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Fall Equinox Magick – The Season of Closure #Mabon

Corn Mother by Silver RavenWolf
                                                           Corn Mother by Silver RavenWolf

Mabon – Fall Equinox – The Season of Closure

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2016

The power of Mabon unfolds when the Sun is at 1 degree Libra.  This year, Mabon (Fall Equinox) occurs on Thursday, the 22nd of September at 10:21 AM EDT/ 7:21 AM PDT.  A few hours earlier, Mercury turns direct.  The third quarter Moon is in Gemini in Her Disseminating (Harvest) phase.  The Corn Mother, whether she is called Selu, Demeter, Brighid, the Cailleach, or Maighdean-Bhuana rules the Autumn Equinox.  She brings good fortune, bountiful harvest, and bright blessings to all who acknowledge Her; particularly gifting those who have worked hard throughout the season to bring joy, wisdom, and delight to the creatures of the earth and its inhabitants.

This is the Season of Closure, where the dramas, projects, and lingering events that have unfolded since last November (when the astrological Samhain marks the new Pagan year) demand completion.  The two weeks before Mabon you may feel the urge to finish any number of issues, whether they brought you joy or sadness.  From the conclusion of a significant project to the relief of finally shutting down the detritus of something unpleasant, Mabon offers you the opportunity to close it up, lock the door, and walk away.

With Mercury turning direct on Mabon you have a fantastic opportunity for swinging the wand of forward motion in the direction you desire.  The hours when Mercury stations before turning direct build power that is expended at the moment the planet shifts and turns direct.  I call this window and the subsequent release of energy, the opportunity for sling-shot magick!  The trick is to begin with the release energy already available.  This includes the harvest phase of the year and the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse that occurs on 16 September at 3:05 PM EDT/12:05 PM PDT, along with the recognition of the power that Mercury has attained during its retrograde period where the focus was on building within.  Prep yourself and your life to let go of what isn’t needed, wanted, or helpful in the week before the Fall Equinox.  I realize that many of you have already been doing this in the last several months.  I read all the comments on my FB posts, and several of them mention cleaning out garages, move of house, letting go of negative employment, etc.  These previous actions will serve you well, and what you do now?  The sweet icing on the cake!  A full house cleaning between the 16th and the 21st,, preparing the home for winter/summer (depending upon your location), harvesting/prep for planting (again, depending upon your location), reviewing payment plans and finances for upcoming holiday spending, weeding out extraneous projects that munch through your valuable time, etc.  Perhaps you would like to take the time this year and make a corn dolly – the ultimate symbol of the season.

As a reminder, Mercury will again retrograde during the Yule holiday.  I hear the groans.  Yup!  The planet enters its storm on Thursday the 15th of December (where you will actually notice the sluggish energy and more than one hysterical fallout) and retrogrades on Monday, the 19th of December.  My advice?  Keep your calendar cleaner than usual and shop EARLY.  I mention this here because what you don’t take care of this retrograde period (which is right now), is going to come back and bite you.  Don’t put tasks off – tie them up this Mercury go-around so that during the major holidays you will be golden.

Mabon is the perfect time to blend with nature and give thanks for Her support of human life.  A walk in the woods, a visit to a field or orchard, or performing a meditation in your garden are all positive actions that will uplift the heart and guide a clearer mind to better future choices.  Put your hands on the earth, run energy into the soil, feast your eyes on the true glory of what is already there!

Let go of the whiney-baby pissy pants shit and move forward.

Life is short.

You are here to bring joy!

You are here to create!



The Wheel is turning ever forward
Whisper thee your act of closure
Fill the cauldron, light the fire
Cast the magick ever higher!
Find the laughter, make ye merry
Mother’s heartbeat, act of Fairy
Magick swirls and eddies onward
Field of change is sweetly honored
Golden glow and autumn’s kiss
Season’s end demands all this.

Many blessings this autumn season!


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

30 thoughts on “Fall Equinox Magick – The Season of Closure #Mabon

  1. Let go of the whiney-baby pissy pants shit and move forward.

    This post is perfect.
    Coincidentally, my husband is away to visit family, and my kids are doing their thing, which gives me space to wield. Yesterday, I threw out a lot of clutter from the bathroom closet because I could not find a needed item. The instinct to toss is there. Blessings to you!

  2. LMAO! You sounded like me for a second with the “whiney-baby pissy pants shit” comment. Always love when you’re blunt and to the point! 😉 🙂

      1. 😅😅 “pissy-pants whiny” nails it – have had quite a few of those to deal with at work this week!!! Although I called them smart aleck titty-babies.
        Incidentally…the urge of cleaning out the house has been so strong this past 7 days for me, that I have literally worn myself out with it.
        Be blessed everyone!

    1. Exactly what I tell my girls when they start whiney pants thing! Also, suck it up, buttercup!

  3. I took on the “blend with nature” took a long walk in the early morning sunlight then went for a swim in the salt of the ocean’s water

    I shook off…well…myself…and started a fresh new ME 💚

  4. Silver, I loved your blog, yes I instinctively feel that I need to clear all the clutter right now and wait no more..

  5. Thank you and a good harvest to you. Our Mother did us well this year and I am so grateful to her .Each element was just right and made for a very good year , some pit falls but such is life nothing they I could not over come ………

  6. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on the season. I particularly appreciate your advice re: getting lots done now in order to make December’s Mercury retrograde a little easier!

  7. Dear Silver, Thank You for this post ! There is a helpful Rune that can be of use while getting rid of the “garbage”
    THURISAZ, this is the Rune of Thursday, representing Thor`s hammer and at the same time the gate…gates are places where we leave the old place and step into the not turn back once you have entered the new, close the door and enjoy the new reality of your own Creation and Intent 🙂
    I love Autumn !
    With Gratitude and Love

  8. Bright Blessings Silver Ravenwolf,This is my first post from you, and I dearly love it. My Nan Davis AKA Lady Maat, initiated into Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Wicca,Toledo, Ohio by Lady Circe.I simply wanted to thank you for all the good have done regarding our Craft. Blessed Be Lady Maat High Priestess of Circle Wise and Circe s Mantel  Nan DavisOwner, and Good Energy Provider.Kismet Center, LLC435.535.3952 (w)435.754.5561 (c)nan@kismetcenter.comwww.kismetcenter.comSkype: KismetCenterGoogle+: KismetCenter

  9. Wow…what an inspiration you are! It took only a few moments for me to put your words to a tune and start singing them…LOL. I will always remember them. Looking forward to sharing this with my clan. Hopefully one day I can share this with you in person. Thanks to Tauno for the Rune heads up, I like to use runes in my magick as well. The Goddess spirit is moving, and the Earth is rejoicing in the energy and love given so freely.
    Happy Mabon to all
    In Love and Light,

    1. Dear Ciela, it is really a time NOW that the Goddess returns on Earth! This is what I am here for and this is what WE ARE here for! The return of the Goddess indicates the Balance achieved and the upper step/jump on the Spiral towards OUR DIVINE STAGE ! Nice to be here with You all of the wonderful ones who walk the same path !

  10. Very nice Mabon blog. Time to clear the clutter! Hope to see you at the Pagan fest in York.

  11. ***Let go of the whiney-baby pissy pants shit and move forward***
    Indeed! 😀
    Now I need to let others know that because there’s whining and wanna-be-diuva-like-pissy-pants-shit galore going on. Specifically at work. *rolls-eyes*

    Other than that – working on continuous projects and things is working out a TREAT, so that is just great. 🙂 I will ponder on what needs a decent push per Mabon. 🙂

    Thank you for the great post!

  12. I love Autumn ! With Gratitude and Love Helen

    On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 12:53 PM, Silver RavenWolf wrote:

    > Silver RavenWolf posted: ” Mabon – Fall Equinox – The Season of Closure by > Silver RavenWolf copyright 2016 The power of Mabon unfolds when the Sun is > at 1 degree Libra. This year, Mabon (Fall Equinox) occurs on Thursday, the > 22nd of September at 10:21 AM EDT/ 7:21 AM PDT. A ” >

  13. LMAO! You said “whiney-baby pissy pants shit”. I needed that laugh 😉
    I have been sorting, tossing and decluttering to a point my husband looked at me the other day and said “holy SHIT… is armageddon about to start? it totally freaks me out when you DO this!” ( each season I move the entire house around anyway…everyone here is used to my habits. I have a routine. They have their jobs. (and they do them or else lol) )
    This year does seem a little different ,though, he’s right. I just go on instinct so… hm. Perhaps the retrograde is the reason.
    I truly love that you write ❤ Your ability to put dot to dot to dot amazes me at times as astrology sometimes baffles my mind. (I need to study the stars I love)
    Again, Thank you 🙂

  14. Mushrooms grow in Autumn
    Mushrooms Multiplied
    Clusters in the Forest
    Find them in the woods
    As the Mushrooms grow
    So the Wishes come True 🙂

    With a liittle rain they grow even bigger…always wondering which element do mushrooms belong to…do you know that mushrooms are not plants …they are Beings …Inteligent energy that can respond to some degree to us if we “attune ” ourselves correctly…

    I like to give such gifts from my Heart as my THANK YOU for the gifts of Inspiration You are giving to Us, Dear Silver

  15. “Let go of the whiney-baby pissy pants shit and move forward.”

    Haha, I love that line!

    This post is very useful information as my man & I are going through many positive changes right now – in career & home – & must remember to go with the flow, be patient, & have faith. Mabon is perfect with the Mercury Retrograde going direct right then for positive change magick! Thank you for this info & have a blessed Fall & Mabon holiday. 🙂

    1. Thank you , and may the new coming year be that of good , of course it will be governed by that of the 10 , Karmatic actions , remember be wise in all your dealings this year..#Blessed Be

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