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Great Release Program – Day 31 — Wednesday 31 December 2014 – Celebrate! Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf
Celebrate all of your hard work! You are absolutely, positively, totally AWESOME!

2014 Great Release Program
Day 31 – December 31  2014 — Wednesday (Mercury Day)
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw or give something away!
Moon in Taurus — Element of Earth

Ideal Planetary Hour for Taurus Magick — Venus (Sun can also be used)

Of all the things you’ve learned this month — what habit or perception do you want to stick with you?

Use that answer to empower a green candle dotted with pancake syrup — under a Taurus Moon — words, actions, and magickal operations tend to “stick” with you longer.

This Week’s Theme: Manifestation


Try to practice the manifestation exercise in yesterday’s post (28 December) three times a day.

It is not the manifestation that is difficult — it is the belief that you can do it that’s hard.

Hail and Welcome!

Today is the last day we will be together for the program this year — Wow!  I can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by!  It has been such a pleasure working with you this season.  Thank you so much for your comments and hard work.  I promise you that your efforts will pay off in unique and positive ways!

On this last day let’s take one last walk through your environment with a pen and a piece of paper.  Congratulate yourself on all you have accomplished and write down all the changes you’ve made.  Bet you got more done than you thought you did!  When you are finished, put this list on your altar.  Next, bless a glass of water and “breathe” thoughts of joy into it.  When you lose the thought, you are finished.  Begin at your Joy altar, turn and carry this glass of water throughout your entire environment, sprinkling a bit here and there as you go.  You can use a sprig of rosemary to dip in the water, a little broom, or you fingers to flick the water if you like.  Intone the word “joy” as you walk and sprinkle the water.  Be sure to sprinkle your Joy altar last.  As you do, ask “Spirit” (what you believe runs the universe) to assist you as you perform your joy ritual.

Hold a white candle in your hands, rubbing it briskly between your palms until the candle becomes warm with the friction.  As you rub the candle, “breathe” thoughts of joy into the candle.  Light the candle.  Beginning at your Joy altar, turn and walk through your entire environment again, being sure to bring light into every corner and under things that are usually dark.  Intone the word “joy” as you fill your environment with light.  BELIEVE that the candle represents the light and spirit of pure joy — and it will be so.  Have no doubt.  Return to your joy altar and encircle the altar three times with the light.  Place the candle on the altar and allow it to burn to completion.

Pick up the list you made and read it off aloud.  Begin with:  “I honor myself and my efforts this season as I strove to make a positive change in my life and the lives of my family.  Here is a list of my accomplishments….” and continue to read the list.  When you are finished, seal the list by drawing an equal-armed cross in the air over it, then burn the list.  If you need to walk away from the altar to burn the list, that is okay; OR you can burn the list in a small cauldron right there on the altar.  When the ashes are cool, you will carry them outside and scatter them in the wind, saying:  “This year is closed.  I am proud of my accomplishments!”

Return to the altar.  Pick up and firmly hold the empty jar in your hands.  We are now going to say what we are thankful or grateful for.  This isn’t a list you’ve written down, this is one you will say aloud while holding the jar.  Begin with something like:  “I am grateful that I am alive.  I am grateful for the universe and everything in it.”  Continue with announcing everything you are truly thankful for — perhaps your job, your pet, your children, your partner, your talents — whatever…these are all the things that are “right” and “good” in your life.  Nothing is too small be be thankful for.  You can make the list as long as you like, and, honestly, the longer the better as the energy of joy grows in your heart and travels from your hands into the jar.

When you are finished, take the list of goals and desires that I had you write out the other day and place them in the jar.  Breathe into the jar, and say:  “I breathe the joy of light and positive manifestation into these goals.  (Say each goal aloud). I know they will come to pass.  I have no doubt!”  Breathe into the jar three times, then cap the jar tightly.  This jar will remain in your environment until next year at this same time, or until the goals manifest.  You can use the jar as a focal point for any magicks associated with the goals you have placed in the jar.  When the goals have come to pass — all of them — open the jar, burn the list, and rinse the jar out with salt water (so that you can use it again); OR, you can break the jar and dispose of the pieces.  Another option is to leave the jar intact until New Year’s Eve next year, when you can choose what type of ritual you would like to perform.

Place the jar in the center of your altar, sit back, breathe deeply, and allow Spirit into your life with the HeartBeat meditation I taught you during this program.  When you are finished, seal the altar by drawing an equal-armed cross in the air over the entire altar, saying:  “It is done!  I have no doubt that all I desire will come to pass.  So be it!”

You can leave the altar setup intact for as long as you like.  You may wish to use your joy altar often, or you can dismantle it twenty-four hours after your ritual.

Don’t forget, at midnight, when the laughter, noise, and bells ring in the new year to make a very special wish.  The energy of manifestation of love and joy is highest on our planet at this time (so I believe).  Let that energy carry your wish to the Gods…and beyond.

Marvin (the raven) and I thank you for your participation in the Great Release Program this year.  May your New Year be bright, may love always dance in your heart, and may wisdom ever hold your mind dear.

So be it.
Without a doubt.
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within.

Only the good remains.

— Your friend, Silver.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

37 thoughts on “Great Release Program – Day 31 — Wednesday 31 December 2014 – Celebrate! Silver RavenWolf

  1. Thank you for this great release program. It was cool reading your posts everyday. I alway get a lot from you posts. Some cool stuff happened during the month of December as I was particpant in this program, just didn’t have time to comment about them. Happy New Year and may it be filled with love and light. See you on your blogs and on FB.

  2. By now I’m in London which means I won’t be able to do this for now, but later for sure!!! (I live in Switzerland and am here ob holiday).
    But I wanted to thank you SO much for this!!! As before it’s been so incredibly good for me and I think it’s amazing that you do this for and with us!!!
    A big thank you for that!
    On a side note yesterday I placed 15 books around the city for people to find, as freebies. Books I didn’t want to keep but hopefully others will enjoy! 🙂

  3. Strega and I did our Joy candle dressed in happy home oil, cinquefoil, and rosemary (from my herb garden) before walking through the house. I’m also burning a bayberry candle dressed in honey, cinquefoil, rue, and success oil. Thanks Silver for all the hard work on this GRP. I sent the mistletoe yesterday.

  4. I looked forward every day to the art you create for this program. The Raven was a delight and inspiration for me this year. I was delighted to learn his name is Marvin! I feel grateful to you and Marvin for this Great Release Program – it has brought me joy and growth.

  5. It ‘was really experience anything fantastic, I really learned to eliminate the superfluous to make way for the new. I learned about myself deeper and react differently. I believe that the ritual in the morning I will also follow a daily basis in the new year and can not wait to come tonight to make peace with the ritual. Again thanks and best wishes for a happy and peaceful 2015 )O(
    again I apologize for the mistakes of Google translator

  6. Thank you Silver! I have learned and grown. I will continue to do the morning ritual daily, as it has brought the needed positive energy into my life and created both amazing opportunities and results!

  7. This by far will be my favorite ending to the program yet. I love the the entire ritual but especially the jar. Thank you for writing it.Thank you again for another successful release program. Going through the house right before bed for a few minutes and picking up stuff is what is going to stick with me.

  8. I’m so grateful for your work! This was my first year participating with the Great Release program, and both myself and my High Priestess did it together! We both found we have grown so much over the past month. I have developed an amazing confidence and have lost fear of taking on goals that I have fought with myself to take on for years! I feel renewed and recharged! I absolutely love doing the morning ritual and would love to know if I can continue to do so regularly? I can do my morning altar devotion as I was previously as well. Also looking into your course offered on this type of magic. Again, thank you so much and brightest blessings to you! Moonwillow Epona

    1. You are ever so welcome! Certainly, you can do the ritual every day — I do and many of my students also practice it. I send you and your High Priestess many blessings and may your new year be filled with happiness and joy!

  9. Silver, I can’t think of a better way to finish a year than by doing your Great Release Program. Each year is even better & more fun than the last! Thank you SO MUCH for all of the time & energy that you put into creating such an amazing program & for sharing it with us! You are one phenomenal woman & my role model! Have a very blessed & joyful New Year. May there be many, many more to come! Hail & blessed be! 🙂

      1. Well, so is apple pie, but that doesn’t make it any less wonderful. 😉
        Nobody’s perfect, I know. But you inspire & help so many. You love to learn & you do the best any human can. That’s what makes you a great role model to me. Blessed be & thank you! 🙂

  10. All hail! Many blessings to you and yours my friend. Thank you for everything! Love and light, Jennifer

  11. Thank you again for this years GRP. I’ve picked up so many good habits over the past 3 years. My hope for you all is that your life will be fulled with enough of what you need, abundant joy and a positive attitude. And remember to BELIEF in what you do.


  12. This wonderful program has come to an end however I learned new things that I plan on incorporating in my life in 2015. So Mrs Silver I Send Love and Light to you for 2015 and look forward to your next Great Release Program.

  13. Thank you so much for the programme. It’s been wonderful to have something so positive and joyful to focus on during a very stressful month! There have been lots of changes in my world during the month – I’m not sure I’m ready for them, but clearly the Universe disagrees. But they’re all good! 🙂

  14. Today I have decided to ‘re-read Part III page 157 – 335 and Part IV Page 357 – 464 in your `Solitary Witch` just to brush up on the information there. Not going cold turkey so-to-speak. LOL

  15. I did the first 10 days, but life & the season got away from me (2 broken hot water heaters, etc…)…. My goal this year is to reduce my stuff in storage, so I will follow in January instead, thank you so much for all you post! Ravens Song!

  16. You are ever so welcome! Several of my friends have said they are going to do the program in January (geesh! two broken water heaters — bleck!). Take it one day at a time and you will do really well!

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