Release Week — Day 7 –Thursday #silverravenwolf

Thursday – 19 January 2017
4th Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Day begins with Libra Moon – Voids – Moves into Scorpio
Hits 4th Quarter 2nd half of the day
Jupiter Day

Today’s Goal – Sacred Nature Day — Pet Day!
Don’t Forget Your Main Goal

tacocatpetdayCongratulations!  You’ve made it to the 7th day!  Whoot!  You are so very awesome!  Today is Sacred Nature and Pet Day.  Your tasks should revolve around anything that you feel is sacred nature – taking care of house plants, enjoying a walk in the woods, clearing a path to a fire circle – whatever, as long as it somehow involves nature.  For those of you who have pets – this is the day to spoil them!  Perhaps a trip to the groomers or the pet store!  Cleaning out the puppy basket of old, yucky toys and replacing them with new ones?  Washing or replacing the bedding (as appropriate for the kind of pet you have)?  Entirely up to you!  Enjoy!

Don’t forget to donate clothes in good condition — be serious with yourself on this one.  I can tell you at age 60 I understand the machination in the brain over holding on to a particular bit of clothing because you think you might fit into it again.

And holding on to it.

And holding on to it.

And holding on to it.

Honey?  Give the darned thing away and love yourself for who you are now.


Today is the last day you will light your white candle and work on your main goal.  Take the time at the end of the day to do a closure ritual – thanking Spirit for the joy we have felt while working with each other and within ourselves.  Leave an offering of gratitude if you can by giving something to nature, a friend, or a person in need.

Tomorrow?  Is devoted to our Need Dolly!  Have fun today!

Silver and Taco Cat


Do several one-minute or three-minute dashes.
Today is Sacred Nature Day – Pet Day!
Do one task that helps you accomplish your main goal for the week.
Throw or give one thing away.
Let go of items that no longer serve you.

Empower and burn one white candle.
Do a Closing Ritual – thanking Spirit (or whatever you believe in) for your Good Fortune.


11 thoughts on “Release Week — Day 7 –Thursday #silverravenwolf”

  1. Thank you for all of your hard work on this release program Silver. YOU are appreciated. ⭐⭐⭐X3 💙💙💙x3. And again.

  2. Dear Silver & Taco Cat. So, my mum throwed out cloths which didn`t fit anymore or to get more space. She is over 60, too. I have selected a few of the cloths, to use it for sewing. A few days ago, the Neigbourgh asked me, if I can sew a coat for her dog. It`s a small dog, and if the snow touches her Little Body, the loungs are affected, so she Needs a protection coat. Well I think today, to sew her a small coat, combined with the sorted out clothes which are not needed anymore. Hopefully I`ll can do it well for the Little dog. Wish you a great day. And I also say thank you, for the Release program. Very helpful and you are such a great Person! Thank you so much! Regards, Kristina

      1. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much Silver! You are so great. I am so happy that I have a so great Support from you in my life. Means totally much for me! Thank you! Love, Kristina

  3. Words are not enough to say how much I appreciate everything you are doing , Silver! This is a feeling I have in my Heart. Heart is our connection to the Source, Heart knows everything , all wisdom comes through it, all Creation comes through it ! When one lives from the Heart fears cannot reach him/her. And there is a virus in human hearts, this virus is called fear…fear can close the heart and cut the connection with the Source. Do not feed the fear ! This is my lesson and each time when I say – I have already learned it…fear tries to oppose me.
    You helped me to return back to my Center that is the Heart!
    I Love You 🙂 Mum Silver

  4. Well, my two cats are sleeping comfortably (which they do anyway!) having being taken care of and cleaned up after 🙂 I went for a walk first thing this morning, before it got too hot outside, which might be a habit I decide to keep. I’ve also, finally, finished de-cluttering the kitchen! I wouldn’t have thought that was possible, but there it is! 😉 I’m very pleased with myself!

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