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Silver RavenWolf – Day 25 – Friday – 25 December 2015 – Great Release Challenge


Candle Power Day!

2015 Great Release Program
Day 25- December 25 2015
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw or give something away!

Full Moon
Moon in Cancer Sun in Capricorn
Power Day where adjustments may be needed — stand in the center and balance the two

Moon Hour for Cancer Energy
Saturn Hour for Sun Energy
Venus Hour for the Ruler of the Day

This Week’s Theme:  I Celebrate!

The Foundation —  Begin your day with the Braucherei Morning cleansing and empowerment exercise (please view first post of the program ).

This Week’s Theme — Celebration of Self!

This week’s theme is Celebration of the Self!  Each day you will say aloud five things that are good about yourself.  That’s it.  That is all you have to do — oh, and then…smile.

Continue to use the Five Rays of Joy exercise given on On Day 12 .

If you like, continue to use the Peace Prayer in your daily activities (located in Day 2 of the program) and and Peace in the Moment visualization.  When you have finished with this week’s theme exercise, move on to today’s fun activities!

Silver’s Notes:  Only 6 More Days!

Today is the Full Moon — at 6:12 AM EST/3:12 AM PST — so we are dealing with heightened emotional stuff.  Today is absolutely a day where you will want to incorporate bells in your jewelry or on your person, or really close at hand!

A quick Google search tells us that the most stressful days of the year are:  Christmas, the day you hand in your taxes, January 4/5 (due to recovering from the stress of the holidays and being required to resume regular work), Thanksgiving, and if you have school age children – August 21st (the stress of having to purchase items and prepare them mentally for returning to the educational environment).  The ranking of these five days changes depending upon the voting pool, where some feel tax day is the worst and others think the worst day is definitely Christmas, etc.

For some of you, today is going to be super busy, so the challenges I have for you are super easy!  The true test of your ability to walk in balance is how you will handle this day — where all the positive changes you have been working for and the techniques you have been using the past 25 days may come into play.  Your mantra today, whenever anything gets twitchy, is:  “I welcome Joy.”  That’s it.  Three little words that will help to keep you in the game and on top of whatever may occur.  At the end of the day, consider how (if at all) this program has helped you with the events you experienced.  What part of this program would you like to keep and utilize in 2016?  You can make today’s mantra an hourly minder — where each hour you will repeat the mantra 9 times.  Don’t forget to ring your bells! Don’t like this mantra?  Create your own.

Magickal Challenge

Magickal Challenge — Empower one candle (or 20!) for Love and Joy first thing in the morning.  You can add anything to this candle you like — an oil, a fluid condenser, dried herbs, a special altar set-up — total freedom.  When it feels right?  When it emotionally makes you feel good inside?  You are ready to light the candle.



Physical Challenge

Throw One Thing Away, and as you do, say the following:

“I release all pain, worry, fear, and suffering from my mind, body and soul.  I welcome Joy!”

Today’s Summary

Practice the Peace in the Moment Exercise.

Repeat the Peace Prayer, Star Throw Blessing, and Peace in the Moment exercises if you like.

Practice your personal Five Rays of Joy wake-up program.

Light one candle for Love and Joy.

     Throw out or give one thing away (most important task)

Don’t forget to add the coins to your Joy Jar!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within

Sleep Well and see you tomorrow!



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

8 thoughts on “Silver RavenWolf – Day 25 – Friday – 25 December 2015 – Great Release Challenge

  1. Everything seemed to be going rather well, even though I was doing the bare minimum due to little free time. Then, on Christmas, it all seemed to go to pot. Our home looks like the Edies’ in “Grey Gardens” & tedious other little problems seemed to erupt. But instead of letting it get to me & thinking we were done for, I rented a movie for us, poured a glass of wine, & crocheted a little in the evening.
    This morning, I chanted the Morning Ritual chant as I tidied the kitchen, then charged half a cinnamon stick with a blessing from the Lord of the Day that I added into our coffee & drew the Othel rune for it’s blessings into the grounds. I then accepted the fact that I will get what I can done, that I really need to prioritize what’s important, then I’ll work through the rest using your spells & rituals in the coming New Year. I am still loving the Challenge & am sure that if it wasn’t for the Program, I’d be a eating rocks right now, lol!

  2. Prepared 10 little pink candles to burn whenever needed… And also made dhe oil today.
    The air is so clear and the full moon amazing! Perfect 😊

  3. Thank you Sliver for a wonderful challenge this year! I hope your holiday was incredibly blessed. With working so much extra I wasn’t able to get to several of the bigger things throughout the month but with the little 3 minute dashes it was like oh, I can do that. lol So, I just kept working away on the little things. I didn’t get to the inside of the fridge but instead cleaned the outside and as I was cleaning it off (with your cleaning recipe plus a dash of Meyers lemon verbena added) I decided not to put all the pictures and magnets (that had accumulated for years) back on that now practically covered the whole front. Wow, what a difference in the energy in the kitchen! It feels so much lighter.

    I had a pot of your aromatherapy brew on the stove and the whole house smelled delicious. I made up the dressing from it and dabbed it on several tealights for the evening.

    Christmas eve and day were very nice. My mantra to family was “no worries and no rushing, you’ll get here when you get here. ” We just took our time and this year was low keyed and very enjoyable. It’s amazing when we start paying attention to the way energy flows and with a change in our attitude how we can nudge things for the better.

    Peace begins with me
    Only the good remains
    Best wishes for a great New Year

    1. How beautifully written! I am so glad the program was helpful to you this year! Don’t sweat what you didn’t get done — it will all come together! I also liked the information you gave about the front of the refrigerator — yup, if you take it all off — the energy does change!

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