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Release Week – Day 4 — Monday #silverravenwolf


Monday – 16 January 2017
3rd Quarter Moon in Virgo
Moon Voids
Moon Day

Today’s Goal – One or More Junk Drawers
Today’s Special Challenge:  Rearrange One Entire Room!

Don’t Forget Your Main Goal
Did you Talk to Your Dolly Today?

Please also note that we are using the Almanac Quarter Division for the monthly astro info — not the 8 Phase moon model.  This may confuse someone who isn’t familiar with both types of moon information.  I use Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide for source material.

How are you doing so far?  This program spans a total of 8 days, much shorter than in other years, so I’m trying to pack as much as I can into each day.  It is okay if you can’t get everything suggested done.  Just go with the flow.  Remember, all you have to really do is throw out or give away one thing.  The rest is cake!

As a reminder, the last day of the program this year is dedicated to your Need Dolly.  Keep talking to him or her throughout the program.

Has a Problem Surfaced in the last few days?  Right about now some of you may be experiencing a crisis — large or small — doesn’t matter.  This glop of difficulty points to what you need to adjust in your life to obtain that which you desire.  Begin with your perception and work outward into the physical.  To get a handle on it?  Do a complete physical and spiritual cleansing.  Take your time — walk through the entire house or apartment with your cleansing tools — holy water, sage, incense, bells, white candle — whatever your choice.  Even if you aren’t having any problems worth mentioning?  Do the walk through anyway — you will feel better for it.  Take your dolly with you as you move throughout the living area.

Fix Me!  Clean Me!  The other interesting issue that often occurs with this program is that something steps forward that insists you take care of it in the cleaning/organizing department.  It isn’t on your list and it probably irritates you.  Someone else may have brought it to your attention, or maybe they need something buried deep within the closet and you just throw up your hands and decided to clean while your ferret out the item.  Regardless?  No worries.  When you put the program in motion…when you choose to change…when you focus on adjusting and creating…some things step forward and demand your attention immediately.  This occurs for either two reasons:

  1. You are subconsciously AVOIDING the real issue and creating busy work for yourself…or…
  2. This needs to be done so that you can reach your goal — even if that stupid closet is in no way associated with your goal…you think.  Well…maybe it is associated with a connection in your subconscious mind which isn’t bothering to enlighten you.  It is in covert mode.  Therefore, just clean the darned closet and be done with it.

The Three-Pass Technique —  Over the years I developed the Three Pass Technique because cleaning some things out, like closets or boxes of memorabilia, or even old clothes can be emotionally distressing.  In the Three Pass Technique, you go through the area once with the primary focus on the dirt and organization.  This is when you are taking things out of the box, or removing the clothes off hangers, or moving stuff off the shelf our out of the drawer, etc.  The cleaning part is the first-line challenge; however, if you see something that is absolutely broken, it goes out right away (or moth-eaten, or ruined by mouse droppings, yada…yuck.).  When you return the items to the shelf, box, drawer or closet — that is pass number two.  You are looking at the object and holding for the second time.  Ask yourself, does this object bring me love or can it be used in the next six months?  Here is where you make a concerted effort to throw out all items that are no longer serviceable or put those items in the giveaway pile.  If you have loads of stuff, then you may wish to make an “I’m going to sell it pile” — however, I don’t really recommend this as most people don’t have the git-up-in-go to actually list the items or take them to a market, or whatever and so you just have a stupid pile of stuff to trip over all the time.  I despise piles of boxes in my way when I’m trying to walk because I’ve haven’t sold the items yet.  Humbug!  I’m a thrower and a giver in most cases — but, that’s me.  If you are vacillating on the object or just have too much of an emotional attachment — don’t fret over it.  Put the item back in the box, on the shelf…whatever.  Pass Three is done about a week later, or whenever you have the occasion to get back into that drawer, box, shelf, etc.  Usually, Pass Three is done about a week later, or whenever you have the occasion to get back into that drawer, box, shelf, etc.  At Pass Three it is easier to get rid of more things.  Sometimes, by Pass Three your subconscious mind has mulled over the item and found a use for it or a place for it to go, or a person to give it to.  Your conscious mind may have made arrangements for all those old video games, so now it is easy to pick up that box and take it where it needs to go.  I also use a Three Pass method in timing — for example — Pass One?  The Spring.  Pass Two?  MidSummer.  Pass Three?  The Fall and then I have most of the junk thrown out or have given away what still holds value.  This is a really good idea for closets.

The Virgo Moon is stomping her feet a bit – worried about this and that – trying to fit everything in!  No worries.  If you have already done all the junk drawers in then home – pick something else.  You also might want to make a garden list for this year’s coming season – what are your plans?  What will you need to put in place to meet your goals for the outdoors this coming year?  For those of you in the southern hemisphere, you are thinking about winter plans.  Don’t worry, neither Silver nor Taco Cat have forgotten you exist!!!  What plans do you wish to make for winter?

Junk Drawers are indicative of what is hanging around in the corners of your mind.  The cool thing about tacocatdrawerJunk Drawers?  You usually find something that you’ve been looking for the last three months!

Today is a Moon Day.  When you burn your candle today?  Why not empower a bowl of water and set your candle at least one inch in the water.  Work with the fire and water together this day!

Today’s Secret Challenge!

Yup — had to have a Secret Challenge this year!  Your Secret Challenge is to consider which room has the most impact in your life?  Think about why that is.  Now… think about this — which room seems to weigh you down?  It is a room that you don’t typically want to go in to, a place you generally avoid, a room that just doesn’t seem to fit in your life.

Today,  go into this room,  clean it top to bottom, magickally cleanse it and banish the negative energy, and then REARRANGE the entire room.

Tomorrow — Tuesday — We are going to make a Goal Plate.  You can choose ANY dinner plate to use — it doesn’t have to be special.Have a great day!

Have a great day!


Silver and Taco Cat


Do several one-minute or three-minute dashes.
Clean out and organize one or more junk drawer.
Do one task that helps you accomplish your main goal for the week.
Do Today’s Secret Challenge!

Throw or give one thing away.
Don’t forget to talk to your Need Dolly!
Empower and burn one white candle.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

14 thoughts on “Release Week – Day 4 — Monday #silverravenwolf

  1. The energy of this particular live performance I feel as a STRONG beam of LOVE 🙂 the most Powerful Creative Force that IS
    Sharing this energy here with all of us
    Blessings to our Wonderful guide Silver !

  2. Another very productive day! I cleaned out my junk drawers (in the desk) the other day, so I kept going on the kitchen from yesterday, instead. I’ve gone through all of the cupboards, so there are just a couple of very small jobs left. It looks and feels so much better in there! The room in my house with heavy, dark energies is definitely the study. I did some organising and re-arranging the other week (including the aforementioned junk drawers) to try and make it feel better in there, but without much success. Today seemed like a good opportunity to consider about it again, and I think I’ve figured out the problem – the books. I adore books and I have heaps of them, but there are some there that always seem to catch my eye that have negative connotations and that I associate with less than positive people, situations, etc. So I think what I need to do is to go through them and give away anything that doesn’t make me feel inspired and motivated. It should cull the books so it looks less cluttered, as well as making it a nicer place to walk into. It’s a massive job, but I’ve started looking at it and, intuitively, it feels like it’s going to be a big part of the solution to my problem! 🙂

  3. I competed my Needy Poppet! She is watching over my home and helping me get rid of stuff. I took her into the once dreaded Spare Room. I moved the furtiture around and dusted everything! Lit candles and incense. Asked for peace to be brought back into the room. It had an occupant breifly that just rearranged the energy in that room. Now once again it is my Spare Oom! Thank you! Blessed be!

  4. I chose to redo a room in my dim and dirty unfinished basement. Not a remodel, mind you- that is beyond my personal capacity. However, I did knock down the cobwebs and sage the heck out of the entire basement. I am going to turn it into a peaceful place and hang some tapestries on the wall, put some candles down there, and put some kind of seating down there. It is the one spot in the house that I just can’t stand to look at or be in, so I am going to transform it. 🙂

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