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Silver RavenWolf – Day 19 – Saturday – 19 December – Great Release Challenge


Pet Day!

2015 Great Release Program
Day 19- December 19 2015
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw or give something away!

Second Quarter Moon in Aries (Building! and Adjustments!)

Ideal Planetary Hour for Magick —
Mars Hour for Aries Energy
Saturn Hour for the Ruler of the Day

This Week’s Theme:  The Empowerment of Self

The Foundation —  Begin your day with the Braucherei Morning cleansing and empowerment exercise (please view first post of the program ).

This Week’s Theme — The Empowerment of Self

On Day 12 you were given the challenge of designing a Five Rays of Joy program tailored just for you– a set of magickal steps you will use each morning as soon as you wake up.  This activity is designed to boost your self esteem and magnetize the field around you with positive, uplifting energy.  This week, try your best to use your Five Rays of Joy sequence first thing in the morning, and any time you are feeling depressed, stressed, frightened or unhappy.  Focus on the positive.  Take deep breaths, and if you run into an extremely stressful problem, run your hands under cold water while breathing deeply.

If you like, continue to use the Peace Prayer in your daily activities (located in Day 2 of the program) and and Peace in the Moment visualization.  When you have finished with this week’s theme exercise, move on to today’s fun activities!

Silver’s Notes:  So…I woke up today at 5:00 AM to find my husband and my son washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.  I think I have expired!  Then, my son asks me where his water cup is and I said, “Where did you put it?” – and he says: “On top of the fridge” — and I say: “We are in the middle of the Great Release Program.  Anything above or below that is clutter or trash goes out the door.”

“Right,” he says, laughing.  “I should have known better.”


I read your post about dealing with a non-family member in the house this morning and I have to think about it a little bit before I make some suggestions — so stay tuned, I will give you some ideas.  This is crunch time for me — candle orders, Beboodles, Winter Solstice celebrations this weekend.  And… I STILL have to do the floors.   Onward and upward!

Today’s Magickal Challenge

Sock magick!  Today we are going to do magick for a family member.  Our main focus is to bring them joy; but, if they need healing or something else — that is okay, too.

These are the items I collected for my Sock Spell for a family member.  I added the rune and lavender before I tied up the sock.

First, let’s be specific and write exactly what energy we would like to give to the family member.  “Natural healing for George Doodle,” or  “Joy for Arnold Z. Packmeister.” Use their full name if at all possible.

Take one of their dirty socks (that they aren’t going to use again) and insert your petition, then put the sock in your pocket and go outside for a Spirit Walk.  As you enjoy the time outside, tell Spirit (whatever you think that is) that you are looking for items to bring joy to — and say the person’s name specifically.  Then hold out your hands and practice one of our energy exercises.  Take your time looking for items to put in the sock.

What if you want to do magick for your pet?  Take some of his or her fur, feathers, whatever with you on your walk as well as a small, cloth bag.  No cloth bag?  Use paper.

Why are we using a dirty sock?  Because it contains skin cells and perspiration of the person.  This gives a perfect tag for your magickk to lock into the person’s field.  All you have to do is put together the magick and send the energy.

While you are on your walk, you are also going to pick up a stick — not — a huge one (unless you want to).  We are going to decorate that stick on another day.  Today — when you pick up the stick, say:  “May you be a witness to my joy, and bring joy where ever you are placed.”  Put the stick aside where it won’t be disturbed until you are ready to work with it.

At home, consider the items that you have collected in the sock.   Do you need to add something else to the sock like particular dried herbs, candy or sugar?  Since we are going to end this spell with fire and earth, choose only items that are combustible and biodegradable (or natural).   Tie up the sock.  Seal it with the equal-armed cross in the air, then place it somewhere that it won’t be disturbed.

Late a night, take out the sock, hold it in your hands and begin rocking back and forth (I know this sounds stupid; but, try it).  Close your eyes, focus on the person and let the love in your heart move into the sock.  Breathe on the sock — long deep breaths — pushing the love into the sock.  Repeat the following charm 9 times if you like:

I sing a spell of love,
Good fortune from above
Connect and bond, joyful song
Is clear, and good and strong.

  1.  The “spell of love” is your energy and good wishes.
  2. “Good Fortune from above” brings in Spirit and blessings.
  3. “Connect and bond” are instructions to connect the energy your are raising to the specified person and bond tightly.  Granted, ultimately he or she has the right to reject this energy — however, in Braucherei all you can do is “try”.
  4. The “joyful song” in this charm is the energy you are sending.
  5. “Is clear, and good, and strong” is to make sure the pathway between yourself and the target is clear.

Okay — if the sock is too stinky — no worries.  Either use a laundered one (not as good) OR sprinkle the sock with lemongrass essential, and proceed from there.

When you lose the thought — you are done.  Take the sock outside and burn it. When the ashes are cool – bury them or scatter them at a crossroads.

Today’s Physical Challenge 

Today’s release challenge is all about your pets!  Whatever they need?  Today is the day!  Don’t have a pet?  No worries — either do something nice for someone else’s pet, or donate pet food to your local food pantry.  Don’t care for animals?  That’s okay — choose another task to do today.

Today’s Summary

Practice the Peace in the Moment Exercise.

Repeat the Peace Prayer, Star Throw Blessing, and Peace in the Moment exercises if you like.

Practice your personal Five Rays of Joy wake-up program.

Perform the Spirit Walk and the Sock Spell

Today is Pet Day!  Center your release tasks around care for your pet.

Do one 3-minute dash!

     Throw out or give one thing away (most important task)

Don’t forget to add the coins to your Joy Jar!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within

Sleep Well and see you tomorrow!




Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

10 thoughts on “Silver RavenWolf – Day 19 – Saturday – 19 December – Great Release Challenge

  1. Dear Silver, woke up early, did Braucherei Morning Ritual. Afterwards a Holy Smoke Wishritual. Went shopping. After I arrived at home infront of the house, there was a feeling like, it doesn`t feel good anymore here. New people came in to the house, and the energy changed. More dirty. People are not honest, things disapear or stolen. So it was a feeling to move from here. Then I want to clean up the bathroom, but somehow I could not start, it made me to light a incense stick and to light a candle. Then I have to light another candle to the ancestors, it was like they asked for it. And if I honour them, I take time, I don`t like to do it quick, but I did. Very unusual. Then I proceed with cleaning the bathroom, used Wunjo and while cleaning, words came out, like evil be gone, remove negativity, remove my sins and bad karma. It was a very unusual cleaning. Then I put lavander, lemon in the water, and I needed to add aditional oil I choosed for good mood and cleansed with this. Decluttered. This decluttering is so easy now. The years before it was very hard. But now, I am going to use Radio Rune on the places wher I want to shift the energy hope it will be moved then. But this what happened, it is unusual or does it happen? Is it a Energy shift? What do you think Silver? How is your experience? thank you very much! Regards, Kristina

    1. I think two things: You are becoming more attuned and more in balance; and, you have followed your instincts in a very positive way. You are on a roll — keep going!

  2. I found the site on or around Day #8. Very good, helpful, and sometimes fun! We are in a hectic time of the year for most Pagans, and non pagans, especially women! I know all this stuff, about centering, sorting, etc. but it is a true blessing to have outside ideas and inspiration to get with a pattern, again! You are a very good coach SRW! thank you!

  3. “If your practice leads you to nature, take a walk outside. Ask for blessings and let the spirit be your guide. A squirrel might throw and an acorn on the ground or your hair could get stuck in a branch and pull the whole thing down. It might make you laugh so hard you cry when you realize you are part of everything, connected to everything. And you are not alone, not even a little bit. So wipe your tears and give thanks for the lesson and blessing and go back inside.” -Stefanie Jillian 12.19.15

  4. Hi Silver,
    I’ve been following your great release program posts but I have not been able to take on the challenges. Having to work is very draining on the soul. By the time I get home from work and take care of the things I need to take care of at home, I’m so tired. I don’t have any energy to take on a challenge. And when I mediate for relaxation I fall asleep.
    Today was different probably because the moon is in Aries, my moon sign is Aries. I had the energy to go through my closet and throw out some stuff. It was hard to release this stuff because I valued and like the stuff I had thrown out. How I was able to release these items was by asking myself “Are these items a reflection of myself today.” If the answer was “no” then they were thrown out. Even if the items reflected something sweet and pleasant in my past, I had to throw it out. If it is not me today, then there is no place for it in my physical space. I figure if that memory of the past is meant to stay with me then it will show up in my present self in some new form.
    Thanks for doing the great release program every year. I may not be able to take on most of the challenges because of my life’s demands but I do get something powerful out of it every year.

  5. I love the sock spell, will definitely have to work with it sometime in the future. Ended up having no time today, getting ready for a Yule party tonight, and needed to take some time for self-care (which is my goal for this moon cycle) as my knee has been bothering me, so did some stuff to help with that.

    I have found that working the five rays in the morning gets me up and moving (both in mind and body) without effort, which is really great. Normally, and especially if I am still groggy and tired, I sort of lay in bed and just try to avoid getting up when I need to. But now, I start by taking my deep breaths, then following the other rays, which help my brain break free from sleep and get to thinking (about good stuff!) and get my body moving by stretching out whatever is stiff or sore! By the time I’m done with that, I’m sitting up at the edge of the bed and not half-asleep anymore.

    I may go on a cat toy hunt today as well. We have two kitties, and they love their toy mice, but they always end up sticking them places they can’t reach. Our older cat likes to bring me a mouse every night at bedtime, and this morning I found our younger cat (who has taken to sleeping right next to my pillow) had brought me a mouse and laid it at my pillow sometime while I was asleep. I am going to try my hand at crocheting some kind of toy for them before Christmas in case I don’t make it to the pet store (I like to buy them some kind of new toy every year…their present!)

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