Release Week — Day 8 — Friday #silverravenwolf

Friday – 20 January 2017
4th Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Venus Day

Taco Cat sits under the Fairy Tree where he learns more about the healing power of Whisper Magick — that’s what he does on his days off!


The main thrust of all of my Release Programs is to get you to learn to “shift” the energy.

That’s it.

That’s the core.

When you are sad, unhappy, over-worked, stressed, feeling so down that you think you can never get up again?  Just one little switch.  Just one change.  Just one step.

That’s all it takes to move forward in a way that will help you.

One breath.

One thought.

One change.

Release one thing.

Just one — to shift that energy!

Today (Friday) is devoted entirely to our Need Dolly.  Every day we told our dolly what we need in our lives.  The dolly has seen how we live and watched our family members.  This day, we command our dolly to walk through all realms, both seen and unseen and provide an open pathway for our success!  I usually cast a circle, and burn my Need Dolly, telling him or her specifically what I want without being overly complicated.  Then, I seal the working when the doll is completely burned.  You may not wish to use fire – perhaps you would like to use water – a stream or river – if your dolly is completely natural, it won’t harm any animals by releasing it this way.  Others may wish to bury their dolly, burying the pain, trouble, and debt deep within the earth and asking that their lives be cleansed of difficulty.  To bury the doll, take it apart, sprinkle it with sea salt and lavender, and lay the pieces to rest.  In the end — how you release your doll is entirely up to you.  You have the power.

I choose to do a small ritual, outdoors, where I will add dried lavender, white sage, and lemon verbena from the family herb garden.  I will cast a circle, call the quarters, ask for the blessing of divinity, and then command the doll.  I will also ask that all negativity in and around the household and family be banished, and that sweet joy, harmony, and laughter fill the space.  At that point, I will burn the doll and the herbs — uttering a short chant of my choice that supports this working until the flame dies to nothing.  Then, I will thank deity, close the quarters, take up the circle and scatter the cold ashes in the winter wind.

After you release your doll?

Rest and party!  It is a 4th quarter moon after all!  A time of passion, joy, and relaxation!  You deserve it!

Thank you so much for joining us this year.  If you liked this short program, please let me know in the comments section.  Perhaps we could schedule another close to MidSummer?  If there is enough interest, Taco Cat and I will put our heads together to whip up another fun week of release!

Best Wishes
Until we meet again!
Silver and Taco Cat


63 thoughts on “Release Week — Day 8 — Friday #silverravenwolf”

  1. Dear Silver and Taco Cat, thank you soooooo much for the Release Program. It is very helpful, useful to do this. Motivation is so much higher. What I also do through the year, I choos former Posts of the last year of the Releasprogram and do this. Helps me a lot. So I am very thankful for this, and I love the way we do it togheter, all over the world. This is fantastic. Thank you so much. The Release program is also a good idea for a book. Just Combine it from all the last years and get it ready for Publishing. Indeed it already written. Blessed be. Big hug to you and Taco cat. And Special thank again, for your Birthday present and candle that you gave me this year. Love & Light, Kristina

    1. Thanks for the super idea, Kristina — my son actually mentioned that I should turn the program into a book last night, lol. I like the idea that you go back over some of the posts and use them throughout the year. You go! I am very proud of you!

  2. I absolutely love this program, I’ve done so before, and this one week in January was perfect for me. It showed me how much more I can get accomplished in just one week. And the releasing as such was so good for me!
    For us it was a bigger haul because we’d moved into a new place 1.5 years ago and this release program meant we basically re-sorted *everything*. After the move we’d already done that, but you know… you put everything into its new place and with time you realize you don’t use some things, you can’t find this or that, or it’s in a place that is completely impractical. So this was overdue. 🙂
    I would LOVE another such program during this year! I bet in half a year it would proove just as helpful, on both the material and spiritual side.
    Thank you so so so much for giving us this opportunity and support!
    Brightest Blessings
    Marta (from Switzerland)

    1. Thank you Marta! I am delighted that you enjoyed the program. Thanks, too, for taking the time to post and tell us a little of your story. So important. You are such a vital individual! We must do this again!

  3. I used to work with groups of like minded Spiritual People from different countries. We did common meditations , crystal connections and we had common dreams, our Spiritual skills developed and we learned much from this experience, we developed telepathy and I have telepathic connections with some of them. I am sharing this with you just to tell you that there is HUGE advantage in these common works, when groups of people gather their energy the result is always AMAZING . The energy arround us is alive and we can communicate with it ! To make a connection with the elements is so easy and so Powerful at the same time, energies are intelligent and can listen to us , our responsibility is to be Wise, to be Wise means to know the Universal Laws and to obey them …everything is a matter of ballance and free will.
    Dear Silver and Taco Cat, THANK YOU and I will be glad to work with You again!

      1. Thank YOU 🙂 I am so happy to share with you and all who follow your blog what I know because you are AN INSPIRATION OF MINE and all these people here I feel like OUR TEAM 🙂 MAY THE FORSE BE WITH US
        happy happy happy hugs

  4. I have just seen the latest Tweet of yours, Healing Circle Night…I used LAGUZ in the water I used for making my dinner.
    Then there came another typo and these Two Runes came . Here is an idea for making a Healing Pyramid while you are sleeping in your bed. This idea is not mine, I tried it years ago and it works. I have worked with moss agate and amethyst, these crystals have healing and protective energies. all you need is 4 crystals. Put them on the floor by the 4 edges of your bed, then go to sleep. You are inside a crystal pyramid, the crystals form an invisible protective and healing shield around you while you are sleeping.

      1. Kyanite Stone is a great connector on every layer of existence ! Have you ever thought of connecting this way . This stone works well in the crystal construction of my Light Ship that is called ALGIZ , You are invited onboard if You like . The password to enter ALGIZ is CENTER…you feel center, say the word if you like, feel your center and intend to enter onboard before you fall asleep, take a paper and a pen near your bed to write down your dream as soon as you wake up. Before going to sleep intend to remember the dream. We are working this way with some people and we have same dreams and thus learm a lot, we were contacted with Beings from Higher realms and given tons of information. It is amazing how we can see each other in our dreams and work together in Astral Realms 🙂
        LOVE and Blessings and Pure JOY to YOU

  5. Silver and Taco Cat, Thanks so much for your efforts. It really helps spur me on to bigger and better things. I can see a light at the end of the clutter tunnel. PLEASE do it again!

  6. Thank you Silver. This was the beginning of a mayor shift in my way of dealing with all kinds of issues.

    Love and light to all.

  7. Thanks so much for all of the time and effort that must go into these programmes. I’ve had a wonderful time with this week’s release programme and I’ve accomplished more than I thought possible! I’d definitely participate in another should you decide to do it again. Thanks Silver and Taco Cat! You’re both amazing 🙂

  8. Thanks, for this week! I will copy and do the ones I missed while working. I work 12 hrs. night shifts so not always in the swing of things and sometimes just to tired. Really missed the December one this year! I would love for you to do more of these during the year. Thanks and many blessings! Hope your commitment to quit smoking is going well. It’s tough! I can still remember how hard it was for me to quit.

  9. Smaller Release Programs throughout the year would be wonderful. What a gift you give to us! Thank you!!

  10. Thankyou! I really enjoy these releases and missed it in december this year. The week is more achieveable for me than the month.

  11. Thank you ! Love doing your release programs. It keeps me motivated and working towards harmony. Thank you again. Yes would be very welcomed to doing these week long programs throughout the year, maybe one each per season? These short ones are way more achievable than the whole month, not that I didn’t try to do the whole month one.
    For me this past week put me into the mood, swing of things to keep going at my own pace.
    Thank you and Thank you Taco cat for putting me in the groove to move forward.
    Best wishes to all.

  12. Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart for all the release
    programs Blessed be everyone

  13. I loved this week so much!! Thank you thank you thank you. I was disappointed when you didn’t do the month long cleanse in December but I enjoyed this and I’m so grateful. If you’re taking a tally count me in for another one. Blessings

  14. Loved the program this year. THANK you for putting in the effort for us. I love the feeling of doing these things with others. 3 years ago on ‘my list’ for the program that year was to hem my sons cloak.. i finally got that done … ha! lmao

  15. Last two days have been tough but your words today helped me push through – excellent program – love love love it ❤️ Many blessings and thanks from me and mine

  16. It helped me to clean and clear my house of un- needed things. Gave me a reason to get out of bed. Thank you .

  17. Thank you so much! I would love to do this again. 👍🏻😄
    For some odd reason, I feel a sadness, a loss. Maybe it is strange to say this, but I will miss my Need Doll. Silly. I know.
    Again, thank you for taking the time and energy putting this together.

  18. Thank you so much. 🙂 I always enjoy your Release Challenges. Doing a shorter version this year was less overwhelming, as I tend to remember at night when I’m getting ready for bed that I forgot to do something. 🙂 I would be all for doing another week-long program later on in the year. Thanks again! (((HUGS))) -Tammy Jackson Treichel

  19. I love when you do these programs! Please taco cat and silver, will you try and do another?!

  20. This was wonderful!! Ty so very much. Please let me know when you finish your new book on dolls. I’d love a copy. Many blessings, Diane

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed this Release program! I am adding the Needy Doll to my Book of Shadows. I will definitely be making another. I had used a tall tapper for my motivation candle, so I was still using it today. I’m still working on my goal, however my goal to become more focus has happened. Many thanks for this wonderful release! Many blessings to you! Looking forward tl the next! Love and light!

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