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Silver RavenWolf – Day 30 – Wednesday – 30 December 2015 – Great Release Challenge – Lemon Magick


Fix-It Day!

2015 Great Release Program
Day 30- December 30 2015
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw or give something away!


3rd Quarter Moon in Virgo (Closure)

Mercury Hour for Virgo Energy
Mercury Hour for the Ruler of the Day

This Week’s Theme:  Peace Within – Closure

The Foundation —  Begin your day with the Braucherei Morning cleansing and empowerment exercise (please view first post of the program ).

This Week’s Theme — Closure!

Things forgotten, tasks left unfinished, projects begun and set aside…all these open things, even though they are small, can ramp up the stress level in our lives.  This week, our last of the challenge, our focus is on completion of these small things before the New Year begins and Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday, the 5th of January.  If you are having trouble with any of these closures — put your hands on the object, project, thing, etc., breathe deeply and use these words (or others of your choosing) before you dig in:

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

Continue to use the Five Rays of Joy exercise given on On Day 12 .

If you like, continue to use the Peace Prayer in your daily activities (located in Day 2 of the program) and and Peace in the Moment visualization.  When you have finished with this week’s theme exercise, move on to today’s fun activities!

Silver’s Notes:  After today, only ONE day left in our Challenge!

We are almost there!  Just one more day!  You’ll love the easy lemon magick for your challenge today!

Magickal Challenge

Lemons!  Lemons! Lemons!  The marvelous power of the Lemon!

Lemons are ruled by the Moon and are of the Water Element.  Lemongrass and Lemon Verbena are ruled by Mercury and fall under the Element of Air.


“The term “pomander” can be for the actual scented material itself or for the container that contains the scented material. The container could have been made of gold or silver. Pomander can be a bag containing fragrant herbs. Pomanders were an early form of aromatherapy.” — Wikipedia


I have three workings you may enjoy doing today — the first is the simple Lemon Pomander — all you need is a fresh lemon, sequins of your choice, a ribbon, and straight pins.  Cover the lemon with the pins and sequins.  Add the ribbon so that you can hand the decorated lemon.  Allow to air dry.  As the lemon dries, negativity is banished from the home.  Lemons are also thought to bring good luck.  This is a fun craft to do with your family, and perfect for ringing in the New Year with the soothing aroma of lemon!  You can empower the drying lemon for good luck, banishing negativity, removing illness from the home, etc. — the working is entirely up to you.

Removing A Problem From Your Life — is our second working with a lemon.


Simply write the issue you want to banish from your life on a slip of paper, fold the paper away from you, and insert it into the lemon.  You can add additional banishment herbs in the slit or write a chant or charm on the skin of the lemon with marker.  As the lemon dries out — your problem withers and dies.  When the lemon is completely dry, throw it in the trash.  If the lemon begins to rot before it is fully dried, remove it immediately from the living environment.  Sometimes the rotted fruit can indicate that the issue is decomposing quickly.  If the problem is still ongoing and the fruit is rotten — repeat the working until either the problem is gone, or the fruit dries without rotting.  Some individuals put the lemon in the refrigerator to prevent the rotting process — this is entirely up to you.

Good Fortune Lemon Working


The third Lemon Power working is something you are already familiar with — boil sliced lemons on the stove for twenty minutes in blessed water.  As the steam escapes into the air for the first five minutes — chant away the negativity. Cover mixture and allow to boil for an additional 15 minutes.   Let the mixture cool.  Strain out the herbs.  Pour the liquid on your doorstep to banish negativity, prevent evil from entering the home, and welcoming good fortune for the coming new year!  You can also add a pinch of salt to the water and refrigerate, if you like, and use in healing workings to asperge either a person or massage into healing petitions.

Your second magickal challenge today is to study the Mannaz/Man/Madr Rune.   How do you think you can you apply this rune in your life?



Physical Challenge

Fix-it Day!  What can be repaired, mended, or fixed in your living environment today?  Consider scheduling appointments for those things that you have left slide.

Today’s Summary

Practice the Peace in the Moment Exercise.

Repeat the Peace Prayer, Star Throw Blessing, and Peace in the Moment exercises if you like.

Practice your personal Five Rays of Joy wake-up program.

Concentrate on Finishing Any Open Projects

Fix or Mend something that is broken.

Make a Lemon Pomander, Lemon Fluid, or work the Lemon Banishment Spell (or all three).  While you are at it, boil lemons on the stove to cleanse the living environment with the steam.  When the water cools, pour on your front doorstep.

Study the Mannaz/Man Rune – How Can You Use This Rune in your Work?

    Throw out or give one thing away (most important task)

Don’t forget to add the coins to your Joy Jar!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within

Sleep Well and see you tomorrow!




Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

7 thoughts on “Silver RavenWolf – Day 30 – Wednesday – 30 December 2015 – Great Release Challenge – Lemon Magick

  1. My dearest Lady Silver, I have loved doing as much as I can daily to keep up with this wonderful program. Life sometimes gets in the way of doing daily activities, but will continue for as long as it takes me to complete everything. Receiving your daily updates were such a blessing. Your inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm, knowledge (to name a few of many qualities), were so meaningful for me. I know I am going to miss spending everyday reading your blog. I already can’t wait, only eleven months to go until we meet again for the 2016 Thirty Day Great Release Program 😍 (Doing my happy dance). Have a great 2016 and will look forward to being logged in for the Lesson 8, Granny Magick blog. I have now completed the four lessons and now moving on to lesson 9 with BFC. I completed my one year and a day during this month as well. I love BFC, your lessons and how much I have grown this past year with your help. Of course with much more growing to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Merry meet, Merry part until we Merry meet again. Blessed Be!!!

  2. Today was busy so did not get as much done as I would like but managed to do the 3 minute tidy, 3 minute clean, and clean the oven which I have been putting off since the beginning of the challenge. Also manged to almost finish a miniature Christmas tree I had been decorating. Will finish it tomorrow and it will be lovely for next year. i am really sad that the Program is coming to an end for this year. It has brought so much joy in to my life and I will miss this a lot. I didn’t get as much of the magickal work done as I would have liked, but I thought it better to focus on the cleaning tasks and catch up on the magickal side of things in January as I just can’t do magick in a messy disorganized house. Wanted to do the lemon magick but out of lemons! However will pick some up tomorrow when I go food shopping. Looking forward to tomorrows challenges. Thank you so much Silver. It’s been so great to be a part of this for the whole month of December. Love and blessings to you and wishing you a wonderful 2016.

    1. It has been wonderful being with you this year! I, too, got a lot out of the program and really enjoyed far less stress than any other year. Many blessings to you!!!

  3. I enjoyed the lemon pomander. I also prepared for the Jupiter retrograde coming up on the 7th. Fun day. I really love this challenge. I have banished sooo many messes. I have to make a goodwill run tomorrow. I plan on getting more granny magic lessons soon.😊

  4. Love the lemon workings…have no lemons in the house 😛

    Had a mini-crisis yesterday, my computer power source decided it no longer wanted to work, so fussed with that all day yesterday (and then with the crazy energy that brought up in our house…hubby was mega-frazzled, and so was I), then today borrowed one from a friend and mailed mine off to (hopefully) get it replaced under waranty!

    Moved up our regular bi-weekly cleaning, as son is having a friend stay over tomorrow night (we thought we were going to be going out so figured he could have a friend over while we were out, but our plans fell through, so we are all in tomorrow night!). His friend is allergic to cats (of which we have two), so I always like to tidy up a bit before he comes over.

    And while I was cleaning, I realized I had a stack of books on the dining table behind me (from the last library book sale), and almost put off finding a proper place for them, but realized what I was doing and went ahead and found a spot on one of the shelves (I have more books than shelves, but they find their way in there somehow!).

    The very first rune book I ever read had Mannaz as the self rune, and I still sort of have that association with it, but self in terms of the larger community: or your role in any groups, your station in life, your reputation. I think that often a lot of our concept of self is drawn from how we relate to other people, if not from other people’s opinions directly. The most recent book I read on runes looks at Mannaz as not only the thing in it’s individuality (this specific chair, or that particular person), but also the identity of their being (it’s chairness or peoplehood). I think it’s really interesting to look at how we might not only represent a group by being part of it, but also stand out from the group through our individuality at the same time.

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