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Silver RavenWolf – Day 10 – Thursday – 10 December – Great Release Challenge

Silver RavenWolf

2015 Great Release Program
Day 10 – December 10 2015
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw or give something away!

4th Quarter Sagittarius Moon (Banishing!)

Ideal Planetary Hour for Magick — Jupiter Hour for Sagittarius Energy –
Jupiter Hour for the Ruler of the Day

This Week’s Theme:  Peace in the Moment

The Foundation —  Begin your day with the Braucherei Morning cleansing and empowerment exercise (please view first post of the program ).

This Week’s Theme — Peace in the Moment

This week we are going to practice Peace in the Moment — where each day you will pause for at least fifteen seconds (more if you can) filling your mind with white light and breathing deeply.  Hold that white light as long as you can — when a thought crosses your mind…any thought…the exercise is completed.  There is no wrong way to do this — white light…hold…hold…hold (remember to breathe deeply)…you’re done. If you like, continue to use the Peace Prayer in your daily activities (located in Day 2 of the program).  When you have finished with this week’s theme exercise, move on to today’s fun activities!

Today’s Magickal Challenge

Using bells, tuning forks, singing bowls, singing yourself, or spoons banging on pots and pans, clear the entire house of negativity with sound!  Have fun with this one, chant if you like.  If there are two of you, have someone walk with you carrying a white burning candle and salt to throw in the corners.  If there are three of you, have someone carry the candle, and have the other person sprinkle salt and holy water in the corners of every room.  Rock the house!

Silver RavenWolf
Ritual Cow Bell Used to Cleanse with sound. Follow loud sounds (rattles, drums, heavy bells) with softer sounds — tuning forks, singing bowls, light bells.

Today’s Physical Challenge 

Today’s physical challenge is an easy one — organize all the things you have planned to give away.  Once you have everything organized, re-check the entire living area, looking for any other things or clothing you may wish to give.  Add those things to your collection.  Give them away today, or at your earliest convenience.

Today’s Summary

Practice the Peace in the Moment Exercise.

Repeat the Peace Prayer and practice the Star Throw Blessing if you like.

Use Sound to Banish Negativity in the Home or Work Environment

Give Away Day — Organize all the things you choose to give away — Give them away today, or have them ready to go at the best opportunity

Throw or give one thing away (most important task)

Don’t forget to add the coins to your Joy Jar!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within

Sleep Well and see you tomorrow!



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

16 thoughts on “Silver RavenWolf – Day 10 – Thursday – 10 December – Great Release Challenge

  1. Dear Silver & all, I am the only one in my Family reading this Posts. But somehow my Family seems to follow every day. The house became cleaner. Clutter disapears. This is the first year, where I am totally relaxed, I clean up some things, but without any pressure! Thank you again, and again, and again. Love, Kristina

  2. I know I’ve been slow on the 8 ball in leaving comments this year. Thank you for speaking about grief yesterday. I felt a weight lifting this morning. Needed to reflect on the loss of my grandfather who was also a dear friend. He passed this past February right before our wedding in May. He was a constant stable support throughout my life and he impacted so many people in such a positive way simply by being kind, helpful and personable.

    Thank you Silver! Love and light.

  3. I’m still here Silver. Had some really bad news on Friday. Will have to deal with this on my own. If only there was a private way for me to tell you, but I know you’ll understand if you don’t see so much of me, this my 4th year. And to the rest of all the beautiful people here, keep the happy bells ringing. Love and Light.

    1. I am so sorry. Will be working for you! You can always contact me through convo on my Etsy shop. I reserve that area for customers; however, if your back is to the wall — let me know.

  4. Was wondering…what reference might I work with to get in tune to the daily ‘Ideal Planetary Hour For Magick’? In other words, just exactly when are those times? lol 😀 Thanks in advance, Silver~

  5. Today was a reminder for me as to why I tackle my to-do list first! I decided I was going to get some work done on my Yule crafting, knowing I also had the regular household cleaning and towel laundry to do. I did manage to get the dishes run (which I didn’t realize needed done until lunch time), and the towels, but looked up and it was about time to start dinner! Had to get some Yoga in, because boy was I sore from sitting on the ground all day clipping magazine bits (was collecting both words for some found poetry and images for decoupage)

    I really do love bells with cleaning though! I have a bracelet with bells on it that makes a great compliment to cleaning as it rings whenever I do anything! I always put on music when I clean, my son looks at me and says, “Mom, you can’t even hear that when the vacuum is on!” but I really like having that beat going to help move the cleaning along. I will often put on very vibrant music to clean to..helps keep me motivated too!

  6. Dearest Silver,
    I haven’t commented since Day 6, I’m still here! I continue to do the Peace Prayer daily, and finding things for my altar. I have kept up with the physical challenges better than the Magical ones. Last time I did this I was the opposite. With the New Moon tomorrow I’m working on catching them up, working them into my New Moon activities. I’m not sure if the salt lamps are really helping. Having an angst ridden teenager isn’t helpful. LOL I wear an anklet of bells almost all the time, so I was able to throw salt and sing the chant all at once. It seemed to help. I think I will be more vigorous in trying to remove negativity.
    Love and light,

  7. It seems many of us have been playing catch up, so I thank you all for posting. I seriously need the program this year more than anytime in my life, as it has been one he’ll of a trying year: Grief of my grandfather’s passing remains, my mother now requires 24/7 care, MAJOR lifestyle change due to said care (jobs are scarce/minimum wages due to my rural location, so I cannot afford to pay for care), no family other than my mother, etc. When I say hell, it’s an understatement. Ntm, I didn’t realize just how deeply depressed I had become, though I had already made up my mind to seek any joy I could in what we do have: home (soon to be on the market), my mother, food, earth’s beauty, my pups, a friend of 20 years, etc. Perspective makes a huge difference! My constant worrying/stress really took a toll on me physically, so I’m dealing with a painful infection as I strive to complete tasks, otherwise I’ve been in a fab mood. I’ve not decorated for the holiday season in five years, so that’s also a goal.

    Anyhow, pardon the incessant rambling/venting. It’s as if the universe designed your program tailored to my (and so many other’s) needs this year! Thank you, Silver.

    Now if I can simply mainfest a buyer for my soon to be for sale home, I can relax a heap more!

    Love and light,


    1. Keep up personal cleansings every day — use holy water or herbal water in the shower. Lavender aroma, especially around your mother, will be helpful. Takes the edge off. I went through an extremely depressive time while caring for my father — covenmates and circle friends kept me from losing it. Being on the other side these days – the worst part was not knowing when it would be over; because, you know it is going to be over eventually, yet each day seemed to be as grueling and depressive as the last. I used to say: “If I just knew WHEN, I could plan, I could keep my spirits up knowing that the conclusion is what-ever-number of years or months…”. Of course, it doesn’t happen that way — they don’t have a timer on their toe. When it was over? I was angry — so look out for that. Do as much emotional releasing as you can. Right there with ya.

      1. I’m using lavender and pine to help take the edge off. I simply had to take a physical/emotional rest due to all of the above, ntm the Staph infection. Thank you for understanding, your suggestions and perspective, and for being a healing presence. Not stressing is the most potent medication, so I am thankful for such a prosperous week. In addition, I’m glad to be jumping back in, as my goals are hardcore. The program helps to focus the overwhelmed and the joyous mood is soup for the soul. Btw, I love the Sock Spell! May we use the same spell to self heal in addition to others?

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