ALWAYS love toys.  And, if they don’t have toys at their fingertips?  They play with napkins, pencils, stones, whatever is available in front of them.  The controlled ones?  They play with toys in secret so you don’t know they love toys.  The type of toy can differ – some like cute little ones, others big fancy things, dolls, trains, trucks, and yes…even unmentionable toys not suited to the general audience.
Which for me, converts into magickal dolls.
Spirit Dolls.
I call it the Poppet Moon because honestly, in the magickal world the word “poppet” has more publicity mileage.
Did you know that as a kid, I didn’t like dolls?  That’s right!  Until I figured out that they could be extremely useful in the world of manipulating energy.  And then hold back!  If I could make them myself – odd, strange, unusual?  All the better!  Toys that can WORK.  I so love that.
This New Moon also has a few whammies with it.  It is a Solar Eclipse – so what you do?  This energy stir things up for at least 6 months – work wisely.  AND, the day is energized by the Moon conjoin Neptune – so what this means is that we’ve got all three The Sun, The Moon, and the Ruler of Pisces (Neptune) all playing in the same sandbox.  Someone will either tell you a whopping lie (hold onto your purse strings too) or present/birth amazing artistic, musical, etc. genius (that would be…you!)  Stay away (please, please, please) from drugs and alcohol all weekend.  I know.  Who the hell am I?
Someone that would like you to stay living.  You have work to do.  Let’s not screw it up.
Also active that day, and really, really important is Mars cojoin Uranus in Aries – so this means a wave of enormous POWER (it also means watch out for accidents and don’t do anything super stupid).  Our goal is to use this amazing energy to carry a goal or project to super success!
The spell for the Poppet Moon is super simple – actually, it was the information you just received that was more important.  You needed that base – that knowledge of what energies are available to you – to reach out and manifest what you feel you need.  Think of it this way – you are on a BIG water slide?  At the top?  And the magick is the ride down to the goal at the bottom.  You can do this!  Super simple.

You will need:
A raw egg (don’t break it).
A white candle – I used our Egg Money Beeswax Chime candle
A toy or doll that you will carry with you for the next 6 months OR that you will place in a prominent location so that you can see it every day.
Sunflower seeds
Your goal written on a piece of paper – please be specific (attach this paper to the toy).  Now, if you are afraid that someone will see what you have written – burn the paper and massage the ashes into/onto the surface of the toy.
Marker – black or colors (your choice).
A glass or bowl of blessed water.
Clear your working area with a prayer, chant, holy water, incense, etc.  Whatever you normally do is fine.  Cleanse and bless all tools.  Color the egg with the marker and set safely aside.  As you color, chant your desire, it could be very simple:  “Success comes to me easily” – whisper these words over the egg so that your breath touches the egg.  The trick is for your breath to roll from right in front of you to out beyond you.  You can draw anything on this egg — designs, pictures, words — this is YOUR spell — do as you will.
Dress your candle with magickal oil or fluid condenser (you don’t need to do this if you have my beeswax chimes) and empower your candle for success.  The candle does not have to be white – that is just the color I chose.  Light the candle.  Dip the egg in the blessed water and blow it dry as you repeat a chant like this:  “I birth success.  All my actions and thoughts are tuned to happiness, joy, and success.”  Yes, I know the colors will probably run.  That is just fine.  Pisces is, after all, all about blending – right?
Once the egg is dry, set it on top of the sunflower seeds.  As the candle burns, reaffirm your desire then seal the working with an equal-armed cross drawn in the air over the candle and the egg.  Leave the egg there until the candle burns completely.
Dip the toy in the same water, and blow it dry saying the same chant you used before.  If the toy will be ruined by immersion, then sprinkle it with the water.  Command the toy to assist you in attracting success.  Tell the toy you will reward it with something special (pizza, chocolate, a new dress, a plastic farm house – whatever) when you receive what you desire.  Tell the Universe how grateful you are that your success has come to pass.  Aye-ya!
Again, when you are finished empowering and directing the toy/doll — be sure to seal the working in the way you feel appropriate or by drawing an equal-armed cross in the air over the toy/doll.
There is only one caution – what you promise, you must do.  There is no forgetting.  No, “gee, I’m sorry.”  You say it?  You mean it.  You do it.  Magick is hugely dependent on this form of honor.
If you have other dolls or toys you would like to bless or empower?  By all means go ahead and do that now.  If not?  Then finish up your working by connecting with the world around you and spirit – that lovely, uplifting spiritual sensation.  Play music, sing, whatever!  When you are finished, thank the Gods, Nature (this place), and the moment.  “May others feel the happiness I am enjoying right now.”
Take the egg outside and throw it as hard and as far as you can, saying:  “Success comes to me easily.  As this egg breaks, so success is absolutely mine.  As nature embraces this egg, so success is absolutely mine.”  You may wish to intone these words several times, or just once – whatever it takes for you to believe it.  Scatter the sunflower seeds in the same manner.  “As I scatter these seeds, so success is absolutely mine.  As nature embraces these seeds, whether they be for food or growth, so success is absolutely mine.  Success comes to me easily!  So be it!”
Inside, throw the cold candle end in the trash (if there is any).  Carry the toy with you until your goal is reached (or place the toy in a prominent or honored place).  When you receive your request, bless the toy and keep your word.  Cleanse the toy with salt water and prayer – it can be used again.
I am grateful that you took the time to read today’s article!  Thank you so much for sharing in the energy!  Many Blessings to you!


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

15 thoughts on “Pisces New Moon Egg & Toy Spell #RavenWolf

  1. Thank you- I was aware of the energies on the 26th but this is a wonderful quest working with Poppets or Toys. Is there a process for Blessed Water ? I will do this and I can’t wait to see the results.

    1. Just pray or whisper your favorite chant, prayer or song that is uplifting over the water. Many add 3 pinches of salt, or a selection of herbals such as lavender buds, hyssop, and rosemary (favorites).

  2. Wow Raven! .So Amazing You are. Love your New site. Thanks for keeping us
    informed and empowered! Stay Blessed!

  3. Thank u so much Silver!!!!! I think I can do this one!!!! Yay Me!!!!!!! LOVE to u and yours!!!!!

  4. Thank You Silver 🙂 Love Your workings! Thank You I Found You
    I was inspired by the magical powders making, I used your idea for the blessed water with the orange, clover and camomile…will add oils and some alcohol and a chant burnt to ash inside. I like to improvise …Juniperus oil???? wondering still though for what to add…I would like to calm the storm that rages at work and to start a new project…but I NEED to be in peace…to success
    I am sending to you my Love
    Blessed Be

  5. Merry meet Silver! Thank you so much for this – I will be doing the spell when I get home from work later. The new Moon is at 17:00 my time, so it works out perfectly. I was preparing for this spell yesterday, and I cut my finger while I was working on my poppet – so I pressed my cut onto her body in the area of her heart! I think my blood will make the spell super-charged!

  6. Dear Silver Raven Wolf
    My Teacher and my Inspiration in Art
    I was guided by Spirit all day today. The mission I started is not only for me myself. I know that many will benefit from it. I have a great guidance I received directly from the realm of devas I have a constant connection with and I believe that this message is for you too since you are a teacher of so many people. I know that through you this message will blossom. I cannot publish it online, it is a private one that will be shared by e-mail. Please, contact me when you can. I promise I will not waste your time nor bother you !
    You have my word!
    Love and Blessings of Light

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