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Release Week Closure — from Silver RavenWolf and Taco Cat

I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the week-long program this year.  To me, it went extremely well and the 8-day format was something I could handle both in the creation and implementation.  I liked running the program after the holiday season, although I didn’t expect the emotional rollercoaster it presented on various days — which you may have experienced yourselves.  Given that we packed a great deal within just 7 days, with body, mind and soul effort, there was bound to be some fallout — whether it was emotional or event-oriented, due to our hard work.

Our purpose was to “shift” the energies — and we surely did that!

The most successful portion of this year’s program, I think, was the Need Dolly — called by some participants the “Needy Dolly” (which I rather liked because the title spoke on many levels).  As I am currently finishing up a spirit doll book, I will be adding the Needy Dolly to the work along with our experiences from this program with that particular magickal vehicle.  The Needy Dolly?  I consider her the Magickal Boots on the Ground for this season’s release program!

Releasing the Need Dolly in ritual circle.

In other areas of my life, I actually managed to finish my offensive closet — which had escaped my repeated efforts on several occasions in the past three months.  I was able to donate 10 bags of clothing, and clean out the bedroom closet as well, along with the other daily tasks.  All junk drawers are cleared (we won’t share how many I actually have — it will be our little enchanted secret).   On the uplifting and magickal task-oriented side of life this past week, I created two new “dollies” which will also be in the spirit doll book.

Taco Cat and I thank you so much for your interest in the program this year!  The energy was fantastic and we could feel the participants working all over the world!  Sweden, France, England, Australia, Canada and more — it was a pleasure to be with all of you!  Taco Cat and I will put together another program — perhaps for MidSummer?  Until then, I have Taco Cat buckled up for a road trip!  We’re going to have a little fun and catch us some Pokemon!

Taco Cat preparing for a road trip.
Taco Cat preparing for a road trip.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

25 thoughts on “Release Week Closure — from Silver RavenWolf and Taco Cat

  1. I love the way you view magick Anything can be magicksl even the most mundane task if you focus and add intent and desire from light and love Into-your working. Sweeping can connect to earth and being well grounded. Scrubbling can be cleansing and get of all kinds of dirt and negativity out too. Magick is a part of me wheather I channel it or not. I don’t know if this makes since? That”s it what I’m trying to sayid ” Magick
    Means perfect sense to me !! It’sa natural phenomena that is powerful and can be accessed at will !!! So yes I love your writings. Last thing I will say. Is it is Most powerful by what you put into it!!

    I see it the same way you do!!! Thank you!! I’ve always felt this way from the day I opened up to the universe it was clarity with many much more options.

    I hope say to much. But as usual you inspire me and make me think. Thank you and many blessings!!!

  2. Thank you so much Silver. I’m going to burn my Dolly tomorrow when the weather is better. I will miss her though!

  3. Loved this, as always. 1 week was a good legnth for me this year. My next big seasonal shift is at the close of summer, when i start to get ready for winter, if you’re thinking of doing a 2nd releaae this year. I’m in.

  4. Thank you so much for an amazing experience and I love your work and especially whisper magick.

  5. Thank you Silver!
    I like the 7 day release, it was much more manageable for me, and I could focus on it better. I liked that it was after the holidays, and mid summer would be great :).
    I kissed my Need Dolly goodbye today and sent her down the swirly, raging river to do her magic.
    Brightest Blessings to you!

  6. Thank you and Taco Cat so very much! It was a wonderful program and I love the 8 day format! I got a little behind due to some family events but I managed to throw stuff away and deal with sick sister, sick daddy, sick chicken and injured husband (btw thank you and the circle for the healing energy it appears he will keep his finger🙂) .
    Wishing you and TC a lovely trip and catch lots of Pokemon, my son and I play that, it’s a hoot. Blessed Be!

  7. Thank you Silver!
    Wonderful experience because my focus shifted after drip & drabes of procrastinating tbis last year.
    The release part came on multilevels of creation. And having a clear understanding where the blocks were.
    Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest. Step of your life. Tip toe if you must,but take the step.
    A quote I received yesterday.

  8. Giving – Receiving – Giving – Receiving 🙂
    Happy that I had the chance to work with You
    Blessings from my Heart!

  9. Dear Silver & Taco Cat, wow, the energy of this program works! I was so motivated this Weekend. Decluttered again a lot. But the fridge still is not done. It is tooooooo cold. But instead a lot of other things were done. And I always Keep you in mind. That you and the community did the same. Thank you for shifting the energy. When I did my Braucherei Morning ritual, I faced, that my voice bacame very soft and peaceful! That is really great. I love this Magic stick which is to seen next to Taco Cat. Would be great, if we can create one togheter in our next Release program. The Enery this stick will have would be more powerful to release or heal. Have a good time and wonderful trip. Blessed be! Love, Kristina

  10. I started a new job position from within the company I’ve been working for for 8 years. This position I had been hoping for ever since. This last week my new work began to actually jell in, and during the training week, I worked with each of the 7 day program.
    Even the “cleaning out under the bed”, which made so much since and I never realized that stuff stored could hender sleep and dream scape. Wow!! What a difference!!
    As always, thank you. And thank you for all of your love for all your students, friends and family.
    And so it shall be in perfect love, perfect peace, & perfect trust.

  11. Thank-you, looking forward to the next Release program. May you and TC enjoy your adventures. Bright Blessings

  12. Even the witches sometimes do not listen to what is said/me included/…anyway 🙂 nothing too serious to worry about
    I love this song….

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